15:01:36 <gaba> #startmeeting gitlab check-in
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15:01:42 <gaba> anybody else for this meeting?
15:01:49 <gaba> agenda: https://pad.riseup.net/p/pKCLewB9RpyjJfRP6X26
15:01:52 <catalyst> o/
15:02:42 <ahf> hiro / anarcat maybe?
15:03:01 * anarcat waves
15:03:16 <anarcat> i'm here
15:03:17 <gaba> ok
15:03:22 * anarcat loads agenda
15:03:37 <gaba> feel free to add anything else there
15:03:58 <ahf> added omnibus
15:04:03 <anarcat> sorry, got *lots* of stuff on my plate
15:04:16 <ahf> anarcat: no worries, i think this will be mostly a summary meeting on where we are
15:04:28 <ahf> gaba: want me to start with where i think we are?
15:04:30 <anarcat> i added some stuff
15:04:39 <ahf> cool!
15:04:42 <gaba> first item on the agenda is where we are at with the migration.
15:04:48 <gaba> ahf: do you want to give an update?
15:04:53 <ahf> yeah, i can do that
15:05:07 <anarcat> #topic migration status
15:05:18 <ahf> so we did a complete migration of every ticket from trac to gitlab. we then asked everybody in the org to report in if they have spotted anything that should be fixed
15:05:28 <ahf> and people, from pretty much all teams, have been really good at finding things
15:05:35 <ahf> dcf found some pretty good issues too
15:05:55 <ahf> i've worked on some of the cosmetic ones and are preparing for the next run of the migration tool this week to see if things are looking better
15:06:17 <ahf> there is some of the issues there that we wont be able to solve where we do lose some features of trac (see dcf's #commentXXX issue on the pad for example)
15:06:39 <ahf> but none of the things we cannot do seems to be around loss of information, which is good
15:06:48 <ahf> i think that is a summary from me so far
15:07:33 <ahf> i think that might actually be item #1 and #2 on the agenda here :-S
15:07:43 <gaba> ok, sounds good. There are some comments on the pad (mostly from me and teor). I'm guessing you went through those
15:08:08 <gaba> #2 is about the bug when trying to do PRs
15:08:13 <hiro> I am here
15:08:51 <ahf> yeah
15:09:04 <anarcat> ahf: how do you feel about the migration's progress in general?
15:09:09 <gaba> related to the migration: you will run it this week and we can follow up when we are back in Jan.
15:09:43 <ahf> anarcat: good i'd say, i think the list of cosmetic items were a bit larger than i would have thought, but not terrible. the API interface and pulling things from trac is very smooth
15:09:57 <ahf> and i feel i understand gitlab a lot better now, which i think was a big part of the excercise too
15:10:12 <ahf> i am happy we didn't set migration date as medio december though 8)
15:10:21 <ahf> yep gaba
15:10:31 <anarcat> damn right :)
15:10:59 <ahf> so, for the item with 503 when doing PRs: that has been the biggest problem so far i think
15:11:12 <ahf> hiro have been spending a lot of time debugging it, i have spend some time on it, and we still haven't found a solution
15:11:25 <hiro> I wish gitaly would tell us more
15:11:33 <ahf> but one thing we have come forward to is that we don't really understand the salsa setup and we both have some experience with the omnibus interface
15:12:29 <anarcat> are we done with the migration status? :)
15:12:32 <gaba> that take us to item 2. and 3.
15:12:34 <anarcat> and moving to the merge request?
