16:01:11 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team meeting 2019-12-16
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16:01:25 <ggus> oi! this is the last community team meeting of 2019
16:01:32 <c1e0> o/
16:01:58 <ggus> here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2019-keep
16:06:01 <ggus> i'll get some water while you all update the pad :)
16:07:36 <emmapeel> meanwhile let me remind you that the community portal is finally available for translation! is a very big project and you can translate it at https://www.transifex.com/otf/tor-project-support-community-portal/communitytpo-contentspot/
16:08:28 <pili> emmapeel: \o/
16:08:43 <cy63113> <3
16:10:09 <annalee> :)
16:10:30 <cy63113> another reminder is that we have Global South Meeting
16:10:41 <ggus> let's start :)
16:10:42 <cy63113> Nov 18th, 16:00 UTC - #tor-south
16:10:51 <ggus> * Google Summer of Code
16:11:40 <ggus> #info Next Global South meeting - dec 18th, 1600 utc #tor-south irc.oftc.net
16:12:10 <ggus> pili: do you want to introduce this topic?
16:12:28 <pili> yes :)
16:12:31 <pili> it's time to start thinking about Google Summer of Code again
16:13:08 <pili> applications open for organisations in January and we should think about any exciting projects that we would want people to work on
16:13:32 <pili> and so we are also looking for volunteers to be mentors for these projects
16:14:12 <ggus> i have an idea, but i can't mentor: https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/community/meta/issues/2
16:14:29 <pili> if we decide to go ahead and apply and are accepted we will then be looking for students to work on these projects :)
16:14:30 <pili> I think that's all there is to say about it for now :)
16:15:14 <ggus> thanks pili!
16:15:45 <ggus> the relay gamification is a thing that i know some of us really want to see happening
16:16:28 <pili> yup
16:17:21 <ggus> more ideas from the community team?
16:18:35 <ggus> well, if you have ideas, leave on the pad, so we can try to find mentors
16:18:42 <emmapeel> not sure atm, will think about it
16:19:09 <c1e0> I'll think of something as well
16:19:16 <emmapeel> maybe we can have a look at our tickets and find something
16:19:41 <emmapeel> it should be a project for 3 months, right?
16:19:57 <ggus> we could have a small system for this remote training and support
16:20:29 <pili> emmapeel: yup
16:20:30 <ggus> but it will be smart to try RT+other things first
16:20:55 <ggus> so we avoid to maintain more code
16:22:10 <ggus> ok, moving to the next topic
16:22:22 <ggus> * FOSDEM/OFFDEM relay operator meetup
16:23:01 <pili> yup
16:23:10 <pili> I just realised that we might not have anyone to run this
16:23:33 <pili> so I'm just bringing this up here in case anyone is going to be going to FOSDEM and is happy to run this... maybe ahf ?
16:24:11 <emmapeel> im in doubt regarding FOSDEM tbh
16:24:18 <ggus> egypcio: are you going to fosdem?
16:24:29 <pili> https://ps.zoethical.org/t/tor-relay-operators-meeting/3083
16:24:32 <ggus> emmapeel: in doubt of going there?
16:24:36 <pili> actually, I think anadahz
16:24:39 <pili> is running it
16:24:42 <pili> so we may be ok
16:24:45 <emmapeel> ggus: yeah not sure if i am attending
16:25:10 <egypcio> ggus: not sure
16:25:13 <ggus> need motivation? :D
16:25:31 <egypcio> oh
16:25:38 <egypcio> I was actually checking the dates
16:25:39 <egypcio> :x
16:25:54 <egypcio> looking good. I can jump in a train and go. yeh
16:25:55 <egypcio> :D
16:26:42 <pili> egypcio: feel free to add yourself here: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2020Brussels :)
16:26:52 * egypcio btw, sorry I am kinda afk/radio-silence that long. moving out to a new place and other things going on
16:29:03 <ggus> pili: we have only one option of room (offdem)?
16:29:52 <pili> I think there were 3 options: find a bof room at FOSDEM (which would be a last minute scramble), pay for a space outside (not going to happen) or OFFDEM
16:30:01 <pili> there may also have been the option to do at a hacker space, not sure...
16:30:28 <pili> brabo probably knows more :)
16:30:56 <gaba> hi o/ Last year we applied for a bof room for the relay operator meetup and worked fine
16:31:21 <ggus> well, the last meetup we did in brussels was one month ago
16:31:22 <gaba> the first day of fosdem there is a desk where you need to go and write down the meetup
16:31:54 <ggus> and we discussed if it worth to call relay operator meetup or just tor meetup
16:33:36 <ggus> gaba: do you remember how big the room was?
