17:59:15 <phw> #startmeeting anti-censorship team meeting
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17:59:27 <phw> hi everyone!
17:59:33 <phw> our new pad is available here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
18:00:41 <phw> dcf1: i wonder if it's just you and me
18:01:01 <dcf1> could be. I thought cohosh was in #tor-dev a bit ago.
18:02:01 <phw> we still have the gsoc item on our list. i can talk to cohosh to see if she's interested in having a student
18:02:25 <dcf1> yeah it doesn't interest me
18:02:44 <phw> other than that, we may be done here :)
18:02:59 <phw> i'd point your attention to our "interesting link" but since you made the link, i won't
18:03:45 <dcf1> i'll take a look at the dec 2019 report pad
18:04:06 <phw> yes, please add whatever you want the world to know
18:04:18 <phw> and by "world" i mean the "tor-project" mailing list
18:04:27 <cohosh> oop hey
18:04:42 <phw> hi cohosh!
18:05:01 <cohosh> i'm here, just forgot it was thursday lol
18:05:16 <phw> i was caught off guard by that too, today in the morning
18:05:36 <phw> the first day of work is supposed to be a monday
18:07:09 <phw> cohosh: are you interested in having a student for google summer of code?
18:07:22 <phw> we have one more month to decide, fwiw
18:07:36 <cohosh> oh yeah i'd be interested in that
18:07:49 <cohosh> iirc, we wanted to do it last summer but didnt get accepted by gsoc
18:07:52 <phw> and by "decide" i mean coming up with project descriptions and hoping that 1) tor gets selected by google and 2) students find our project(s) interesting
18:07:59 <cohosh> cool
18:08:19 <cohosh> i can spend some time this week thinking up well contained gsoc projects
18:09:27 <phw> that would be great. we can continue talking about this next week then
18:10:27 <phw> anything else for today?
18:10:28 <cohosh> sounds good
18:10:55 <cohosh> not from me
18:11:30 <phw> #action please add your December 2019 highlights to our monthly report pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/UC0va7a6H_XeI5HSsO8H
18:11:44 <phw> there, now i've actually used meetbot
18:11:47 <phw> #endmeeting