15:12:35 <anarcat> yeah
15:12:38 <gaba> yes
15:12:43 <anarcat> #topic merge request issue
15:12:45 <gaba> merge reuqests and omnibus
15:12:48 <gaba> yep
15:12:54 <ahf> anarcat: nice with this #topic thing, i have never used that in our meetings
15:12:56 <anarcat> i guess that's the same point as omnibus
15:13:03 <anarcat> ahf: yeah, that gets outlined in the published minutes
15:13:08 <ahf> smart
15:13:11 <anarcat> i figured i would use the bot since it's around
15:13:20 <anarcat> sorry gaba if that steps on your toes ;)
15:13:26 <gaba> no problem
15:13:27 <hiro> also the link idea and agreed commands are nice
15:13:30 <gaba> merge request is the topic now :)
15:13:36 <anarcat> hehe
15:13:57 <ahf> i think the summary is we don't know what is wrong there :-)
15:14:09 <ahf> and we can throw more hours at it, which i don't think is very fruitful
15:14:24 <anarcat> agreed
15:14:28 <anarcat> let's give omnibus a shot
15:14:33 <ahf> i think the solution is that we move to omnibus that we know
15:14:40 <gaba> but we do not know if the problem is salsa.  We would remove the salsa setup for other reasons, to be able to mantain it better, right?
15:14:42 <ahf> i think we have at least 4 people in tor that have experience with running omnibus
15:14:50 <anarcat> the question that remained, iirc, is how we proceed with that
15:15:01 <ahf> we know that none of us have experienced this with GL outside of salsa
15:15:06 <anarcat> gaba: i am not sure
15:15:26 <anarcat> ahf: that could be just coincidence
15:15:36 <anarcat> i know it doesn't look like it, but that should be kept in mind
15:15:45 <anarcat> i think we should consider setting up a separate VM for this test
15:15:52 <gaba> +1
15:16:21 <hiro> uhm so we have an ad-hoc setup that allows all the different component of gitlab to communicate
15:16:22 <ahf> yeah
15:16:42 <ahf> we have VM capacity to set one up?
15:16:43 <hiro> and we have an issue for which one of the components (gitaly) doesn't work in some situation
15:16:59 <ahf> also, i don't remember the story of the name 'dip', but should we consider calling the new one just gitlab.torproject.org ?
15:17:08 <ahf> i think the story is related to that debian instance is called salsa
15:17:25 <anarcat> yes
15:17:27 <hiro> I think that we have a high priority that moving to a standard setup for all the components should solve our problem
15:17:30 <anarcat> i think that's rather silly and confusing
15:17:43 <catalyst> user-facing names probably shouldn't be in-jokes
15:17:49 <anarcat> catalyst: agreed
15:18:03 <gaba> agree
15:18:04 <anarcat> ahf: VM capacity is kind of what i wanted to discuss in #5 :)
15:18:17 <anarcat> the short answer is: suuuure, we can spare a VM :)
15:18:21 <hiro> s/priority/probability
15:18:33 <anarcat> but the long answer is: you can't actually use it to migrate all of trac and git-rw and gitweb to it :p
15:18:39 <anarcat> (it's the same answer for the current dip as well, btw)
15:18:56 <anarcat> so yeah, we can have a VM do play with like we have now, but we can't really use it :)
15:19:11 <ahf> ah, because of disk space? i hadn't even thought of that, anarcat
15:19:22 <anarcat> hiro: it's worth a shot. i'm not sure what the probability is, but it's worth trying the change :)
15:19:28 <gaba> ok. everybody agree on going this way with a new VM to test gitlab without salsa, right?
15:19:33 <anarcat> ahf: disk space, memory use, I/O, CPU usage, all of the above
15:19:36 <anarcat> gitlab is massive
15:19:49 <anarcat> gaba: i think so!
15:19:54 <ahf> gaba: yeah
15:19:55 <gaba> ok
15:19:56 <hiro> we are also a lot of people using it at the same time
15:20:05 <gaba> hiro, catalyst: you ok with this?
15:20:10 <gaba> yes
15:20:10 <ahf> but, we are gonna keep dip running at the same time, right? because i use dip for the migration tests (until we have something new i think)
15:20:29 <hiro> yes I need it running
15:20:30 <gaba> we would have to migrate from dip into whatever once we see that it will work better
15:20:51 <gaba> wow, this is getting complicated
15:20:52 <catalyst> gaba: sorry, i can't tell what the proposal is?
