14:00:17 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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14:00:21 <antonela> hello people o/
14:00:28 <antonela> the last ux meeting of the year ^___^
14:00:35 <antonela> who is around?
14:00:36 <T_> Great!
14:00:47 <antonela> hi Tunde! nice to see you :)
14:01:02 <antonela> nat's review was great! i loved the suggestions
14:01:12 <T_> Yeah, I did too
14:01:15 <emmapeel> o/
14:01:32 <emmapeel> alo alo!
14:01:33 <c1e0> o/
14:02:14 <antonela> holaa
14:02:19 <antonela> pad is here > https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2019-keep
14:02:52 <emmapeel> OMG antonela we need a new pad for next meeting?
14:02:59 <antonela> we do actually
14:03:04 <antonela> maybe we can finally move to nc
14:04:03 <antonela> c1e0: hello
14:04:04 <antonela> !
14:04:18 <antonela> do you need any help from us on the things you are working on?
14:04:59 <antonela> okey, lets start
14:05:10 <antonela> i have some items in the discussion part but maybe we can talk about them in the next meeting
14:05:15 <antonela> first thing first
14:05:28 <antonela> the next meeting is going to happen on January 7th
14:05:57 <c1e0> antonela: I'm wondering if I should make a PR concerning the icons in circles not being centralized here: https://www.torproject.org/contact/
14:05:57 <pili> hi
14:05:58 <pili> sorry
14:06:01 <pili> here now
14:06:25 <antonela> c1e0: please do it! thanks for taking care about the details
14:06:28 <antonela> hi pili!
14:06:55 <emmapeel> good catch c1e0
14:07:26 <c1e0> I didn't catch it though. It was reported through frontdesk :D
14:07:52 <emmapeel> well, but you decided to follow up!
14:08:29 <nah> o/
14:09:00 <antonela> oi nah!
14:09:07 <antonela> i like you are nah now :)
14:09:31 <antonela> so, for people who just arrived: next meeting is on January 7th, 2020
14:09:47 <nah> hahaha i found out i registered this nickname sometime ago, and i didnt know. :)
14:09:54 <antonela> :)
14:10:07 <antonela> i have a ticket to discuss here as well, but i dont know if is better to run it during the www meeting
14:10:09 <antonela> #32749
14:10:26 <antonela> like, we can offer a one-click experience but we need to sniff the local os to do that
14:10:34 <antonela> do we want to? i dont think so
14:10:40 <antonela> OH the ticket is closed now
14:10:43 <antonela> pili already decided :)
14:11:11 <nah> yeah, redirected to #32460
14:11:17 <pili> well, it wasn't a bug :P
14:11:35 <antonela> right
14:11:44 <emmapeel> antonela: we talked about that last meeting, right? about taking the download button on the top-right on the download page
14:11:50 <pili> I could reopen or just parent to #32460
14:11:51 <pili> I can change my mind :)
14:12:05 <antonela> yes but this is different, is like "as a user i expect to just download something when i click download"
14:12:22 <antonela> seems like is tricky the fact that we are moving users to the /download page in that flow
14:13:35 <antonela> anyways, i think is material for the next www meeting
14:13:50 <antonela> now we 1. iterated the /download page 2. we tested with users and we have feedback
14:14:17 <antonela> so we will move those changes from develop to staging when we are happy with them
14:15:10 <pili> sounds good to me :)
14:15:15 <antonela> super!
14:15:51 <pili> antonela: so I'll reopen and parent to #32460 ? :)
14:16:00 <antonela> yes, please pili
14:16:04 <pili> ok!
14:16:15 <antonela> because is something we can do but needs discussion
14:16:26 <antonela> oki, anything else regarding the download flow?
14:17:24 <emmapeel> nope
14:17:24 <antonela> maybe no :)
14:17:29 <antonela> next one
14:17:43 <antonela> karisma ran a tor training and a user research activity with the tools and the material nah and ggus facilitated to them and they shared with us a really good reporting of it
14:17:59 <nah> (can someone past the pad for me please?)
14:18:04 <antonela> maybe we can talk about this findings the next meeting nah
14:18:05 <antonela> yes one sec
14:18:13 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2019-keep
14:18:47 <nah> antonela, si! i'm going to summarize their report for everyone :)
14:18:56 <nah> thanks
14:19:13 <antonela> awesome, good stuff! and good work coordinating it nah!
14:19:14 <nah> should i send the report summarized to the list?
14:19:15 <antonela> thank you!
14:19:30 <antonela> maybe we can wait for the tanzania one too?
14:19:37 <nah> good idea!
14:19:38 <antonela> and summarize december?
14:19:40 <antonela> cool
14:19:47 <nah> does anyone knows if tor is blocked in tanzania?
14:19:56 * antonela checks ooni
14:20:01 <nah> if so, i think we should send special recommendations to the download flow
14:20:21 <T_> I Have never received reports of Tor's block there
14:20:29 <T_> We have an office there
14:20:30 <antonela> https://explorer.ooni.org/country/TZ
14:20:38 <antonela> oh good info T_
14:21:22 <nah> thanks you both :)
14:21:31 <nah> gonna send the recommendations only to ug then
14:21:47 <antonela> good stuff
14:21:49 <antonela> thanks nah
14:22:14 <antonela> okey, anything else regarding ux research?
