15:00:45 <pili> #startmeeting S27 01/07
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15:01:15 <pili> who is around today? :)
15:01:24 <dgoulet> hello
15:01:35 <brade> hi
15:01:53 <antonela> hola!
15:02:02 <pili> hi everyone
15:02:11 <pili> is asn around today? :)
15:02:16 <pili> and acat ?
15:02:18 <mcs> happy 2020
15:02:33 <acat> hi! i am :)
15:02:42 <acat> happy 2020
15:03:00 <dgoulet> no asn
15:03:08 <dgoulet> still recovering
15:03:22 <pili> ok :)
15:03:27 <pili> here's the pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/s27-meeting-keep
15:03:54 <pili> please add any updates you have
15:04:29 <pili> actually, do we have sysrqb around also? might be useful to have him for planning sponsor work also
15:09:17 <antonela> might be early for matt i think
15:09:47 <pili> ok, we may need to change the meeting time in future to accommodate him also
15:09:55 <pili> anyway, let's get started
15:10:06 <pili> I think everyone's updated the pad
15:10:14 <dgoulet> "early for Matt" ... it is 10:10am, come on :P :P
15:10:58 <antonela> haha im not sure about his current location, is just about the usual first ping :)
15:11:15 <pili> :D
15:11:16 <pili> anyway
15:11:19 <pili> we have 3 months left of the project now
15:11:25 <antonela> !
15:11:30 <pili> yup...
15:12:15 <pili> most activities have already been started other than O2A5 - httpseverywhere for long onion addresses
15:12:41 <pili> we really need to get O2A5 going in January
15:13:15 <pili> and start assigning some devs to some of the other O2 activities
15:14:59 <mcs> I think O2A2 and O2A4 go together, or at least they will hopefully use the same custom error page
15:15:15 <pili> mcs: yup
15:15:16 <pili> and I think antonela has made some good progress there
15:15:28 <antonela> yep
15:15:31 <mcs> maybe O2A2 should be  next for brade and me
15:15:34 <antonela> and i should back to them soonish
15:15:39 <pili> antonela: are you ready to work on this with devs now?
15:15:46 <antonela> yes sure
15:15:56 <pili> as in, is there anything else that you need to finish off first?
15:16:01 <mcs> (we are still finishing up O2A1 but are getting close I think)
15:16:08 <antonela> i'd like for brade and mcs to review my proposal and let me know what do you think
15:16:26 <brade> antonela: what bug #?
15:16:29 <antonela> #19251
15:16:55 <antonela> if we are somewhat ok, i can work with comms on having a good wording for those errors
15:17:04 <mcs> we will do that (review the proposal)
15:17:10 <mcs> we have looked at it :)
15:17:26 <antonela> awesome, thank you mcs
15:17:28 <antonela> nice :)
15:17:43 <antonela> like you know if you think we should go with one way or another, im fine iterating it
15:17:57 <pili> ok, so once O2A1 is over mcs and brade can start on O2A2 and O2A4
15:18:24 <antonela> for O2A1, can i have a build? i dont think i have the latest one
15:18:37 <antonela> or maybe you want to push it to some nightly for UI review
15:19:09 <mcs> The code has not been merged yet but we could give you a build soon. Platform? macOS or other?
15:19:37 <mcs> We can also check with sysrqb about merging so it shows up in nightlies
15:20:11 <antonela> macOS if is not too complicated :)
15:20:15 <antonela> thank you, appreciate it!
15:21:16 <pili> ok, then for O2A3 I think acat has made some progress
15:21:27 <pili> let me check where we are (sorry, I needed to do my homework)
15:22:03 <pili> at least #21952 is in a good state
15:22:18 <antonela> yes it is, i hope we can reach some nightly for it
15:22:26 <antonela> s/for/with
15:23:12 <mcs> is use of Onion-Location vs. Location still an open issue?
15:23:15 <pili> I think that's the main ticket for O2A3, the others probably need some discussion to decide which we want to do
15:23:53 <acat> yes, i guess #21952 should be revised to address mcs/brade comments, although it's not in revision_needed, is it because there's still a pending review by pospeselr?
15:24:29 <mcs> acat: I think so; maybe we should ping pospeselr (or maybe we just did)
15:24:38 <pospeselr> am I supposed to be doing something and dropping the ball here?
15:25:13 <mcs> pospeselr: a second review for #21952 would be great to have
15:26:33 <pili> thank you pospeselr :)
15:26:43 <pospeselr> ok i'll get to that asap today
15:27:15 <mcs> there was no rush since acat was away… but back now :)
15:27:59 <pili> so for the outstanding O2A3 tickets, let's either discuss at the end of this meeting or next week, depending on how much time we have once we finish going through the other objectives
15:29:16 <pili> so for O2A4 we have the error page on one hand and on the other hand we have tickets about onion cert indicators in the url bar
15:29:55 <pili> the error page part I think will be worked on at the same time as the O2A2 typo errors work?