15:20:58 <gaba> the test instance and the test of the test
15:21:10 <gaba> catalyst: a new VM to test gitlab without salsa
15:21:30 <catalyst> and we do a trial migration to that? and it's separate from dip.tpo?
15:21:31 <anarcat> so that connects with one of my concerns
15:21:43 <anarcat> which i haven't brought up as a separate point, but seems relevant here
15:21:48 <anarcat> it seems we're using the test dip instance in production
15:22:10 <anarcat> i'm worried about that
15:22:17 <gaba> and then if it works we use that and not the salsa ansible setup. The question is what "it works" means. Are we deciding to do it now because it will be better for us to mantain it?
15:22:19 <anarcat> exactly because of the situation we're in now
15:22:24 <gaba> yes, I'm worry about that too
15:22:41 <anarcat> i asked for a big warning to be posted on the site when it was put online
15:22:42 <gaba> it is suppposed to be a test
15:22:45 <anarcat> and there was one for a while
15:22:50 <ahf> anarcat: i do think we have been saying that everything on dip is for testing purpose, but we have also spend some time making sure to care for the people who uses it that it works
15:22:52 <gaba> there is one at the top
15:22:54 <anarcat> but now all that's left is "Canonical locations for source code https://gitweb.torproject.org/ and ticket system https://trac.torproject.org"
15:22:58 <anarcat> that's not a warning
15:23:09 <anarcat> that's a friendly informative and unreadable phrase
15:23:14 <ahf> we removed the bottom warning during a network team meeting not that long ago
15:23:19 <ahf> since it broke horizontal scrolling :-)
15:23:19 <anarcat> that people are already disregarding
15:23:20 <ahf> ironically enough
15:23:26 <anarcat> ahf: okay well, that wasn't a good idea i think
15:23:33 <anarcat> i'm not saying it's the reason why that happened...
15:23:38 <anarcat> ... but people are using dip in production now
15:23:46 <ahf> no, it was used like this before we removed that warning :-)
15:23:49 <gaba> Maybe we should send a mail to internal reminding people that we still did not migrate to gitlab. To please still use other systems that are "official" for Tor
15:23:50 <anarcat> and that kind of screws us up now, because we can't easily start from scratch again
15:23:53 <anarcat> ahf: yeah probably
15:24:11 <anarcat> gaba: i'm not sure that will be enough
15:24:14 <gaba> network team only has been using it for roadmapping
15:24:17 <anarcat> we've given people access to the candy store
15:24:17 <catalyst> looking at it another way, people see enough value in it to start using a testing service for production, even in a limited way
15:24:22 <anarcat> and now we're telling people to not eat from candies
15:24:26 <gaba> metrics is using onionperf there
15:24:33 <ahf> i think the amount of data we can do from moving from dip to a new instance is pretty small and we can ask the teams to do that themselves
15:24:34 <gaba> anti-censorship team is not really using it
15:24:39 <anarcat> the web team is using it
15:24:46 <ahf> the web team is the big user i think
15:24:50 <anarcat> i think basically everyone but TPA has already started using dip in production :p
15:24:53 <hiro> I think the db and files can be easily migrated
15:24:54 <ahf> but the web team also have hiro who knows tihs system
15:25:12 <anarcat> so migrating data is possible
15:25:15 <anarcat> that's not my concern
15:25:18 <anarcat> my concern is canonicality
15:25:22 <anarcat> if that's even a word
15:25:25 <anarcat> if we setup a new instance
15:25:30 <anarcat> where's that data supposed to end up?
15:25:38 <gaba> what do you mean anarcat?
15:25:47 <anarcat> i mean that we'll have two copies of the data
15:25:51 <anarcat> where will people keep using gitlab?
15:25:54 <gaba> which data?
15:25:59 <anarcat> or are we saying everyone will stop using gitlab?
