14:02:50 <hiro> #startmeeting
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14:03:00 <hiro> yo all welcome to the www meeting
14:03:03 <c1e0> Hi everyone :)
14:03:10 <hiro> welcome c1e0!
14:03:14 <RotationMatrix> Hello all! :)
14:03:19 <antonela> esa, hello all!
14:03:22 <hiro> hey RotationMatrix
14:03:26 <ggus> hola amigues
14:03:31 <antonela> WWW meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-www-weekly-keep
14:03:34 <hiro> ola!
14:03:36 <hiro> thanks antonela
14:04:09 <hiro> ok I'll set the first topic while people fill up the pad
14:04:14 <hiro> #topic glossary
14:05:08 <hiro> #link https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/support/issues/82
14:05:32 <hiro> there is a lot of good info on the ticket and input from emmapeel on this
14:05:37 <antonela> love that proposal emmapeel!
14:06:12 <antonela> some questions
14:06:19 <hiro> yes it's very good! thanks for this
14:06:29 <antonela> do you think we should always have the english version as reference? even in other locales?
14:06:42 <pili> hi
14:06:48 * antonela thinks yes, but 'd love to hear your throughs
14:06:49 <hiro> pili o/
14:06:50 <pili> sorry, last meeting overrun
14:06:53 * pili catches up
14:07:25 <hiro> I think emmapeel is not around?
14:07:34 <emmapeel> ooops sorry
14:07:43 <emmapeel> got distracted
14:07:50 <hiro> hehehe I thought yuo were waiting in the other channel
14:08:31 <emmapeel> antonela: yeah i think it is important to have the english version alongside, to serve more as a reference
14:08:52 <hiro> the translators always translate from english into their language right?
14:09:26 <emmapeel> yeah, well there are many names on the glossary for example
14:09:35 <emmapeel> so those should ont be translated
14:09:42 <emmapeel> like NoScript
14:09:53 <emmapeel> or meek
14:10:37 <hiro> ok! how many terms are we looking at?
14:10:44 <hiro> all the ones from transifex or lesS?
14:11:04 <antonela> emmapeel: agreed
14:11:50 <emmapeel> less terms, not sure how many are there on https://support.torproject.org/misc/glossary/ , maybe some more
14:12:03 <hiro> because I think understanding how many terms we have will impact where we can put the glossary.. I think we are going into the direction to have it in the styleguide?
14:12:34 <hiro> or we want to keep it in support?
14:13:32 <hiro> what does everybody think?
14:13:35 <ggus> i think in support is better
14:13:55 <pili> +1 for support
14:14:14 <antonela> i also think is better in support
14:14:22 <antonela> support.torproject.org/glossary
14:14:24 <emmapeel> yeah support is ok, in my proposal i talk about APIs but i dont feel a need for a subdomain
14:14:58 <hiro> emmapeel, we do not have APIs because we do static sites. We might when we get search..
14:15:19 <pili> oooh APIs :D
14:15:24 <hiro> what I can do is a way to have this in lego and an easy way to reference something
14:15:33 <hiro> like a template macro
14:16:21 <hiro> actually waht you suggest in the ticket can be done just with the right model
14:16:22 <emmapeel> yeah like [glo:NoScript]
14:16:27 <hiro> yeah something like that
14:16:57 <hiro> #agreed keep the glossary in support and work on a way to reference terms
14:17:20 <hiro> I am starting to like these commands lol
14:17:25 <RotationMatrix> lol
14:17:30 <ggus> it's useful!
14:17:56 <hiro> #topic download page
14:18:10 <hiro> we have started implementing the changes to the download page
14:18:11 <RotationMatrix> we might be able to reuse the redirect code to reference terms as well
14:18:31 <hiro> yes! totally agreed RotationMatrix
14:18:40 <hiro> antonela: do you want to update people on that?
14:18:51 <hiro> the download page that is
14:19:52 <antonela> yes!
14:20:01 <antonela> so, i've been working on the changes we talked about last week
14:20:12 <antonela> and now the version we are going to test is in the develop branch
14:20:25 <antonela> https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/tpo/develop/download/
14:20:47 <antonela> nah is coordinating with some community groups who are going to run user research on this version this week and next
14:20:58 <antonela> lets see how it goes :)
14:22:30 <hiro> what does everyone t hink of this version without the navbar and the banner?
14:22:44 <hiro> I think it's cleaner ..
14:22:47 <RotationMatrix> nice!
