14:00:33 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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14:00:35 <antonela> hello hello!
14:00:40 <antonela> hi emmapeel
14:00:47 <antonela> nice to see you around <3
14:00:55 <antonela> who is here for the ux meeting?
14:01:12 * antonela copérnico is here for the ux meeting
14:01:15 <pili> o/
14:01:15 <emmapeel> ey there
14:01:24 <antonela> hey pili, welcome back!
14:01:41 <pili> hey antonela :)
14:01:46 <pili> it's good to be back
14:01:55 <antonela> okey, lets do the usual
14:02:06 <antonela> the new 2020 pad is here https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2020-keep
14:02:59 <c1e0> Hi everyone
14:03:53 <antonela> hi c1e0!
14:04:18 <antonela> c1e0: ggus shared with me your draft for the december user issues, it looks great and very useful
14:04:45 <c1e0> Thanks :)
14:04:54 <antonela> c1e0: i'd like to give you room in this meeting every month to share the main insights with us, what do you think?
14:04:59 <antonela> c1e0: lets say next week?
14:05:36 <antonela> doesnt need to be anything fancy, just a list of the main issues so we can see how we can add them in our roadmap or even better update you if we are actively working on them
14:06:05 <c1e0> I don't do any UX work though. I'll have more to say during the community and www meetings
14:06:34 <antonela> maybe we can do it during the community meetings, it works for me
14:06:55 <c1e0> Works for me too :)
14:07:02 <antonela> cool, lets do that so
14:07:04 <antonela> thank you!
14:07:45 <antonela> pili: could we sync this week at some point about the ux team roadmap
14:07:57 <pili> antonela: yup, I need to organise myself first
14:07:59 <antonela> i want to organize a little bit what we have under sponsors and what not
14:08:03 <antonela> oh okey :)
14:08:04 <pili> maybe we can do it during our sync
14:08:13 <antonela> yes that works
14:08:22 <antonela> i initiated a draft, feel free to sneak peek
14:08:27 <pili> oooh :)
14:09:10 <antonela> im sure you have more stuff to add
14:09:33 <antonela> emmapeel: any blocker on you? anything that need help?
14:10:00 <emmapeel> i am stuck with this revieweing stuff and i am trying to get more reviewers, but it is hard
14:10:30 <antonela> i know, maybe we can plan a call for reviewers for the end of the month?
14:10:42 <emmapeel> also i dont find the moment to apply a 'no more unreviewed translations' because the translators are freaking out and getting upset about this new requirement
14:10:53 <antonela> is this community.tpo strings?
14:11:06 <antonela> emmapeel: i see :/
14:11:17 <emmapeel> but i feel we are exposing ourselves so much! i rather have less languages but be sure they are translated by people with good intentions
14:11:35 <antonela> is fine yes
14:12:43 <pili> emmapeel: I think it's fine to have quality over quantity :)
14:12:45 <emmapeel> no, is in general. i am trying to delay for example the publishing of translations until stuff is reviewed, but in the preactise we have so many unreviewed translations! is a bit scary. for example in the documentation we give the possibility to translate the tor browser release signature fingerprint...
14:13:11 <emmapeel> in general i mean, in all the websites and also other resources... not only on community.tpo
14:13:27 <pili> emmapeel: is there some way to "lock" some strings from being translated
14:13:44 <pili> I know we can tag some words to not be translated
14:14:02 <emmapeel> pili: i can add some soft checks that trigger errors, but no, there is not a good automatic checking process im afraid
14:14:11 <pili> we had talked about doing something in lektor for full pages
14:14:40 <antonela> yes, but what we can do for inner sections?