15:26:09 <hiro> anarcat all the code is redundant from tor git all we would lose if we were to shut this down would be a few tickets
15:26:11 <anarcat> gaba: issues, roadmaps, pull requests, git repos, whatever people are doing on gitlab now
15:26:24 <hiro> that are probably already copies of trac tickets
15:26:27 <anarcat> hiro: i think we're underestimating the impact of such a shutdown
15:26:34 <anarcat> but i'd be really happy if we could just try that out now
15:26:37 <anarcat> clear out the database
15:26:39 <anarcat> and see what happens
15:26:51 <gaba> please don't clear out the database :)
15:26:52 <anarcat> i would be ready to bet that (1) people would yell like crazy and (2) no one would even dare to do this now
15:26:57 <anarcat> well there you go :)
15:26:59 <anarcat> this shit is live
15:27:02 <gaba> yes
15:27:03 <anarcat> it went in production
15:27:06 <anarcat> without us calling it
15:27:10 <gaba> i think we just migrate the data from one instance to other
15:27:14 <gaba> and then we shut down dip
15:27:27 <anarcat> yeah but ahf wants to keep dip to play with the migration
15:27:32 <ahf> it's not my experience in tor htat people would yell like crazy :-)
15:27:38 <gaba> yes, it was supposed that people/teams were testing it but not really using it
15:27:43 <gaba> maybe we didn't yell that enough
15:27:43 <ahf> i think people would understand this, and we would give them time to move things over, and they would do that
15:27:46 <anarcat> ahf: you should join TPA :p
15:27:57 <ahf> and maybe feel a bit counterproductive that day, but hey, there is some admin overhead in everything we do
15:28:03 <ahf> anarcat: :-S
15:28:08 <hiro> it's not really production, but if you have to test things you need to use things too
15:28:11 <gaba> but ahf can use new instance for testing migration
15:28:14 <gaba> we do not have to keep dip
15:28:29 <ahf> no, we put a deadline on when people need to have moved off dip (IMO)
15:28:36 <anarcat> maybe i'm worried about nothing
15:28:39 <gaba> we can even keep dip domain into new instance
15:28:52 <anarcat> let's just say i'm worried about this, and move on :p
15:28:53 <gaba> there are tools to migrate data from gitlab instance to other
15:28:55 <gaba> is not complicated
15:29:07 <anarcat> then i can get to say "told you so" later
15:29:10 <anarcat> i hate doing that :p
15:29:19 <ahf> i think it is a vald concern anarcat, so keep raising them
15:29:22 <gaba> i still do not understand the worry anarcat
15:29:26 <ahf> it might be you have to do a told you so later though :-P
15:29:39 <ahf> that have happened more than once in this migration project and i'm sure it iwll happen again :-D
15:29:43 <anarcat> heh
15:30:00 <anarcat> gaba: i'm sorry i can't frame this properly :)
15:30:13 <pili> Hi
15:30:15 <anarcat> my concern is that we're now in a state where we have production data in a test instance
15:30:22 <anarcat> we're talking about setting up a new instance
15:30:23 <pili> Just reading backlog
15:30:28 <anarcat> and migrating data to that new instance
15:30:30 <hiro> I think anarcat is worried there might be some distruption between migrating from trac and migating again from dip
15:30:35 <anarcat> so even before we started doing the actual migration
15:30:39 <pili> Ok
15:30:41 <hiro> and lost of data
15:30:42 <anarcat> we're already doing a migration of data
15:30:47 <anarcat> hi pili !
15:30:52 <pili> :)
15:31:02 <anarcat> we weren't supposed to have prod data in there
15:31:08 <gaba> I see
15:31:11 <gaba> yes
15:31:12 <anarcat> and we were supposed to be able to pop that thing in and out of existence
15:31:17 <anarcat> to, say, try omnibus instead of salsa
15:31:21 <anarcat> without having to do a migration
15:31:24 <catalyst> can we do a survey of dip users to see who has data there that they're not willing to lose?
