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14:00:35 <antonela> hello folks o/
14:00:43 <antonela> a new ux team sync this week
14:00:50 <nah> o/
14:00:55 <antonela> please use our regular pad to add topics for discussion or updates https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2020-keep
14:01:00 <antonela> oi emmapeel, diogosergio, nah
14:01:09 <emmapeel> o/
14:01:52 <antonela> how are you people
14:02:52 <emmapeel> i can say im back from vacations finally, although a bit stressed wtih all tails releases
14:03:27 <antonela> how are the pumpinks growing this winter emmapeel?
14:04:19 <emmapeel> got lots of pumpkins, mine and also swapping. nice warty pumpkins from neighbours, my lip balm was very succesfull for barter
14:04:39 <antonela> niice
14:05:06 <emmapeel> i will make sure you get one
14:05:15 <pili> hi, sorry, late as usual :(
14:05:19 <pili> here now though :)
14:05:22 <c1e0> o/
14:05:42 <antonela> hi pili, hi c1e0
14:05:59 <antonela> emmapeel: :)
14:06:34 <antonela> okey, lets start
14:06:47 <diogosergio> Im back from Holidays too, so now ready to get back to contribute.
14:07:27 <antonela> there is a chance i can make fosdem, i'll define it end of this week / next week
14:07:51 <antonela> for what we talked about in the middle of the week, there is going to be an space (am i right?) for research
14:08:07 <emmapeel> im losing the will of travelling again... ufff ... feel like staying home
14:08:20 <antonela> i'll be already in berlin so is not so hard
14:08:21 <diogosergio> i'm working on my presentation, would be good to meet you guys and if help is needed over there
14:08:26 <antonela> oh nice diogosergio
14:08:38 <antonela> nah and ggus and pili are going to be there for sure
14:08:39 <emmapeel> also no booth that is the place where i truly shine :D
14:08:44 <antonela> haha
14:09:05 <pili> diogosergio: will you be at fosdem then? :)
14:09:07 <antonela> you are our conversion boost emmapeel
14:09:08 <nah> antonela: i think the space is at the offdem
14:09:17 <pili> nah: antonela yup!
14:09:26 <emmapeel> antonela: i can give you tips on signal :D
14:09:32 <antonela> hahah please
14:09:39 <diogosergio> pili: yes :) doing my first presentation ever..
14:09:48 <antonela> so, pili, how is the space? any link to learn more?
14:10:01 <antonela> nah: we can start pre screening / testing onion services
14:10:06 <pili> https://ps.zoethical.org/t/tor-relay-operators-meeting/3083/5
14:10:34 <pili> that's the thread about the relay operators meetup which we are _not_ going to do there
14:11:00 <pili> but there are other opportunities to meet with other communities we want to help
14:11:16 <pili> antonela: we have the opportunity to ask for a space/time to do something
14:11:34 <pili> I wanted to coordinate with others that will be there first though
14:11:45 <pili> my talk is on saturday afternoon
14:12:04 <pili> and I'm helping out with the decentralized internet and privacy devroom on sunday
14:12:13 <antonela> i cannot commit to organize stuff pili, i'm just willing to join what is happening
14:12:30 <pili> antonela: that's fine and expected :)
14:13:05 <pili> I can go ahead and suggest an AMA session with Tor people at OFFDEM
14:13:14 <pili> and it would be nice if others can join me
14:13:20 <pili> and during that time we can do some testing
14:13:23 <ggus> I can :)
14:13:28 <antonela> sure, i can
14:13:39 <nah> me too
14:13:45 <ggus> ATA: Ask Tor Anything
14:13:52 <antonela> :)
14:13:53 <emmapeel> heh
14:13:54 <pili> so it would be good to know what availability/plans other people have so it's not just me :D
14:14:11 <weasel> AT AT
14:14:18 <antonela> hola weasel :)
14:14:47 <antonela> will we see the weasel's in fosdem this year?
14:14:56 <nah> pili: i'm not presenting anything \o/
14:14:57 <weasel> haven't planned on that yet.
14:15:07 <antonela> same, lets plan :)
14:15:28 <antonela> okey, so nah lets sync together on that
14:15:30 <weasel> I'm just slowly surfacing.  anyway, this channel is logged.  so not here :)
14:15:41 <pili> ok, I'm going to tentatively suggest Saturday morning to be at OFFDEM, what does everyone else think?
14:16:00 * diogosergio *thumbsup*
14:16:07 * antonela knows nothing about the schedule but
14:16:10 <antonela> yes sounds good pili
14:16:33 <nah> works for me
14:16:38 <antonela> super
14:16:41 <antonela> anything else regarding fosdem?
14:16:51 <antonela> diogosergio: which is your session? could we have the details?
14:17:00 <antonela> is the open design folks room? or?
14:17:09 <nah> about the testing there - should we talk here or at #ux-team?
14:17:09 <diogosergio> Yes, design.
