17:59:50 <gaba> #startmeeting S30 - January 14th 2020
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18:00:01 <gaba> We have the agenda and reference documents here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/sponsor30-agenda-notes-Y1-keep
18:00:16 <gaba> Please feel free to add anything to the agenda.
18:02:16 <gaba> ok. Let's start then :)
18:03:28 <gaba> Anybody else has anything else to add to the 'Status' about what you are working on or what you plan to work on related to s30 for the next month?
18:04:27 <hellais> o/
18:04:32 <phw> hi hellais!
18:04:43 <gaba> hi!
18:04:54 <hellais> looks like the slack bridge went offline :|
18:05:45 <gaba> ok. hellais: agenda is here https://pad.riseup.net/p/sponsor30-agenda-notes-Y1-keep
18:06:06 <gaba> antonela: for O2, I have UX working on O2.2 A1 starting in January.
18:06:15 <gaba> "Evaluate the user experience of our bridge download site, bridges.torproject.org, and provide a report with the top problems encountered by human rights defenders on the ground."
18:06:34 <gaba> That is the research during IFF, right?
18:06:48 <antonela> i dont think that is posible - i've been organizing ux team roadmap and S30 can happen after S27 ends
18:06:57 <antonela> well, the plan is IFF yes
18:07:12 <antonela> but then we can have an ongoing research with communities
18:07:24 <antonela> (until june via S9)
18:07:29 <gaba> ok, I do not think this activity block anybody else so far
18:07:45 <antonela> and also phw has been working on bridges.tpo related issues as well
18:07:52 <gaba> we will have to start O2.2 A2 later
18:08:43 <phw> sounds good to me
18:09:19 <phw> (fwiw, we already started o2.2 a2 because we implemented a language switcher in bridgedb)
18:09:31 <antonela> yep right
18:09:46 <gaba> The other activity I had for UX in January is O3.1 A1 - 'Develop Tor user personas as a tool to understand users’ contexts and mental models.'
18:09:49 <gaba> right
18:10:02 <gaba> but there will be more on o2.2 a2 based on a1
18:10:17 <phw> gaba: ack
18:10:32 <antonela> yep, that is happening, Tunde is interviewing users this week and we plan to have a first round of personas by the end of this month
18:10:39 <gaba> sounds good
18:11:30 <gaba> ok. Everything else is on track.
18:12:08 <antonela> i think so, yes, we are following the plan :)
18:12:14 <gaba> About O2.3 - A1 that is #32740
18:12:20 <gaba> anything that needs to be discussed here?
18:13:16 <phw> yes, #32740 will probably be a lot of work. we need to flesh out a bunch of design questions first
18:13:22 <gaba> hellais, phw: is everything ok with it? There is a question in the pad from phw
18:13:25 <gaba> ok
18:13:50 <phw> hellais and i briefly talked about it at the otf summit
18:14:50 <phw> it's more of a summary rather than a question
18:14:53 <gaba> ok
18:15:02 <hellais> I wrote some notes related to this in the document too
18:15:07 <phw> we need to figure out how we get bridges from bridgedb to ooni without making it easy for censors to get them
18:15:08 <gaba> any other dependency between ooni and Tor ?
18:15:11 <gaba> thanks hellais
18:15:20 <hellais> I guess having some feedback on our tor test specification: https://github.com/ooni/spec/pull/175
18:15:42 <hellais> and implementation: https://github.com/ooni/probe-engine/pull/227 would be also very useful to this end
18:16:09 <phw> hellais: yes, i have yet to take a look at the implementation. i'll add it to my list
18:16:44 <hellais> I expect things to come up as we move forward with this test and it's probably best we continue, as we are, coordinating in the tor-anticensorship slack channel as things come up
18:17:16 <gaba> ok
18:17:18 <phw> yes, that has been working well
18:18:09 <gaba> Antonela is also working with OONI about UX. Is there anything about it that needs to be discussed here?
