15:02:25 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:03:53 <gaba> any topic for today?
15:03:59 <gaba> pad: https://nc.torproject.net/s/Znd4MkHebAznEgA
15:04:48 <irl> i do not have any topics, it has been a slow week
15:05:07 <acute> nothing from me
15:05:25 <karsten> it's been a busy week for me with webstats stuff.
15:05:42 <gaba> how is the exit scanner work going?
15:05:47 <karsten> but I don't have something reviewable yet.
15:06:16 <irl> the exit scanner work hasn't reached a milestone that is useful to talk about yet
15:06:39 <irl> we're still at "it runs on aws and produces good results" but then nothing consumes them
15:07:15 <gaba> ok, we should update the ticket we have about it so sysadmin knows that it will not be in december and we could give an eta
15:07:19 * gaba looking for that ticket
15:07:58 <irl> i plan to write up on the ticket a summary of where things are now, and request the machine to run the exit scanner on
15:08:11 <gaba> thanks
15:08:11 <irl> but probably on monday
15:08:15 <gaba> sounds good
15:08:18 <irl> i think i am ill but i can't tell
15:08:37 <gaba> #29650
15:08:37 <karsten> :(
15:08:40 <irl> like, it's not obvious but i feel like i am ill
15:08:52 <irl> so i'm working, but more slowly than normal
15:09:02 <karsten> please take care!
15:09:05 <gaba> oh, please take time to recover
15:09:26 <irl> i'll be ok
15:10:09 <irl> i think that is all on the exit scanner until monday
15:10:24 <irl> i'll make a new ticket for the sysadmin request, and update the existing parent ticket
15:10:35 <gaba> ok
15:10:38 <irl> #29399
15:11:57 <karsten> okay. roadmap?
15:11:59 <gaba> ok. should we look at the roadmap and see if it needs an update?
15:12:02 <gaba> hehe :)
15:12:41 <karsten> I'd like to keep my card for webstats stuff and finish that before the holidays.
15:12:49 <gaba> ok
15:13:01 <irl> i think #31659 goes back to in progress to be looked at next week
15:13:10 <acute> moved #32727 to on review
15:13:24 <irl> it might be with the disk issues that can be either moved forwards or goes back to icebox
15:13:50 <karsten> disk issues?
15:13:59 <irl> onionoo read/write
15:14:04 <irl> killing disks
15:14:19 <karsten> ah you mean we should try that out again to see if the fix worked?
15:14:19 <irl> i didn't see what happened on that ticket yet
15:14:32 <karsten> #32660 ?
15:14:53 <irl> yeah that one, we should see if we can look at moving to the two new hosts or if we should roll back to the old hosts only
15:15:08 <irl> but we should have a plan at least next week what we will do
15:15:13 <karsten> I'm optimistic we could set up the two new hosts next week, time permitting.
15:15:49 <irl> we can try
15:15:50 <karsten> should we meet on monday or tuesday to set things up together?
15:16:22 <irl> just looking, i think we may be out of time
15:16:32 <karsten> maybe.
15:16:47 <karsten> we can still do it next year.
15:17:04 <irl> yeah i have two days next week, two and a half days at a push
15:17:29 <karsten> which days?
15:17:29 <irl> i think it is best to focus on getting summaries on tickets and checkpointing stuff so that it can be picked up again in jan
15:17:36 <irl> mon, tue, and wed
15:17:37 <karsten> sounds reasonable, yes.
15:18:18 <karsten> okay, so no meeting next week.
15:18:46 <karsten> next meeting would be jan 10 then, to kick off the new project, right?
15:18:55 <irl> that sounds good to me
15:19:19 * karsten puts that on the agenda pad.
15:21:03 <karsten> so, #31659 goes to backlog?
15:21:16 <irl> yeah
15:21:22 <irl> hmm well no
15:21:38 <irl> i'll add an update to it for the sysadmins so we are all in sync
15:21:44 <karsten> okay.
15:22:01 <gaba> ij
15:22:02 <gaba> ok
15:22:43 <karsten> anything else on the roadmap topic?
15:22:52 <irl> not from me
15:23:18 <gaba> nop
15:23:31 <acute> all metrics-cloud tickets now on review
15:23:45 <karsten> yay!
15:23:57 <gaba> I added one more thing to the agenda but is mostly to let you know that simply secure sent me a msg about meeting in January or February. I replied to check on February with them.
15:23:59 <acute> it would really help to be able to do merge requests
15:24:18 <irl> yeah i think ahf is looking at this
15:24:42 <acute> cool!
15:25:33 <karsten> sounds good. both, simply secure and merge requests being looked at.
15:26:16 <gaba> yes, ahf and hiro are looking at merge requests
15:27:25 <karsten> alright. do we have more topics?
15:27:31 <acute> not from me
15:28:04 <irl> nope
15:28:38 <karsten> if not, talk to you in ~4 weeks from now!
15:28:55 <irl> cool
15:29:01 <irl> have good holidays
15:29:13 <karsten> yes, have a good time!
15:29:20 <karsten> bye! o/
15:29:23 <irl> bye!
15:29:26 <acute> bye!
15:29:32 <karsten> #endmeeting