14:17:21 <antonela> nice, will stop by so :)
14:17:44 <diogosergio> https://fosdem.org/2020/schedule/event/git_workflow_for_design_in_os_projects/
14:18:02 <pili> oooh, nice one
14:18:09 <pili> I will try to attend
14:18:29 <nah> antonela: maybe it's a good opportunity to test both downloading page and onion services for users
14:18:58 <antonela> yes, lets plan on that
14:19:00 <pili> diogosergio: do you want to add it here? https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2020Brussels#TalksatFOSDEM
14:19:25 <diogosergio> yes, would be great
14:19:30 <antonela> yes! good stuff diogosergio
14:19:46 <diogosergio> Thanks guys!
14:20:15 <antonela> oki, anything else on fosdem? pili?
14:20:59 <pili> I'll be here on Friday: https://hsbxl.be/events/byteweek/2020/opensourcedesign/
14:21:06 <pili> trying to learn something :)
14:21:12 <antonela> hsbxl is an awesome space
14:21:34 <pili> and I think that is all for me and UX/FOSDEM stuff
14:21:55 <antonela> nice nice
14:23:05 <antonela> okey, google summer of code
14:23:16 <antonela> projects, yes we have
14:23:34 <antonela> the styleguide maintenance that didnt make it last year?
14:24:08 <pili> yup, there's a few, I just need to go digging through my email to find them :)
14:24:27 <pili> and I know we always have lots of good automation/workflow ideas that could be suitable
14:25:00 <pili> even lektor plugin development and other related work
14:25:07 <pili> antonela: would you be confident mentoring/co-mentoring something?
14:26:02 <antonela> i think so
14:26:12 <antonela> if it is going to be development work we maybe want hiro to join this effort
14:27:06 <antonela> some work in TBA which doesnt have funding needs to be done too, not sure if is suitable for a student
14:27:10 <pili> ryup
14:27:11 <pili> *yup ;)
14:27:19 <antonela> but yes, we have projects
14:27:37 <antonela> when is the application deadline?
14:27:56 <hiro> I don't think lektor development is something exciting enough for GSOC
14:28:23 <antonela> but css and styleguide could be
14:28:44 <antonela> aunque, is python and people like python
14:29:25 <hiro> I'd check past GSOC projects and see what's in there
14:29:31 <antonela> what is the timeframe to collect projects pili?
14:29:37 <pili> antonela: sometime in february, I need to double check
14:29:45 <pili> that's the submission deadline
14:29:55 <pili> would be good to have something by the end of the month
14:30:00 <pili> for our internal deadline
14:30:01 <antonela> got it
14:30:23 <pili> 5th February
14:30:33 <pili> Applications for orgs open today
14:31:00 <hiro> why was tor rejected last time?
14:31:07 <pili> hiro: I think we could have some big website related projects that include lektor and other things :)
14:31:22 <pili> hiro: not sure, there's a few theories :)
14:31:38 <pili> we don't know for sure though
14:31:58 <antonela> weird, anws
14:32:07 <antonela> anything else on gsoc
14:32:07 <antonela> ?
14:32:44 <hiro> I don't want to jump onto anyone's toes but I think website development thrown into GSOC is not a good idea because I think google wasts exciting projects and html and css isn't exciting
14:33:12 <hiro> TBA and other stuff of the kind is the kind of stuff they might be looking at
14:33:49 <pili> hiro: fair enough :)
14:33:53 <hiro> but that's just my opinion
14:34:09 <hiro> so feel free to put that forward if you feel otherwise
14:34:19 <pili> I agree with you about them wanting exciting projects
14:35:00 <pili> and that html and css are not challenging enough for GSoC
14:35:05 <pili> I thought that there may have been things beyond that that we could do
14:35:31 <antonela> even for a frontend padawan?
14:35:39 <pili> if there isn't we can just look for projects/mentors in other teams
14:36:03 <emmapeel> frontend padawan <3
14:36:13 * antonela forever padawan
14:36:25 <pili> e.g maybe some stuff with website analytics
14:36:59 <pili> I don't know, we can go off and think about it
14:37:13 <antonela> could be, we can talk more about it during the www meeting this week
14:37:31 <antonela> nah: you next?
14:37:45 <nah> ok
14:37:58 <nah> we've been working on a research around new features for onion services.
14:38:21 <nah> this research is for (1) developers and (2) users of onion services in general
14:38:34 <nah> before releasing it, we want some inside volunteers to test the research
14:38:43 <nah> so we can see if the flow works
14:39:06 <nah> so, this is a call for anyone who is available for testing the user research on onion service
14:39:38 <nah> it will take only 5 min of your life, ideally :)
14:39:51 <nah> so if you can participate, ping me, please
14:40:01 <antonela> perfect nah :)
14:40:05 <antonela> thanks for moving this forward
14:40:41 <antonela> we have S27 meeting right after this one so i'll call for volunteers there too :)
14:40:57 <antonela> im sure devs will have suggestions and questions as well
14:41:03 <nah> thanks! :)
14:41:05 <pili> antonela: +1 great idea
14:41:28 <pili> nah: I can help to test the research
14:41:53 <nah> thanks pili!
