13:59:19 <hiro> #startmeeting
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13:59:22 <emmapeel> o-
13:59:25 <ggus> hello
13:59:26 <emmapeel> oops o/
13:59:26 <hiro> o/
13:59:29 <antonela> hello!
13:59:47 <hiro> ok yesterday we had an outage in the sysadmin world and I forgot to send the usal remind email
13:59:52 <hiro> so sorry for that
13:59:54 <pili> hi! :)
14:00:05 <hiro> this is the last meeting before the holidays
14:00:13 <c1e0> Hi everyone
14:02:19 <hiro> ok meanwhile mergin c1e0 pr
14:03:10 <emmapeel> hiro: there are some other PRs in lego in github as well
14:03:57 <hiro> ok I'll be merging more PR
14:04:02 <emmapeel> like https://github.com/torproject/lego/pull/11 or https://github.com/torproject/lego/pull/12 plz reviewOQ
14:05:18 <hiro> ok
14:05:47 <hiro> ok so let's start with the agenda
14:05:52 <hiro> #topic donate.tpo
14:06:10 <hiro> I have been chatting with giant rabbit about turning donate.tpo into a lektor page
14:06:19 <hiro> I think it's a nice idea, but what do you people think?
14:07:01 <hiro> we could imlement ourselves things like the language dropdown and so on
14:07:18 <ggus> how the donation counter works?
14:07:27 <pili> would we take over management of the page?
14:07:27 <hiro> some JS
14:07:36 <pili> would giantrabbit still be involved?
14:07:44 <emmapeel> do you mean to develop donate.tpo again inhouse? or they will still be doing stuff_
14:07:48 <emmapeel> ah heh
14:07:53 <emmapeel> same question as pili
14:07:58 <pili> :D
14:08:11 <hiro> they have some react code that takes care of all the integration with civi
14:08:18 <hiro> that will have to stay
14:08:43 <hiro> it will only be the frontend, the php app will still be developed by giantrabbit
14:08:52 <emmapeel> i didnt liked to work with giant rabbit, and i dont like drupal. but i think we still need more developers in the www team and if we keep adding projects we will never have a search box
14:09:38 <emmapeel> but is not my call anyway ÑD
14:09:47 <hiro> emmapeel: there is a willing to have more ownership over donate because it takes money and time to implement changes
14:10:00 <hiro> so the option is that I spend more time learning their app
14:10:15 <hiro> or we take ownership of the frontend, minus the civi integration
14:11:10 <hiro> personally I think the second option is better as it means I odn't have to go crazy with php and mre people would be able to for instance change copy on that page
14:11:39 <hiro> most of the changes we request are about copy
14:11:52 <hiro> and are implemente manually over the twig templates
14:12:17 <hiro> so we might easily spend a few hundres dollar on updating a sentence
14:12:42 <emmapeel> i see. i trust your decision on that but i hope you dont burn out with so many projects. i also think the less different systems we have, the better
14:13:17 <hiro> thanks for your concern
14:14:00 <hiro> should we talk about search?
14:14:27 <pili> hiro: sounds good to me
14:14:37 <pili> I'm happy to move on and talk about search
14:14:38 <hiro> #topic search.tpo
14:14:48 <hiro> ok I think we can start planning the search box in the new year
14:15:24 <hiro> but because we did the excercise of finding out what we wanted out of search a long time ago I think we should replan things
14:15:51 <hiro> the test we did there was something like an app fetching the result from solar and displaying everything as a static page
14:15:58 <hiro> so that it would work with tbb without js
14:16:25 <hiro> so #idea search should be able to display results as a static html
14:16:41 <hiro> anyone has more requirements?
14:16:58 <hiro> (I will also put all this in a ticket)
14:17:17 <emmapeel> something with l10n that sometimes happens: you should get the results on your language first, and not different language versions of the same article
14:17:32 <emmapeel> that happens in tails website and is aaaagh
14:17:39 <hiro> #idea respect locales
14:17:52 <hiro> emmapeel I was doing that by using the locale in the url
14:18:38 <hiro> if you are on torproject.org/es/ the search box would search only spanish article, and if no spanish articles were present for a certain website it would default to the english version
14:19:19 <hiro> I don't know how to do it without using the locale in the url
14:19:46 <hiro> and resolve words that are written the same across languages
14:19:53 <emmapeel> now we have the locale on the html declaration as well :D
14:20:10 <hiro> I think we could use something like search bar commands
14:20:20 <hiro> like :language=es
14:20:23 <hiro> or something like that
14:20:30 <pili> +1
14:20:53 <emmapeel> yeah also -notthis +thisisimportant
14:21:17 <hiro> #idea user search bar commands
14:21:26 <hiro> s/user/use
14:22:13 <hiro> anyways I think more stuff will come to mind when we start laying down all the requirements in a ticket
14:22:22 <emmapeel> about searching on different sites, how do you think on doing that finally? are the results going to be for *.tpo?
