17:59:11 <cohosh> #startmeeting anti-censorship checkin 2019-01-09
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17:59:23 <cohosh> hello
17:59:28 <cohosh> our meeting pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
17:59:51 <cohosh> phw and dcf are both away today so it will probably be a short one
18:00:29 <cohosh> looks like there are no new announcements or discussion from last week
18:00:42 <cohosh> hiro: did you have something you wanted to discuss about gettor?
18:03:43 * cohosh waits for a few minutes to see if anyone is around
18:04:44 <hiro> Hi, I have updated the ticket
18:04:50 <cohosh> hiro: hey!
18:04:53 <hiro> nad I am looking into the string splitting bug
18:05:06 <cohosh> awesome, thanks!
18:05:17 <cohosh> i noticed a comment from a previous meeting about gettor distributors
18:05:20 <hiro> yes
18:05:29 <cohosh> there aren't many people around so if you like we can wait until next week
18:05:32 <hiro> I was about to bring that up.. the xmpp distributor
18:05:49 <hiro> I was under the impression we do not intend to fix that correct?
18:05:58 <cohosh> that's my understanding, yes
18:06:16 <hiro> ok so gus mentioned we should remove it from our documentation
18:06:29 <cohosh> okay sounds good. do we have a ticket for that?
18:06:56 <hiro> I think so, in any case I meant the community portal and support portal
18:07:02 <hiro> not gettor documentation
18:07:09 <cohosh> ah ok
18:07:33 <cohosh> do you have the permissions to update the portals?
18:07:58 <hiro> yep :)
18:08:07 <cohosh> cool :)
18:08:19 <cohosh> btw, i wanted to follow up with the gettor db issues
18:08:21 <hiro> on a side note there is a lot of complexity in gettor for a relatively simple software
18:08:42 <cohosh> so did running export_stats fix the issues we had?
18:09:01 <hiro> yes because export_stats save the statistics in a csv and just recreate the db
18:09:39 <cohosh> okay cool, so when doing an update, the procedure is to run update_files, export_stats, and then add_links_to_db?
18:10:12 <hiro> if you run export_stats add_links_to_db is run
18:10:23 <hiro> as part of it
18:10:26 <cohosh> oh great
18:10:39 <cohosh> okay, i put update the gettor survival guide on my tasks to do this week
18:10:57 <cohosh> so i wil message you when i have a PR for you to look at for that
18:11:02 <hiro> ok
18:11:05 <cohosh> thanks for your help!
18:11:40 <cohosh> anything else we should discuss with gettor?
18:11:48 <hiro> I think I should also go through all those scripts again and clean up things that do not work properly or do stuff that some other script does anyway
18:11:56 <cohosh> good idea
18:11:59 <hiro> I think it's all good
18:12:30 <cohosh> we should make a ticket/issue for that
18:12:41 <cohosh> i can do this after the meeting today
18:13:03 <hiro> I am creating it now so I can follow up on that ...
18:13:09 <cohosh> oh great thanks!
18:13:51 <cohosh> alright if there's nothing else for now, i will end the meeting
18:14:25 <hiro> cool
18:14:27 <hiro> talk soon
18:14:35 <cohosh> #endmeeting