15:31:27 <anarcat> now we have to do a migration before the migration :)
15:31:40 <anarcat> catalyst: but see that's what i mean, more extra work already :)
15:31:43 <anarcat> that's what i was worried about
15:31:48 <anarcat> we don't need to go in details over this
15:31:51 <gaba> for network and anti-censorship teams is mostly copy to trac tickets into the boards
15:31:52 <anarcat> we have prod data in there
15:31:53 <pili> I could live with losing data and I think I’m a big user
15:31:54 <anarcat> we'll deal with it
15:31:58 <anarcat> "told you so" :)
15:31:59 <gaba> for metrics team they are using the onionperf repo
15:32:06 <ahf> i think people have understanding of this being a test instance. i don't think we just need to give people time to move from one instance to another
15:32:27 <pili> We’re only using the project management features
15:32:44 <gaba> all issues are in trac, right pili?
15:32:56 <pili> We did close some tickets in trac to move to dip
15:33:18 <pili> I don’t think it was a huge amount though
15:33:21 <anarcat> we considered doing so in TPA as well, just for the record
15:33:33 <anarcat> we decided against it, there could have been a fluke there
15:33:40 <anarcat> even us are unclear about the state of affairs in think :)
15:33:41 <pili> There is some stuff that is only in dip right now though
15:33:43 <anarcat> anyways
15:33:49 <anarcat> i feel i totally hijacked the conversation, sorry :p
15:33:50 <gaba> yes, we all just thoguht gitlab in dip was working
15:33:59 <anarcat> my point was just that if we setup omnibus, we need to think about migration and support
15:34:03 <anarcat> which instance are we going to support
15:34:12 <anarcat> and are we going to keep the salsa/dip instance around
15:34:22 <anarcat> and how are we going to migrate the data
15:34:25 <gaba> migration between gitlab instances is very easy and i think once we do that we just turn down dip
15:34:34 <anarcat> as hiro said, we can just copy the DB over and start from there
15:34:41 <hiro> yeah and there are tools
15:34:48 <hiro> it's no biggie really
15:34:55 <gaba> we need an instance of gitlab that we can mantain
15:34:55 <anarcat> but if we do that, we have two gitlab copies, and we either need to clear dip, or lock it away to only ahf, or shut it down
15:35:10 <gaba> shut it down would be my option
15:35:11 <ahf> i don't need it, i just need it until the other one is setup :-)
15:35:14 <anarcat> alright, no biggie :p
15:35:23 <anarcat> alright
15:35:24 <ahf> i have a qubes VM locally with a gitlab instance i also test things with for speed
15:35:34 <ahf> so it's not even that bad, it just allows other people to see progress that i test against dip
15:35:45 <anarcat> then we shutdown dip, once it's migrated to an omnibus instance... and that we verified the PR issue doesn't come up?
15:35:54 <ahf> yeah
15:36:01 <ahf> in that order
15:36:04 <ahf> quite importantly
15:36:25 <anarcat> yeah
15:36:26 <gaba> ok
15:36:31 <gaba> wrote this in the pad on the notes
15:36:35 <anarcat> sorry again gaba i kind of screwed up the agenda :p
15:36:57 <gaba> don't worry anarcat. I think is important to bring all concerns. This is why we are doing this meeting
15:37:20 <ahf> yeah!
15:37:28 <gaba> who is going to do this?
15:37:36 <gaba> do we do it before or after holidays?
15:37:45 <anarcat> awesome
15:37:46 <anarcat> ha
15:37:51 <anarcat> *after*
15:37:54 <anarcat> definitely after
15:37:57 <gaba> :)
15:38:03 <anarcat> at least i'm not going to touch this before january
15:38:08 <anarcat> no way no no no :p
15:38:19 <ahf> i think after too, early january ideally
15:38:21 <anarcat> but if hiro and ahf want to work on this over the holidays, have fun :p
15:38:23 <ahf> and i can continue to use dip
15:38:34 <ahf> no no, on friday i will be in non-work mode i think
15:38:35 <gaba> ok
15:38:36 <anarcat> it might be a good time, if you don't believe in the holiday thing, because then you can break stuff freely because everyone is gone
15:38:45 <anarcat> but i am outta here on friday evening
15:38:48 <anarcat> holidays
15:38:49 <ahf> ditto
15:38:50 <anarcat> i miss em
15:39:11 <gaba> hiro, anarcat: you two will setup this vm and do the migration?