14:22:25 <antonela> should we catch up on friday nah? could that work for you?
14:22:59 <nah> yes, friday works for me :) thanks!
14:23:04 <T_> Are you suggesting Tor is blocked in Uganda?
14:23:15 <emmapeel> just an update, finally the jenkins builds are not breaking randonmly! so if you push something to a website and in tor-bots there is a failure... is probably you!
14:23:36 <nah> T_: it was in June! not sure if it is unblocked know
14:23:49 <antonela> emmapeel: thanks for the advice
14:23:52 <T_> Ok, will check on this
14:24:00 <antonela> emmapeel: so jenkins is ok nowadays
14:24:52 <emmapeel> yeah well in my front i am waiting for https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/32746 but is not stopping my work or anything, is just to save resources and time for devs
14:25:08 <antonela> one more thing regarding ux research: T_ i'll email you our personas so you can familiarize with the format so we can extend that set with the new info you will collect from your interviews in the following months
14:25:25 <antonela> T_: we will do it together, so no worries for now - I want to make sure that you have it in mind :)
14:25:34 <T_> Ok, thanks
14:25:42 <antonela> thank you
14:25:47 <antonela> emmapeel: i see
14:26:02 <antonela> oki, thanks for let us know!
14:26:11 <antonela> next item is also mine
14:26:19 <emmapeel> i like to join #tor-bots here in oftc because it gives me an idea of the different thinks happening in tpo
14:26:28 <emmapeel> *things
14:26:35 <antonela> a chat with bots? no thanks emmapeel
14:26:36 <antonela> they like you
14:26:44 <emmapeel> sometimes i think i am a bot
14:26:50 * antonela same
14:26:54 <emmapeel> like gender: bot
14:27:02 <nah> haha
14:27:03 <antonela> gender: your bot
14:27:04 <antonela> hahaha
14:27:09 <emmapeel> no no, my own bot
14:27:34 <emmapeel> sorry for off topic!
14:28:41 <antonela> haha
14:28:42 <antonela> okey
14:28:47 <antonela> the next item is mine
14:29:11 <antonela> i'd like to start a Call for Design section in our meetings so we encourage random advocates to work on specific tickets that are also roadmapped
14:29:32 <antonela> sometimes is quite hard for me to delegate tickets because often those tickets are part of big projects
14:29:36 <antonela> but sometimes they are not!
14:30:02 <emmapeel> i like this idea, because it also helps us to get different backgrounds inputs
14:30:08 <antonela> so i'll save those CFD tickets for the next meeting and i think that will be fun for designers to take over :)
14:30:14 <antonela> emmapeel: yes exactly
14:30:35 <nah> i think this is a great idea too!
14:30:44 <antonela> so some activity happened around this ancient #3544
14:30:56 <antonela> and i think we can do it, is a very simple one for the right designer
14:31:05 <antonela> and then #32228 is beautiful
14:31:37 <antonela> so yes, i'll save this for the next meeting *but* i'll keep it in our detail for the list just in case some curious person wants to take it
14:31:41 <antonela> so, thats all for me today
14:31:44 <antonela> anything else folks?
14:31:53 <pili> #32228 is a great one for someone to get started on Tor Browser development
14:32:14 <antonela> yes! we can have designer + dev yes
14:32:19 <T_> I'll expect the personas!
14:32:22 * pili is good :)
14:32:28 * nah is good too
14:32:30 <emmapeel> maybe we should think about the GSoC too
14:32:35 <pili> ah, yes
14:32:44 <pili> thanks emmapeel, glad someone is paying attention :D
14:33:04 <emmapeel> from the shoulders of giants, pili ! :D
14:33:18 <pili> hehe
14:33:30 <nah> ah, i'll be at the cdpd and fat - let me know if some of you will attend too
14:33:50 <pili> I think for this group the hardest thing could be to mentor a GSoC project, but maybe something that is more frontend/design based
14:34:08 <pili> maybe even looking at some lektor plugins that we would like implemented/extended?
14:34:10 <pili> not sure...
14:34:17 <pili> maybe that's more of a conversation for the websites meeting
14:34:36 <antonela> i think so yes
14:34:51 <antonela> okey, short meeting today so :)
14:35:00 <antonela> was a pleasure to collaborate with you all all this year people!
14:35:19 <antonela> i'm very grateful to share my days with you and very proud of all the work we did this year
14:35:21 <pili> likewise <3
14:35:22 <T_> Thanks!  A pleasure too
14:35:31 <nah> yesss, thanks for the great year, antonela :) <3
14:35:48 <antonela> really looking forward to what the 2020 bring to us <3
14:35:49 <pili> thank you for all your hard work antonela !
14:36:05 <antonela> thanks people! have a nice holidays, take rest !
14:36:06 <emmapeel> yeah! good job this year etc
14:36:15 <antonela> <3 <3
14:36:24 <T_> :)
14:36:28 <antonela> #endmeeting