14:00:20 <hiro> #startmeeting
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14:00:31 <hiro> ok everyone welcome to the first www meeting of 2020
14:00:48 <antonela> hello hello
14:00:49 <hiro> let's see who's around... emmapeel ? ggus?
14:00:52 <hiro> pili?
14:00:55 <hiro> c1e0?
14:01:01 <c1e0> I'm here :)
14:01:05 <c1e0> Hi!
14:01:39 <hiro> I don't have much updates to be honest... I was back from vacation on tuesday
14:01:57 <hiro> but if any of you has, please put them in the pad... also add items to the agenda if you want
14:04:05 <hiro> ok shall we start?
14:04:12 <antonela> yep
14:04:36 <ggus> hello
14:04:37 <hiro> anto do you want to start with tor.network?
14:04:45 <antonela> yes, a quick summary
14:05:19 <pili> sorry!
14:05:22 <pili> I'm here now
14:05:30 <antonela> back in 2018 we looked at that domain to run some kind of intro portal to the network and also share educational material about how it works and "get started" kind of guides
14:05:44 <antonela> the domain was taken but now we have it on our hands
14:06:00 <antonela> i'd like to work on that portal under WWW activities during the first semester of this year
14:06:09 <hiro> yay \o/
14:06:22 <antonela> we will follow the same workflow we are running for all tpo portals: lektor, dip and so on
14:06:45 <hiro> lego too :)
14:06:49 <antonela> yes
14:06:50 <emmapeel> holaaa
14:06:51 <antonela> there are some cool .network domains like https://regulation.network/
14:07:00 <hiro> hola emmapeel
14:07:05 <antonela> i dont know, i have some ideas so lets see how it goes
14:07:17 <antonela> if you are reading this and you are interested to help, please ping me!
14:07:24 <antonela> i'll share mockups and content drafts here as well
14:07:31 * antonela that's all
14:08:01 <hiro> I always said antonela that I like something a bit interactive like https://donttrack.us/
14:08:06 <emmapeel> but what will be the content of the portal?
14:09:25 <antonela> the plan is having content focused on the network: a link to metrics, a link to docs, how-to guides and that
14:10:30 <emmapeel> nice
14:10:53 <hiro> very nice!!
14:11:58 <hiro> ook, the next topic is the New support FAQ questions for Tor Mobile
14:12:04 <hiro> #topic New support FAQ questions for Tor Mobile
14:12:50 <hiro> I don't know who added this, so whoever did the mic is yours
14:12:56 <c1e0> So, after roaming Reddit, I think we should add two more Tor Mobile questions to the Support FAQs
14:12:57 <ggus> hey, c1e0, can we move this topic to community team meeting?
14:13:07 <c1e0> Okay, ggus :)
14:13:38 <ggus> we can read your feedback for december and pick some commons questions to the support portal
14:14:23 <hiro> oook so the next topic is moving on with dev website planning
14:14:26 <c1e0> The questions don't really feature for the month for December. Just over the months, all year round
14:14:27 <emmapeel> yeah. maybe we can have some days to review the pull requests, ggus?
14:14:42 <emmapeel> oops sorry that is not really part of this meeting
14:15:06 <pili> yup about dev websie
14:15:07 <pili> website
14:15:14 <hiro> #topic dev.tp.o
14:15:17 <pili> I believe we had scheduled that to start around now :)
14:15:33 <pili> so I want to check if we are still ok with this plan
14:15:37 <hiro> yes and we said we were going to have a rough structure of the website to show to people
14:15:50 <pili> ok
14:15:55 <hiro> do we intend to have this in mockups or on staging?
14:16:19 <pili> I think staging could be nice, I'm also open to whatever is easiest
14:16:35 <pili> and people have bandwidth for currently
14:17:06 <hiro> if we want it on staging we need to have a sitemap first... what do people think would be easier to show to the different teams?
14:17:07 <pili> e.g who's going to do the mockups vs staging
14:17:10 <pili> I can also do some of this if I have the site structure and some simple emplaes
14:17:27 <pili> we have a sitemap
14:17:28 <pili> let me find it
14:17:35 <pili> or at least a proposed one
14:17:36 <emmapeel> i prefer to work straight in staging
14:17:43 <emmapeel> no mockups, because it is duplicating work
14:17:56 <hiro> emmapeel we need mockups first anyways
14:18:07 <antonela> we have those!
14:18:12 * antonela hold on
14:18:23 <emmapeel> oh. i understood there was an option. sorry.