15:39:23 <anarcat> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBShN8qT4lk
15:39:38 <hiro> I'll do that probably gaba
15:39:43 <gaba> thanks
15:39:50 <anarcat> hiro: awesome, i can help if you run into weirdness
15:39:55 <hiro> but not during the holidays
15:40:02 <hiro> I'd be chillin
15:40:04 <anarcat> awesome
15:40:19 <gaba> great!
15:40:28 <anarcat> hiro: i'm thinking we should put more of this in Puppet as well so that might require creating a new profile and so on
15:40:37 <anarcat> hell, maybe there's already a puppet module we can use, we should ask micah
15:40:38 <gaba> do we move into 5. hardware requirements ?
15:40:47 <anarcat> #topic hardware requirements
15:40:54 <anarcat> yeaah :)
15:40:56 <hiro> anarcat yes I have been looking at the puppet roles for dip and there will be some stuff that needs to change
15:41:05 <anarcat> hiro: we should make an entire new role
15:41:12 <anarcat> hiro: we can talk about this later :)
15:41:30 <anarcat> so that connects with my "wait, we're live now?" kind of wake up moment last week :)
15:41:39 <gaba> :P
15:41:50 <anarcat> i realized we kind of just created this dip VM without thinking too much of hardware requirements, when compared to git-rw
15:42:00 <anarcat> because we were assuming git-rw would stay around forever
15:42:26 <anarcat> and i suspect that might not be the case - one of our blockers right now is, after all, merge requests which means people *are* using the git part of gitlab
15:42:33 <anarcat> which is not very surprising when you look at the name
15:42:34 <anarcat> git
15:42:35 <anarcat> lab
15:42:36 <anarcat> :p
15:42:37 <anarcat> anyways
15:42:58 <anarcat> so i'm worried people will slowly but eventually converge over "everything git is on gitlab anyways" with time
15:43:05 <hiro> uhm so the idea with gitlab was that it would provide an easier way to visualize merge requests
15:43:17 <anarcat> and i'll have to deal with problems like "i can't clone the TBB git repo" on *both* git.tpo and gitlab.tpo
15:43:22 <hiro> but I do not think people want to move from git-rw
15:43:27 <anarcat> hiro: yeah but to do a MR, you still need to host the git repo
15:43:30 <gaba> yes, the idea is to still keep git-rw BUT I agree that people may slowly move to gitlab as things may get easier
15:43:33 <anarcat> for me that's the worst of both worlds
15:43:54 <anarcat> even if we do want to stick to the plan, which seems to be to keep both git servers running (and that i find questionable)...
15:44:01 <gaba> we may have repors that will still use git-rw and others that will move
15:44:02 <anarcat> ... we still need to give more punch to this setup
15:44:20 <anarcat> i think we should consider the hardware requirements of this project more serioously and specifically
15:44:37 <anarcat> gaba: right, i understand this now :)
15:44:43 <ahf> i think people will slowly move their things to gitlab too over time
15:44:52 <anarcat> i was under the impression we wouldn't use the git bits of gitlab at first, and that didn't make sense to me :)
15:44:54 <ahf> because it will be something they can just do themselves and it's "easier"
15:44:55 <anarcat> now it makes more sense
15:45:00 <anarcat> yeah
15:45:07 <anarcat> people will migrate to this instantly
15:45:14 <anarcat> is my opinion :p
15:45:17 <anarcat> but whatever, that doesn't matter
15:45:32 <anarcat> the rhythm of migration is not my concern as much as having large repos or a large number of repos hosted there
15:46:01 <anarcat> i'm wondering if we have budget to setup new machines for this
15:46:09 <anarcat> or if this just comes out of my poor old TPA budget ;)
15:46:14 <gaba> network team said they have concerns about moving out of git-rw into gitlab so I do not think that will happen any time soon
15:46:25 <anarcat> i'm looking at https://grafana.torproject.org/d/Z7T7Cfemz/node-exporter-full?orgId=1&var-job=node&var-node=gitlab-01.torproject.org&var-port=9100
15:46:35 <anarcat> which is the gitlab-01/dip grafana dashboard
15:46:37 <gaba> anarcat: i would guess it will up from your poor old TPA budget :)
15:46:40 <catalyst> i thought people were planning on using gitlab similar to how many of us are using github -- merge requests/pull requests in the nice web front end, but actually perform the merges on git-rw for security reasons
15:47:01 <gaba> catalyst: yes, that is what I understand
15:47:10 <gaba> for Core Tor
15:47:20 <anarcat> this thing isn't live yet and and we're 26% CPU busy, 70% used memory (out of 6GB), 30% filesystem used...