14:14:47 <antonela> like specific paragraphs
14:14:48 <emmapeel> i can add a 'notranslate' tag, and when you translate it you can copy the original and if you dont it tells you and if you look for tags with errors it will appear
14:15:13 <emmapeel> but there are also a lot of false positives and i cannot delete them, so it is not so easy to spot (well, we come back to the lack of reviewers problem)
14:15:47 <emmapeel> the reviewers can add the 'notranslate' tag in transifex interface
14:16:30 <emmapeel> we need reviewers for important languages: russian, german, italian, make our most userbase and we dont have proper reviewers
14:16:47 <emmapeel> incidentally, i could get reviewers for italian but they refuse to use transifex :D
14:16:53 <antonela> haha
14:17:20 <antonela> okey, we can continue thinking about this problem during the www meeting this week i think
14:17:23 <emmapeel> then, there are also the small languages... like for example georgian. there is only one translator and we dont know anybody that speaks georgian
14:17:32 <emmapeel> ok!
14:17:54 <antonela> but hey, i hear your concerns emmapeel
14:18:25 <emmapeel> ok thaks! help me plan a solution. it is not a urgent problem but more a 'hole in the roof' in software speak
14:18:45 <antonela> yes yes is a problem space, we need to develop some ideas to try
14:18:50 <antonela> thanks!
14:18:57 <antonela> nah: lets find some time to talk about the onion services user research, maybe tomorrow morning? will back to your email :)
14:19:27 <nah> yes, tomorrow morning works for me :)
14:19:32 <antonela> nah: also we got very good responses on the user research ran by communities in december!
14:19:39 <antonela> both colombia and tanzania seemed good sessions
14:20:03 <nah> yes! i was just looking at them too!
14:20:18 <nah> i have some updates to share with you in our 'sync time'
14:20:22 <nah> hehe
14:20:23 <antonela> so good, also the material we provided were useful
14:20:26 <antonela> haha awesome
14:20:39 <antonela> hey robinw o/
14:20:49 <nah> at least three new trainings&ur for january, i think
14:20:55 <antonela> oh wow
14:21:24 <antonela> cool, yes lets talk about those
14:21:37 <robinw> Hi antonela! Sorry it takes me a while to finally log in here. Hi everyone, I am Robin working in Asia
14:21:46 <antonela> hey! glad you made it!
14:22:03 <antonela> robinw: how are you?
14:22:06 <nah> hi robinw :)
14:22:33 <pili> hi robinw, welcome! :)
14:22:58 <emmapeel> welcome robinw !
14:24:39 <antonela> robinw: this is our weekly meeting, we use this pad to share updates regarding the work we have been doing the past week and what we plan for the current one  https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2020-keep
14:25:04 <antonela> robinw: as we talked via email, could be great to connect you with nah to coordinate user research in asia
14:25:20 <robinw> So the UX meeting is now on Tuesday instead of Monday as written on the website?
14:25:38 <antonela> the community meeting is on mondays, ux ones are on tuesdays
14:26:19 <antonela> robinw: is your encrypted emails setup working? i was wondering if you can open our emails
14:26:48 <nah> robinw: you can join us on #tor-ux too
14:29:03 <nah> i don't know if you had time to have a look at our past research https://community.torproject.org/user-research/open/
14:29:55 <nah> and we can schedule a time to talk more about the ux research in Asia
14:30:46 <robinw> Sure. I managed to open the encrypted email. It seems to be mail client issue
14:31:23 <antonela> robinw: cool!
14:31:34 <robinw> I read some of the UX methodology and files, but still not sure where to start. Yes, we can arrange another meeing on Asia UX research
14:32:45 <antonela> nice, im looking forward to collaborate together robinw!
14:32:50 <nah> ok, i'm going to write you and antonela and we can talk at the #tor-ux :)
14:32:56 <antonela> thanks nah
14:33:01 <antonela> okey, discussion items time? i left two tickets we talked about in december, i think they are good opportunities for designers who want to jump in small tor browser features -- small as not too complex
14:33:23 <antonela> but we dont have designers today here so i'll leave it at the pad and if we have some interested person we can then discuss them
14:33:57 <antonela> anything else folks?
14:34:03 <antonela> seems a short meeting today :)
14:34:25 <nah> i'm good, thanks antonela
14:34:30 <emmapeel> im good too
14:34:30 <nah> it's good to be back hehe
14:34:35 <pili> I'm good also :)
14:34:48 <antonela> super, thank you folks!
14:34:52 <antonela> have a nice week!
14:34:57 <antonela> #endmeeting