14:22:54 <hiro> so my idea was to use something like search bar commands
14:23:11 <hiro> like if I am on community.tpo and I search something results will be for community.tpo
14:23:35 <hiro> unless I say something like :sites=all or something similar that we might think later
14:24:08 <hiro> #idea searches should be scoped to current website
14:24:52 <emmapeel> yeah. i feel for example tpo should provide results for other websites too. for example if you go in tpo and search 'tor and vpn' you get to support.tpo/faq/vpn
14:25:20 <hiro> I think the previous idea was that if you go to search.torproject.org you search everywhere
14:25:33 <hiro> and if you go to search.community.torproject.org you search only community
14:25:40 <emmapeel> i see
14:25:53 <hiro> and search.www.torproject.org maybe only tpo but it is a bit weird
14:27:20 <emmapeel> i would like to have a little searchbox in every page more than having to click for searching but maybe that is me
14:27:33 <hiro> the search box will be on all the pages
14:27:44 <hiro> but the results will bring you to the subdomain
14:27:55 <hiro> so if you search on the searchbox on community.tpo
14:28:08 <hiro> you will be taken to search.community.tpo
14:28:25 <hiro> #idea the searchbox should be on all the pages to make it easily accessible
14:29:14 <emmapeel> cool. i have another idea: we display the local contents and we offer a link for 'search in all torproject'
14:29:19 <hiro> some people have expressed concerns with the fact that users are taken to a different subdomain for the search results
14:29:54 <hiro> #idea display the local website contents and offer a link for 'search in all torproject'
14:31:28 <hiro> ok all if no one has any other ideas for the search I think we can finish early? or talk about another topic?
14:31:57 <ggus> oh, there's another thing
14:31:58 <ggus> one sec
14:32:01 <hiro> sure!
14:32:39 <ggus> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/TorRelayGuide
14:32:44 <ggus> The Tor Relay Guide moved to ​https://community.torproject.org/relay/
14:32:45 <ggus> The content on this page is no longer maintained. ¶
14:33:18 <hiro> should we close that page for edit or add a redirect?
14:34:20 <ggus> yes, i think so
14:34:43 <hiro> which one or both?
14:34:58 <emmapeel> regarding this, i think we should add a more clear not on all the 2019.* content because users dont realie it is archived content
14:35:17 <pili> I wanted to highlight that bekeela has made some changes to the sponsors page that will need to be merged also:  https://dip.torproject.org/bekeela/tpo/blob/master/content/about/sponsors/mozilla/contents.lr
14:35:20 <ggus> by redirect you mean torproject.org/relays?
14:35:37 * antonela is back
14:35:50 <ggus> ops
14:35:57 <ggus> torproject.org/relay-guide?
14:36:02 * antonela thanks for merging c1e0's!
14:36:14 <hiro> whatever we want ggus
14:36:32 <hiro> in trac you can set a redirect for a wiki page
14:37:11 <emmapeel> oh, torproject.org/relay-guide goes to https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/TorRelayGuide
14:37:25 <ggus> emmapeel: si si
14:37:28 <emmapeel> so we should change also the torproject.org redirect
14:39:34 <emmapeel> yeah i think maybe we can review the forwards at https://gitweb.torproject.org/project/web/tpo.git/tree/.htaccess again
14:41:00 <ggus> #info https://community.torproject.org/relay/ is the new relay guide. enjoy!
14:42:34 <hiro> #topic update relay guide redirects
14:42:46 <hiro> a bit late but needed for the logs
14:42:50 <hiro> ok! anything else?
14:43:29 <ggus> i'm good
14:43:36 * hiro is groot
14:43:36 <pili> I'm good also
14:43:42 <emmapeel> same here
14:43:50 <hiro> oook! #stopmeeting
14:43:55 <hiro> uhm
14:43:57 <hiro> #stopmeeting
14:44:02 <pili> (end ;) )
14:44:05 <ggus> #endmeeting
14:44:11 <hiro> #endmeeting