16:33:45 <brabo> gaba: indeed. the bof rooms have some problems though. for one, they are very small, and i heard last time people were sitting on the floor or even couldn't get in? and since only on-event registration, it's harder to properly communicate this to everyone or even have people able to plan this in their own schedule of things to do
16:33:47 <ggus> if the space was ok or do we need a bigger room?
16:34:12 <brabo> offdem is 500 meter away from the fosdem venue, and can get bigger space there
16:34:37 <brabo> plus plan it in before the event, and properly communicate this to all interested parties
16:36:46 <ggus> brabo: we already have a room at offdem?
16:36:58 <brabo> if we do a bof room at fosdem itself there is also a fair chance it will coincide with the decentralized internet and privacy devroom on sunday, which may conflict for some of the what i suppose is in part shared audience
16:37:32 <brabo> not yet. but once you all say offdem is a nice place to try and arrange this, i will hit them up and get it arranged
16:37:59 <brabo> and then we can do it on saturday so everyone can both attend this and the di&p devroom on sunday?
16:38:22 * ahf learns of offdem
16:38:34 <ggus> looks good. i'll ping some people that are really going (juga, ahf) and them let's say what they think
16:38:44 <brabo> https://ps.zoethical.org/t/why-offdem/2867
16:38:45 <ggus> s/say/see
16:39:07 <gaba> oh, i didnt' know that. Last time I made the reserveation for the room but then I was sick when the meeting was happening and couldn't attend
16:39:19 <brabo> cool. i also heard no tor/tails stand accepted for fosdem. we could do something alternative at offdem too maybe?
16:39:46 <brabo> i know like lqdn regularly did a tea corner at events. it could be a nice way to do something instead of a stand, maybe?
16:39:57 <pili> brabo: sure, not sure who is going to FOSDEM from Tails in the end
16:40:43 <ggus> we could try to schedule a meeting at the begining of january with who's going to fosdem and discuss offdem activities
16:41:05 <emmapeel> also it may be hard to get volunteers for the OFFDEM table...
16:41:37 <brabo> i am not sure a stand fits in their alternative approach
16:42:28 <pili> ggus: sounds good
16:42:31 <pili> I think we'll have a better idea about who is going then
16:42:52 <ggus> yeah, i know people that still didn't decide
16:43:03 <brabo> good. shall i already talk a bit with the offdem people to see what options we have there exactly?
16:43:59 <ggus> yes, looks good brabo
16:44:04 <pili> thank you brabo :)
16:44:29 <brabo> okay, will do. please let me know in time what date you want to do the follow on this that i make sure to be present ;)
16:44:38 <brabo> *follow up
16:44:51 <annalee> if my location weren't so far away I would volunteer...
16:45:20 <ggus> :)
16:46:28 <pili> brabo: will do
16:46:54 <ggus> alright folks, more things to discuss?
16:47:19 <pili> I'm good
16:47:20 <antonela> nice reporting from karisma about last weekend Tor training!
16:48:05 <ggus> yes! fantastic!! :D
16:48:34 <ggus> i will schedule a call with them, but i'm very happy with the result :)
16:48:53 <gaba> antonela: where is the report?
16:49:16 <ggus> we might need to open a ticket for the issue that they talked about (download tor browser localized)
16:49:42 <pili> gaba: it was just sent to us by email and I uploaded it to our private S9 board :)
16:49:55 <antonela> gaba in our emails, but they will become public at some point
16:49:55 <pili> gaba: I think you have access though, I'll pm you the link
16:51:43 <gaba> thanks
16:52:08 <ggus> this week we will have more remote trainings happening
16:52:34 <ggus> and nah asked them to run user research too
16:54:58 <ggus> anything else? :)
16:56:29 * pili is still good :)
16:56:35 <ggus> ok people, that's it! :)
16:56:43 <ggus> thanks everyone for this year! \o/
16:56:47 <emmapeel> please translate!
16:56:57 <RotationMatrix> \o/
16:56:59 <ggus> yes, please translate! :)
16:57:07 <pili> thank you ! :)
16:57:14 <pili> <3
16:57:21 <ggus> Our next Community Team meeting is in January
16:58:06 <ggus> #endmeeting