14:41:54 <diogosergio> I can help out too, just ping you.
14:42:14 <nah> thanks diogosergio !
14:42:55 <nah> i write to you two by the end of the meeting ;)
14:43:35 <emmapeel> make it three!
14:44:15 <nah> perfect!
14:44:22 <antonela> nice, thanks folks for volunteering :)
14:45:04 <antonela> i added to the agenda two lines which i copy pasted from last week
14:45:21 <antonela> diogosergio: there are two tickets we triaged that are call for design
14:45:41 <antonela> if you are familiar with linux, i'd love to have a solution for that ancient ticket :)
14:46:10 <diogosergio> Okay, I will have a look.
14:47:17 <antonela> feel free to ping us or tbb-devs about it in the ticket
14:47:22 <antonela> thanks diogosergio :)
14:47:24 <diogosergio> I've been also looking at the download page and exploring some concepts for the verify signature section/page.
14:47:41 <antonela> ohh nice
14:47:52 <antonela> did you see the version we are currently testing?
14:48:04 <antonela> https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/tpo/develop/download/
14:48:40 <emmapeel> i feel on marmot day, lets update it!
14:48:53 <antonela> i think the download flow is prior for ux/www this month so i'm happy to review your stuff regarding that diogosergio
14:49:01 <diogosergio> Ah yes, its pretty similar to what I had imagined, I went a bit out of scope and just explored some ideas to re-arrange the page.
14:49:36 <antonela> are you updating any ticket in trac or dip?
14:49:47 <antonela> make sure your versions get uploaded somewhere :)
14:49:49 <antonela> for the records
14:50:03 <diogosergio> Will do.
14:50:16 <antonela> super, thank you
14:50:34 <antonela> i think that is all what we had in the agenda
14:50:37 <antonela> anything else?
14:50:52 <antonela> good readings at the end
14:51:20 <nah> i'm good
14:51:29 <emmapeel> did some updates to the translations docs, not sure how to position stuff
14:51:41 <emmapeel> i mean, we have to leave trac, right?
14:51:59 <antonela> i want to leave trac, personally
14:52:00 <antonela> yes
14:52:12 <emmapeel> i have some docs in trac and thinking where to put them.. i am not sure
14:52:41 <emmapeel> i mean i am the only editor of the docs but somehow i feel the community portal a place not meant to host a wiki
14:53:09 <antonela> i agree
14:53:29 <antonela> do you think dip is a good place to host the wiki?
14:53:38 <emmapeel> anyway if somebody wants to help me find a place for my docs at https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/translation is welcome. there is a mess also with the localization lab docs
14:53:41 <pili> emmapeel: did we not create a localization project in dip in the end? :)
14:53:44 <pili> (I can't remember)
14:53:55 <antonela> i feel like yes, dip is a good place to host a wiki
14:53:58 <ggus> emmapeel: for example: https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/community/meta/-/wikis/home
14:54:05 <emmapeel> pili: yeah we didnt and i think it is part of the same problem
14:54:05 <antonela> right
14:54:08 <antonela> oi ggus <3
14:54:11 <hiro> the wiki is also shared across all the web projects... but localization is bigger than web
14:54:21 <emmapeel> yeah
14:54:31 <antonela> true, but if at some point we will all be in dip..
14:55:30 <emmapeel> anyway so if anybody has ideas aboiut that...
14:55:41 <emmapeel> maybe i should open a ticket
14:55:46 <antonela> in trac? lol
14:55:53 <ggus> the problem with this apporach is that you need to enter in a particular wiki... i was thinking we could have a master repository to simulate a main wiki
14:56:04 <pili> well, there is the Tor Project group
14:56:08 <antonela> that could be a solution
14:56:09 <pili> do groups have wikis?
14:56:12 <emmapeel> yeah! that is a part of the problem! not sure where to open the ticket
14:56:14 <pili> I can't remember
14:56:18 <antonela> emmapeel: hahaha
14:56:21 <pili> or is it just projects?
14:56:26 <ggus> tor project group looks nice
14:56:59 <pili> emmapeel: I think trac is still ok to open this ticket
14:57:18 <pili> (S27 meeting here in 2 minutes...) ;D
14:57:22 <antonela> maybe is something we want to have documented
14:57:25 <antonela> yes yes
14:57:33 <antonela> anything else folks, could i call it?
14:57:38 <emmapeel> yeah ok will open ticket, when can follow up in tor-l10n
14:57:47 <emmapeel> s/when/we
14:57:48 <antonela> oki, thanks emmapeel
14:58:35 <antonela> thank you people for being around today!
14:58:38 * antonela will call it
14:58:40 <diogosergio> Thanks all!
14:58:51 <antonela> #endmeeting