15:30:15 <pili> brade / mcs is that how you plan to do it
15:30:24 <mcs> pili: that’s what I was thinking. the URL bar stuff is quite different, as you correctly point out
15:30:49 <pili> ok, so, for the url bar work, antonela has come up with some proposals
15:31:01 <antonela> yes and pospeselr made comments
15:31:16 <pili> and I think it's also ready to be picked up on the dev side?
15:31:17 <pili> ok
15:31:27 <pili> is pospeselr going to be working on this from the dev side? :) (I forget if we had decided already)
15:31:36 <antonela> i'll back to it because we need to organize the UI a little bit, and you know indicators at the url bar are hot topic
15:31:56 <antonela> i think so, given that he worked on the previous iteration, i dont know
15:32:15 <antonela> (we should check with sysrqb)
15:34:03 <pili> ok, so antonela, do you want to iterate on it some more before we get a dev working on it or will it be a collaboration? :)
15:34:41 <antonela> will be in collab i think, but i still need map some escenarios
15:34:47 <pili> ok, sounds good
15:35:16 <pili> which brings us to O2A5
15:36:15 <pili> does anyone remember whether this had been assigned to anyone yet?
15:37:03 <mcs> I do not remember it being assigned to anyone (but my memory is far from perfect)
15:37:10 <antonela> i dont think so - we need to run some meetings about it, check httpse situation and map a real path to reach some prototype
15:37:34 <antonela> on that problem space we also have namecoin implementation, which can be a path for it as well
15:38:08 <pili> right, I think the namecoin implementation was pretty much ready to go iirc
15:38:24 <pili> I think we need to pursue the httpse solution though
15:38:36 <antonela> i hope, yes
15:39:15 <pili> from my last conversation with eff people they're happy to help with minor things if we get stuck
15:39:16 <pili> and we need to do the bulk of the code ourselves
15:39:25 <pili> so they're on hand, but they're not going to be actively involved
15:39:51 <pili> as such, we need to find a developer to make any changes to httpse and tor browser and connect the 2
15:40:00 <antonela> yep, so we need an updated plan for it
15:40:03 <pili> from my very limited understanding of it :)
15:40:24 <antonela> not sure asn's ideas are about it, i hope he has ideas :)
15:40:44 <pili> ok, so that's another objective that needs some follow up discussion
15:41:10 <antonela> yep
15:42:17 <antonela> related with this sponsor, steph applied for the comms otf lab to work on the communication for this project (thanks stephw!)
15:42:18 * sysrqb appears late, and reads backlog
15:42:34 <antonela> At some point we will need some devs eyes to review/help with the technical details of those writings
15:42:42 <pili> yup! I haven't heard anything back from that yet :)
15:43:15 <pili> back to the objectives and activities though, I would also like to get some estimates on how much work remains (in terms of points or days) for each of the activities
15:43:16 <pili> possibly by the time we have our next meeting, next week
15:43:43 <antonela> sounds good
15:44:13 <pili> so if everyone can keep that in mind for next meeting to evaluate what they are working on and/or what they have assigned to them so we can evaluate whether we are going to be finished by the end of March
15:45:37 <pili> that is all I had to discuss today :)
15:46:18 <pili> happy to open discussion on any of these points
15:46:18 <pili> or anything else related to this project I may have forgotten
15:47:26 <antonela> i need to coordinate a meeting for this month with fiona, will cc you if you want to join pili
15:47:37 * antonela 's calendar said that
15:47:39 <pili> antonela: sounds good :)
15:48:19 <antonela> i want to demo the things that are in shape to be shown and share the other stuffs that we have in the making
15:52:20 <pili> hopefully O2A1 and O2A3 :D
15:52:27 <pili> for demos
15:52:33 <pili> at least on a nightly :)
15:53:28 <antonela> yes yes
15:54:35 <pili> ok, anything else from anyone?
15:54:46 <pili> sysrqb: any insights/comments from reading the backlog? :D
15:55:25 <sysrqb> pili: many distractions :)
15:55:38 <pili> ok, we'll talk at some other time then ;)
15:55:49 <sysrqb> i think i was going to talk with acat about the https-e work
15:56:02 <pili> ok
15:56:15 <sysrqb> but the onion-location/location work seemed more time-bound, so we started that first
15:56:16 <pili> sounds reasonable
15:56:28 <sysrqb> but i'll review these and we can create a plan
15:56:59 <sysrqb> i don't have any useful comments at this point, though :) :/
15:57:15 <pili> sure, next week during this meeting I want to concentrate on making a plan for O2A3 and O2A5
15:57:16 <pili> no worries
15:57:22 <pili> and with that last comment, a reminder that we'll be moving to a weekly schedule for this meeting until the end of the project
15:57:33 <pili> hopefully that means shorter meetings, but we'll see ;)
15:59:34 <pili> ok
15:59:36 <pili> if there's nothing else, let's end the meeting here :)
16:00:35 <antonela> thank you!
16:00:48 <pili> thanks everyone!
16:00:50 <sysrqb> o/
16:00:55 <dgoulet> cheers
16:01:15 <pili> #endmeeting