14:22:54 <emmapeel> i wish the menu to change locale stays
14:23:05 <antonela> good point emmapeel
14:23:06 <hiro> emmapeel is in the footer
14:23:09 <pili> I like it
14:23:10 <antonela> true
14:23:10 <hiro> and I thought about that too
14:23:31 <hiro> I think we should add it
14:23:38 <pili> I wonder if we can make the space between the logo on the top left corner and the "Defend yourself" smaller
14:23:41 <RotationMatrix> I like how it's clearer which is the download vs the signature
14:23:54 <pili> I think some people said in smaller resolution screens that was also an issue
14:24:25 <antonela> i think we should have a better check signature flow, we talked a bit about it during the ux meeting, i think a collab will work on it soonish
14:24:45 <pili> +1 on the signature flow checks
14:24:52 <hiro> pili antonela should we make headers smaller all around?
14:25:06 <pili> I mean, I like the way there's so much space and it looks clean
14:25:07 <antonela> not reallt
14:25:21 <pili> but maybe on lower resolution screens it's too much "empty" space
14:26:04 <antonela> next step is work on the smaller screens, i will take a look on the responsive flow once we have a closer version
14:26:23 <RotationMatrix> ooh yeah download button get a little weird with iOS screen size. using the firefox simulator on desktop atm.
14:26:36 <antonela> yep
14:27:10 <emmapeel> in lower resolutions i generally need to zoom out
14:27:11 <ggus> i agree with the language button on top or somewhere that is easy to switch. i'd remove from the footer, actually
14:27:23 <emmapeel> i mean on our lektors
14:27:51 <pili> antonela: sounds good! :)
14:28:11 <antonela> cool
14:28:16 <RotationMatrix> +1
14:28:22 <hiro> ggus I think we have it on the footer and navbar because that's what people usually do
14:28:38 <emmapeel> the navbar one is not usable in android
14:28:42 <emmapeel> only the footer
14:29:09 <hiro> emmapeel what is the issue? the scrolling?
14:29:18 <emmapeel> yeah, there is a ticket in trac
14:29:27 <hiro> ok I'll find that out then
14:29:45 <ggus> emmapeel: i thought that was fixed
14:30:00 <hiro> #action find issues with language selectors and fix
14:30:53 <ggus> tried now and it looks fixed(i can select the language on my mobile)
14:31:08 <hiro> I tried that last week I think the latest and it was ok
14:31:45 <hiro> maybe depends on the screen resolution
14:32:36 <hiro> works atm
14:33:05 <emmapeel> oh yeah cool
14:33:11 <emmapeel> works on my android too
14:33:27 <antonela> #removeaction
14:33:36 * antonela ^___^
14:34:01 <hiro> haha not sure that works
14:34:15 <hiro> I'll try to check those things anyway
14:34:20 <hiro> shall we move to the next topic?
14:34:30 <antonela> yep
14:34:45 <hiro> #topic web statistics
14:34:55 <hiro> I haven't done much on this topic this week
14:35:32 <hiro> ggus have you had time to look a bit at the meta platform (can't remember the name now)
14:35:53 <hiro> it's ok if you haven't had
14:36:08 <ggus> metabase? like i said, only next week
14:36:18 <hiro> was just curious to see if that would work
14:36:21 <hiro> yeah metabase
14:36:49 <ggus> it works, the thing is to upload the logs in a database and start playing
14:37:02 <hiro> I wanted to try the local app
14:37:15 <emmapeel> 'the name was meta and something else'
14:37:55 <emmapeel> sorry bad joke mayba
14:38:08 <ggus> if you follow that blog post, you will have a nice interface and dashboard to play with relays
14:38:23 <hiro> the relay dashboard is nice
14:38:36 <hiro> if we could have something similar for the web logs I think it will be great
14:38:48 <hiro> #action look into metabase
14:38:52 <hiro> let's see if I have time next week
14:39:01 <hiro> so we can exchange opinions
14:39:39 <RotationMatrix> this is related to the web analytics?
14:39:47 <hiro> yes! it's the web analytics!
14:39:56 <RotationMatrix> ah okay!
14:41:11 <hiro> ok if we are ok with this I think the last topic is the css capitalization
14:41:18 <hiro> #topic CSS capitalization
14:41:30 <hiro> I haven't had time to do anything about this
14:41:45 <emmapeel> yeah, i tried to fix this many times but i cannot seem to find the real source of the css
14:42:02 <hiro> It's ok
14:42:07 <emmapeel> and got my changes overwritten :S
14:42:08 <hiro> I have this again for next week action
14:42:23 <ggus> RotationMatrix: if you want to play with metabase and tor, here's a nice article: https://www.dustri.org/b/exploring-the-tor-dataset-with-metabase.html
14:42:54 <hiro> thanks ggus!
14:43:08 <hiro> #link https://www.dustri.org/b/exploring-the-tor-dataset-with-metabase.html
14:43:35 <hiro> I think unless we have other stuff to discuss we can finish this meeting eraly
14:44:29 <hiro> I need to fix the blog again lol
14:45:23 <hiro> ok
14:45:26 <hiro> #endmeeting