14:18:48 <hiro> my question is if we want to start coding the pages already
14:18:55 <hiro> or we can just use the mockups we have
14:19:01 <hiro> sorry if it wasn't clear
14:19:12 <hiro> When I did this
14:19:17 <hiro> #link https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/dev
14:19:19 <antonela> note that this mocks have one year old (or more) so we can use it just for a layout reference but the content will change
14:19:20 <antonela> https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/38979926
14:19:31 <hiro> I used the mockups from antonela
14:19:38 <antonela> good good
14:19:53 <pili> https://nc.riseup.net/s/tQZDCm6AAMkRRDR
14:19:57 <hiro> #link https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/38979926
14:20:10 <antonela> i think this is the only page that needs a new template
14:20:10 <antonela> https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/38979970
14:20:11 <hiro> #link https://nc.riseup.net/s/tQZDCm6AAMkRRDR
14:20:15 <pili> I think I was working off those mock ups when I came up with the sitemap
14:20:20 <antonela> all the others are layouts we already used
14:20:40 <hiro> #link https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/38979970
14:20:41 <antonela> (and maybe we dont need a new template)
14:20:54 <hiro> the template works ok to be honest
14:21:05 <hiro> but creating all the sections requires time
14:21:06 <antonela> pili is that nc link in tpo.net instance?
14:21:08 <pili> so if I have a site structure and/or some nice templates I can actually start filling in most of the details myself
14:21:15 <pili> antonela: not yet, I need to move it
14:21:32 <antonela> oh oki, just to dont loose it (i think the shut down day is close to come)
14:21:34 <pili> hiro: I don't mind creating the sections
14:21:35 <hiro> so I was wondeirng what we need to have other team start thinking about this website and the content they want to maintain
14:21:38 <pili> antonela: yup, it is
14:21:58 <pili> hiro: I think we should present them with our vision and see if there are any tweaks
14:22:11 <pili> this is already based on what was discussed with them during the stockholm dev meeting
14:22:18 <hiro> ok so what do you need for this vision?
14:22:20 <pili> so there shouldn't be any huge surprises
14:22:23 <hiro> the site up on staging?
14:22:30 <pili> hiro: yup
14:22:40 <hiro> ok so the site should go up on staging!
14:23:29 <hiro> #action hiro should put dev.tp.o up on https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/
14:23:44 <hiro> ok I will try to do this early next week
14:24:05 <pili> sounds good, thank you
14:24:06 <hiro> and I will take this opportunity to clean up the build process and put all the scripts from the static website build on git
14:24:41 <hiro> #action hiro reviews the build scripts from the static www rotation
14:25:35 <hiro> oook
14:25:42 <hiro> all groot on dev?
14:26:07 <pili> I think so :)
14:26:14 <antonela> is groot
14:26:26 <hiro> next topic
14:26:31 <hiro> #topic update on glossary
14:26:38 <hiro> I think this is emmapeel?
14:27:04 <emmapeel> yep.
14:27:26 <hiro> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx28m-M--4Q
14:27:45 <emmapeel> so, not sure where we are about the glossary etc, i added my model and not sure about templating, how to do that etc. also there was people thinking on a submodmain, i dont know about that
14:28:20 <hiro> I thought we wanted to leave it in support for now?
14:28:35 <emmapeel> yeah ok
14:29:39 <hiro> do one thing we can have is a section called glossary
14:29:55 <hiro> and each section is an instance of a model
14:30:13 <hiro> this model will have a name and a description
14:30:14 <emmapeel> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/support/issues/82
14:30:51 <hiro> yeah all that you say there sounds good
14:31:15 <emmapeel> yeah, the model for the gossary term i have submitted at https://dip.torproject.org/emmapeel/support/commit/0d8ce8a717696832ef91349c92c063b47ab30547
14:31:38 <hiro> ok I think I can implement that
14:31:39 <antonela> i feel like i am a blocker here -- i can work on this layout and reviewing tickets regarding it next week emmapeel
14:32:06 <hiro> antonela do you think we need to change the layout a lot?
14:32:13 <hiro> I think I could implement it with what we have
14:32:22 <hiro> it's not a big project and I can fill it in this week
14:32:30 <antonela> yes we could and we can iterate after that
14:32:33 <antonela> that works for me
14:32:34 <hiro> ok
14:32:38 <hiro> sounds good!
14:32:49 <hiro> #action hiro implements https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/support/issues/82
14:33:04 <hiro> ok
14:33:13 <hiro> so we have about 30 minutes left
14:33:21 <hiro> do people want to do some ticket triage?
14:33:43 <hiro> antonela suggested it in the pad and I think it can be a graet idea
14:34:12 <pili> yes, good idea :)
14:34:23 <antonela> yep, how we can do it? which portal/query should we prioritize?
14:34:32 <pili> and if we have some time leftover we should also review community portal status
14:34:37 <pili> antonela: I used to have a query
14:34:38 <pili> one sec
14:34:46 <hiro> do we want to review community first?
14:35:03 <antonela> is a trac query? i'd be sad if that is the case
14:35:06 <hiro> for me it's the same
14:35:25 * hiro starts being sad - it's going to be a trac query
14:35:25 <pili> antonela: I don't want to make you sad... :)
14:35:28 <antonela> haha
14:35:35 <pili> it's a long one as well :P
14:35:37 <antonela> when we will consolidate trac tickets and https://dip.torproject.org/groups/torproject/web/-/issues
14:35:43 <pili> I'll put it in the pad
14:36:35 <pili> it's there now
14:37:03 <emmapeel> oh wow
14:37:06 <pili> next to Anto's comment, in case anyone can't see it :P
14:37:17 <pili> maybe it's a bit of overkill...