15:47:29 <anarcat> (well it's live, but you know what i mean)
15:47:29 <gaba> uh
15:47:42 <ahf> everything below 100% memory usage is wasted RAM 8)
15:47:45 <gaba> can you pm the username and password for grafana?
15:48:01 <ahf> but ok, those data points does say something
15:48:08 <gaba> thanks
15:48:12 <anarcat> i pm'd gaba, happy to pm the sekrit to others here, let me know
15:48:23 <anarcat> gaba: i'm not worried about tor little t, to be honest, it's not that big of a repo
15:48:49 <gaba> I agree that it may be good to think about hardware requirements now
15:48:51 <anarcat> gaba: i'm more worried about N teams having X users with each their own fork of P projects (so N * X * P repositories :p)
15:48:52 <hiro> catalyst that's what I wanted too
15:48:57 <anarcat> in theory, gitaly was designed to help with that
15:49:06 <gaba> do anybody know what is the configuration for other gitlab instances that are use the same way?
15:49:11 <anarcat> but i'm wondering if it might be worth splitting up our setup so that gitaly is on a different VM for example
15:49:22 <anarcat> in any case, we'll have to bump the hardware requirements of this in the short term
15:49:35 <anarcat> my point was mostly a "heads up, i'll need money for this" kind of warning :p
15:49:36 <gaba> ok
15:49:47 <gaba> anarcat: can that money comes out of TPA budget?
15:49:49 <anarcat> maybe it just comes out of the TPA budget, but it's good to know if that's the case
15:49:52 <anarcat> gaba: i think so? :)
15:49:59 <anarcat> it really depends on what it will turn out to be
15:50:09 <anarcat> just for completeness sake...
15:50:19 <anarcat> catalyst: i think your assumption is correct as well...
15:50:23 <gaba> anarcat: can you figure out what we need and how much it will be?
15:50:24 <ahf> i have no idea how a split gitlab setup would be. i don't know it well enough to say anything about that
15:50:33 <anarcat> my problem was that i didn't realized that would involve hosting those git repos in gitlab
15:50:44 <anarcat> ahf: i think that's what gitaly was designed for
15:50:49 <anarcat> but i guess it's something we should think about
15:50:55 <catalyst> what's gitaly
15:50:56 <anarcat> i could see if there are upstream docs for that kind of stuff
15:51:01 <anarcat> catalyst:
15:51:12 <anarcat> catalyst: gitaly is the "serve git repos" components of gitlab
15:51:19 <ahf> catalyst: the git-serving component in gitlab
15:51:20 <anarcat> component*
15:51:25 <hiro> anarcat I think storage can be on different machines... but I am not sure since gitaly has been integrated more and more into gitlab how much it helps to slips the two things now
15:51:35 <anarcat> okay
15:51:36 <anarcat> we'll see
15:51:39 <anarcat> anyways
15:51:42 <anarcat> it was just a heads up :)
15:51:42 <hiro> I might be wrong tho
15:51:58 <hiro> but going through the code a lot has been migrated into gitlab in the last months
15:52:14 <catalyst> is performance going to be acceptable with network storage?
