14:59:46 <pili> #startmeeting S27 12/10
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14:59:54 <pili> who's around today? :)
14:59:54 <antonela> hi o/
14:59:58 <pili> hey antonela
15:00:26 <antonela> dgoulet, asn, sysrqb, mcs, brade
15:01:13 <asn> hello!
15:01:35 <mcs> hi
15:01:44 <pili> Here is the pad btw: https://pad.riseup.net/p/s27-meeting-keep
15:05:01 <pili> I'll give a few more minutes in case there are any more updates
15:05:58 <asn> did OB updates
15:06:05 <asn> we found #32709 which is annoying!
15:06:08 <asn> it might delay the onionbalance release some
15:06:13 <pili> I think I saw that one
15:06:15 <asn> because i need to write a little-t-tor branch
15:06:20 <asn> and get it merged and get it tested
15:06:25 <pili> was there a ml discussion also on it?
15:06:29 <pili> or was that something else?
15:06:32 <asn> i sent an email to nick
15:06:39 <asn> and cc'ed you
15:06:45 <pili> yeah, I think that's the one I'm thinking of
15:06:55 <asn> yeah that was not foreseen unfortunately :/
15:06:56 <pili> I lose track sometimes whether something is an email or a mailing list email :)
15:07:05 <pili> asn: these things happen
15:07:44 <pili> that's something interesting to put into the december report, unforeseen challenges
15:07:51 <pili> does anyone need any help from anyone else here or is blocked on someone else to be able to proceed? :)
15:08:02 <pili> before we move onto the december report discussion...
15:08:18 <asn> dgoulet: https://pad.riseup.net/p/s27-meeting-keep
15:09:33 <mcs> not blocked by anything except lack of time (end of year is coming up fast)
15:10:43 <asn> indeed it is
15:10:45 <pili> mcs: yup! :/
15:10:59 <pili> antonela: any requests for our devs? :)
15:11:22 <antonela> i dont actually, but at some point we will need to host a discussion about indicators and certificates for onions and all this interesting world
15:12:04 <antonela> probably is the first thing we should do next year, to move O2A4 forward
15:12:40 <pili> sure, and that reminded me of another discussion point which I've just added to the pad
15:13:01 <asn> weekly meeting!
15:13:06 <pili> antonela: are there any people outside of this group that we should invite for this discussion?
15:13:14 <antonela> ehhh
15:13:17 <antonela> mmm
15:13:22 <antonela> i can think about the politics, yes
15:13:45 <pili> :)
15:13:46 <pili> that's a question for everyone else also...
15:14:12 <pili> I'm thinking of people that will help us to think about points we may not be thinking about
15:14:13 <antonela> we need pospeselr for sure, who i count as part of this group
15:14:20 <brade> acat
15:14:33 <antonela> we need people who can help us to think about the points we are thinking about
15:14:38 <asn> agreed
15:14:39 <antonela> if not, chaos :)
15:14:52 <asn> there are a few trac tickets about SSL cerst and stuff
15:14:55 <asn> and smart people have raised opinions
15:14:58 <antonela> right
15:15:00 <asn> might be a good idea to find those smart people
15:15:43 <antonela> someone from certsimple spammed my twitter account last week, maybe we want to invite this people to our discussion
15:15:58 <antonela> not sure, tho -- we can think about it during the holidays
15:16:05 <pili> ok, ok, let's not invite the gods of chaos :D
15:16:21 * antonela embraces chaos
15:17:45 <pili> ok, so let's all think about who it would be smart to invite and we can think about inviting them to one of the first S27 meetings in January
15:17:46 <pili> probably the second one
15:17:47 <pili> to give us some time to get situated again after the holidays
15:18:17 <asn> agreed
15:18:20 <asn> what about O2A5 btw?
15:18:24 <asn> any fun there?
15:18:26 <pili> that will start in January
15:18:49 <pili> legind said that they could help us out with small to medium patches
15:18:49 <asn> ah got pushed further
15:19:44 <pili> I think acat may work on that one
15:19:46 <pili> need to double check
15:19:51 <asn> ok sounds good!
15:19:54 <antonela> nice
15:20:32 <pili> ok, so related to that, is everyone ok with moving to a weekly meeting schedule?
15:20:42 <pili> For the final (3-month) push
15:21:07 <asn> sounds good i guess
15:21:11 <pili> we will also need to decide by the end of January whether we will need to ask for a no cost extension in order to finish this project
15:21:31 <mcs> meeting weekly is not appealing but may be necessary :)
15:21:40 <asn> mcs: :P
15:21:43 <brade> +1
15:21:44 <pili> and I think we can control that better if we meet more regularly
15:21:45 <pili> they don't have to take the whole hour... ;)
15:21:52 <brade> +2
15:22:11 <pili> ok
15:22:12 <asn> :D
15:22:19 <mcs> let’s do it and adjust as needed!
15:22:24 <antonela> +1 for the weekly
15:22:31 <pili> mcs: yup, sounds good
15:22:58 <pili> my final discussion/announcement is about the December report, I know it's early in the month but I'm guessing a lot of people will be out for some of December (myself included)
15:23:06 <pili> so we'll need to kick this off now
15:23:45 <pili> I'm away from the 20th December so I'm planning to send this to bekeela by Thursday 19th
15:23:46 <pili> so if you can add any tickets that you are working on/planning to work on already that'd be great
15:24:07 <pili> this is the pad for December: https://pad.riseup.net/p/aAZQ_UDNrJiwSRxTrFoK
15:24:55 <asn> kk
15:25:03 <mcs> will do
15:25:06 <asn> kk
15:25:25 <dgoulet> ack
15:25:56 <antonela> will do
15:26:32 <pili> thanks :)
15:26:37 <pili> that's all I had for today
15:27:45 <pili> anything else from anyone?
15:28:01 <antonela> was a pleasure working this year with you folks on this grant!
15:28:22 <asn> antonela: :D
15:28:24 <mcs> +<large-number>!
15:28:35 <pili> :)
15:29:06 <pili> we're going to have some really nice improvements to show at the end of it!
15:29:13 <antonela> yes we are
15:29:15 <pili> thank you for all your hard work and collaboration
15:29:58 <pili> ok, let's leave things here then :)
15:30:03 <pili> #endmeeting