14:37:44 <emmapeel> we have already talked about #32749 although maybe on the ux team
14:39:02 <emmapeel> but it seems the changes are not on the website yet
14:39:10 <antonela> si, and we have an iterated version upcoming
14:39:18 <hiro> it's on staging
14:39:29 <hiro> antonela is running ux research on the new version
14:39:33 <antonela> i just want to reference the change to our last research, for the records and for making changes that have some kind of user feedback documented
14:39:51 <antonela> so probably will be live this month
14:40:00 <hiro> #link https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/tpo/develop/download/
14:40:26 <pili> ok shall we go top down though? :)
14:40:29 <hiro> #topic triage
14:40:39 <pili> i.e starting with #32874
14:40:52 <ggus> i think this should be closed: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/26328
14:41:05 <ggus> ops, sorry
14:42:03 <hiro> pili reg #32874 I'd close with wontfix
14:42:18 <pili> ok, we should review the blog at some point though
14:42:29 <pili> also, annalee_ is the other outreachy intern for comms :)
14:42:50 <hiro> we shouldn't spend time on the blog
14:43:09 <hiro> I think the long term plan for the blog will be to migrate to a static website
14:44:04 <annalee_> o/
14:44:08 <hiro> it's already requiring so much of our resources that I see no point in also throwing time at it
14:44:13 <hiro> except for usual updates
14:44:24 <emmapeel> welcome annalee_ !
14:44:30 <ggus> +1 agree
14:44:40 <annalee_> Thanks :) I'm just here lurking around.
14:45:22 <hiro> welcome annalee_!!!
14:45:45 <hiro> ok next?
14:45:50 <pili> yup
14:45:57 <pili> #32874 we already spoke about
14:46:15 <pili> and #32460 we're working on
14:46:27 <pili> #32432 ?
14:47:09 <pili> ah, this reminds me we should also remove nusenu from being auto assigned the relays tickets
14:47:35 <hiro> ok I am doing this after the meeting
14:47:52 <pili> #32359 then
14:48:57 <hiro> I think this is a matter of substituting the image
14:49:11 <emmapeel> can i take #32432?
14:49:45 <hiro> sure emmapeel please do!
14:49:48 <pili> emmapeel: I don't see why not :)
14:50:00 <antonela> i uploaded a better asset at #32359
14:50:13 <pili> antonela: great :) we should be able to close soon then
14:50:36 <pili> #32288 sounds like a redirect also
14:51:06 <pili> or an updated link
14:51:32 <ggus> i changed the link in drupal dev, but i don't know if it was merged
14:51:38 <pili> ah ok
14:52:21 <ggus> yep, it was merged, we can close the ticket
14:52:29 <ggus> is redirecting to contact page
14:52:33 <emmapeel> yay!
14:52:36 <pili> woo
14:52:57 * antonela pushing and closing #32359
14:53:06 <pili> I think #32199 can be closed also
14:54:06 <pili> shall we move on to #32127 ?
14:55:59 <ggus> pili: i don't know if gettor xmpp is working
14:56:10 <ggus> that's the only reason for this ticket to be open
14:56:14 <pili> maybe that should be one for hiro or cohosh
14:56:17 <ggus> if someone could test xmpp
14:56:44 <hiro> it is not
14:56:54 <hiro> and I don't think we intend to have xmpp for gettor
14:57:14 <hiro> but I can discuss this today at the anti-censorship meeting
14:58:12 <ggus> ok
14:58:35 <hiro> I think maybe we should think of a different distribution channel?
14:58:37 <ggus> if we will not support anymore, we should remove from support and tb-manual
14:58:42 <pili> ggus: +1
14:58:51 <ggus> hiro: telegram/whatsapp/signal :)
14:59:09 <pili> are we good with it then, shall we move to #32120 ?
14:59:18 <pili> oh, we're at the hour though
14:59:35 <pili> is there another meeting here now?
14:59:49 <ggus> i don't think so
15:00:01 <hiro> metrics ?
15:00:16 <pili> metrics sometimes come in at this time :)
15:00:31 <pili> I guess they're not around today
15:01:06 <pili> hiro: what do you want to do?
15:01:40 <emmapeel> i have another thing now
15:01:41 <antonela> i can take #32120 - not solving it but ping the right people to get it done
15:02:15 <hiro> 32120 I don't think is a website ticket
15:02:22 <hiro> thansk antonela
15:03:30 <pili> ok
15:04:29 <antonela> that's all folks? lets continue the triage next week?
15:04:47 <antonela> (i'll take a look to the issues with my face and see what is going on there :)
15:05:36 <emmapeel> im groot
15:05:53 <ggus> wfm
15:06:29 <pili> +1
15:08:32 * antonela goes for f00d
15:08:43 <hiro> yes let's end this
15:08:46 <hiro> #endmeeting