18:18:29 <antonela> yes, i'd like to know what is next in ooni roadmap and what needs my help/review
18:18:51 * antonela looking at https://github.com/orgs/ooni/projects/3
18:20:01 <hellais> yeah we have been adding stuff that needs UX attention to that board
18:20:28 <gaba> everything in their backlog seems to need UX attention
18:20:44 <hellais> In general related to this project let me highlight some items: https://github.com/ooni/probe/issues/804#issuecomment-573093349
18:21:31 <hellais> antonela: btw, can you share the latest XD file for the circumvention mocks you made?
18:21:44 <antonela> yes, i linked those in the ticket
18:21:58 <antonela> let me find my xd credentials and share with you after this meeting
18:22:29 <antonela> arturo i can review #804, yes
18:22:46 <antonela> "all in backlog needs UX attention", ooni website too? as part of s30?
18:24:02 <gaba> not that one
18:24:07 <antonela> ah
18:24:08 <gaba> this is the board for this project from ooni: https://github.com/orgs/ooni/projects/18
18:25:01 <gaba> it would be good to have a way to indicate what in https://github.com/orgs/ooni/projects/3 is related to this project
18:25:04 <hellais> antonela: I also made this issue for the UI of the tor test: https://github.com/ooni/probe/issues/967
18:25:29 <hellais> It's blocked by us finalizing the spec to determine what the output of the test looks like: https://github.com/ooni/spec/pull/175. Once that is done I will update the ticket with the necessary information.
18:26:08 <antonela> oki, let me add those to my to-do list
18:26:10 <hellais> gaba: probably the best thing is to do it the other way around, filter by label: ux inside of the DRL anticensorship board: https://github.com/orgs/ooni/projects/18?card_filter_query=label%3Aux
18:26:26 <antonela> right
18:27:40 <gaba> ok. what antonela needs to work on related to ooni in s30 is this then: https://github.com/orgs/ooni/projects/18?card_filter_query=label%3Aux#card-31632601
18:27:49 <gaba> the board filtered by ux label
18:28:19 <antonela> yep, that works
18:28:37 <gaba> ok
18:29:09 * gaba updated the timeline with all the info from this meeting (not O1 yet) and is in line 60
18:29:16 <gaba> The last thing for the meeting today is the report.
18:29:25 <gaba> I added the stuff that hellais sent me about what they have been doing
18:29:37 <gaba> The draft for the report is in : https://pad.riseup.net/p/sponsor30-first-report
18:30:05 <hellais> I added some additional items from our December report too
18:30:12 <gaba> If everybody else can add info on what you have been working on until last month in that pad then bekeela can send it next week.
18:30:13 <phw> gaba: when is it due?
18:30:17 <gaba> thanks hellais
18:30:53 <gaba> phw: Let me check exactly but I think is due by the end of next week.
18:31:03 <phw> gaba: alright, thanks!
18:31:28 <gaba> end of the month is due
18:31:57 <gaba> and is work done from October to December 2019
18:32:06 * phw takes note
18:33:03 <gaba> Anything else we need to talk about this project?
18:33:58 <gaba> Is everybody ok with having next meeting on February 18th at the same time?
18:34:06 <gaba> (Tuesday mid month)
18:34:20 <ggus> works for me
18:34:23 <phw> works for me too
18:34:33 <antonela> i'll be traveling that day so i won't make it
18:34:56 <gaba> what about February 11th?
18:35:15 <phw> works for me
18:35:36 <hellais> gaba: can you share with me the final DRL grant proposal as it was submitted to the DRL with me?
18:35:38 <antonela> works for me
18:35:49 <gaba> hellais: yes, I will do that later today.
18:35:57 <hellais> I just would like to check if the one I have on file is the same
18:36:04 <hellais> gaba: thanks!
18:36:25 <gaba> ok. It seems that is all for this meeting today :)
18:36:28 <gaba> thanks everybody!
18:36:49 <phw> thanks for the coordination gaba!
18:36:57 <antonela> thanks o/
18:37:08 <gaba> #endmeeting