15:52:25 <anarcat> this graph is also fun https://grafana.torproject.org/d/ER3U2cqmk/node-exporter-server-metrics?orgId=1&var-node=gitlab-01.torproject.org:9100&fullscreen&panelId=19
15:52:28 <hiro> well like debian uses network storage over google
15:52:35 <anarcat> catalyst: that's an excellent question, i'm not sure
15:52:38 <anarcat> hiro: for gitaly??
15:52:47 <anarcat> i thought it was just for docker images and such
15:52:58 <hiro> I don't remember anarcat
15:53:13 <anarcat> well anyways
15:53:14 <hiro> I need to check the ansible stuff
15:53:23 <anarcat> this thing is all cloud-friendly-blabla
15:53:30 <anarcat> it's designed to run in the cloud, so presumably it should work :p
15:53:35 <anarcat> but i don't trust that cloud stuff
15:53:36 <anarcat> so who knows
15:54:26 <anarcat> i'll remove point 6. git-rw migration, we talked about this and we'll stick with the current "it will exist for ever" illusion for now :p
15:54:32 <gaba> ok
15:54:33 <anarcat> i'm done with the hardware
15:54:41 <anarcat> i guess the conclusion is me and hiro will sit down and think about it :)
15:54:52 <gaba> ok, thanks!
15:54:53 <anarcat> hiro and ahf have more experience than me hosting gitlab anyways, so they probably know more than i do!
15:55:12 <anarcat> i would also advise doing a survey of existing gitlab instances to check their hardware reqs
15:55:15 <ahf> i don't look at machine health and things like that though. i will happily admit that i am a terrible sysadmin :-S
15:55:20 <ahf> i use a hammer for everything
15:55:33 <gaba> :)
15:55:37 <anarcat> 0xacab, gnome, debian, all run gitlab in various forms, and will have interesting info and warnings we should ask them about
15:55:42 <ahf> anarcat: i can ask around for some projects i know that uses self-hosted GLs
15:55:47 <ahf> OTR also recently moved to GL i think
15:55:54 <anarcat> ahf: awesome
15:57:04 <ahf> cool, we are nearing the hour
15:57:17 <ahf> next steps is the last time?
15:57:25 <gaba> we use gitlab at systerserver but is not heavily used
15:57:32 <gaba> anything else that we should consider?
15:57:36 <ahf> i think we have a good idea on next steps based on all the stuff we have discussed here :-P
15:57:41 <anarcat> yeah
15:57:46 <anarcat> so next steps is:
15:57:47 <anarcat> 1. holidays
15:57:48 <anarcat> :)
15:57:49 <ahf> i continue with the migration stuff on dip, then in january we begin the omnibus work
15:57:56 <ahf> hey, i have friday before holiday too :-P
15:58:02 <anarcat> 2. continue migration tests
15:58:03 <anarcat> heh
15:58:08 <anarcat> 3. omnibus setup
15:58:09 <ahf> but yes
15:58:11 <anarcat> 4. omnibus migration
15:58:16 <anarcat> 5. more migration tests? :)
15:58:28 <gaba> sounds good
15:58:29 <anarcat> oh and 3. includes "hardware provisionning checks"
15:58:36 <anarcat> or whatever we want to call this
15:58:37 <ahf> yeah, the hw part seems important too
15:58:39 <gaba> Adding all this to the pad. Please look at that to be sure we all agree
15:58:54 <anarcat> awesome
15:59:31 <anarcat> let's called the omnibus instance gitlab-02
15:59:38 <anarcat> gitlab-01 is the current "dip/salsa" instance
15:59:46 <gaba> ok
16:00:33 <gaba> Anything else? We are in the hour of this meeting.
16:00:50 * ahf is good
16:00:53 <anarcat> all good
16:01:03 <anarcat> thanks gaba !
16:01:12 <gaba> ok. Let's finish the meeting then.
16:01:15 <gaba> #endmeeting