17:59:23 <cohosh> #startmeeting anti-censorship check in
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17:59:37 <cohosh> i think phw is afk today
18:00:06 <cohosh> first we have an announcement
18:00:21 <cohosh> there will be an anti-censorship team roadmapping meeting next tuesday
18:00:29 <cohosh> at 17UTC
18:00:30 <hiro> o/
18:01:00 <cohosh> gaba: anything you'd like us to take of before that meeting happens?
18:01:23 <gaba> hi!
18:02:08 <gaba> I do not think so. I will send a pad later with the sponsors for us to start collecting tickets/issues/stuff to roadmap
18:02:33 <cohosh> ok great
18:03:09 <cohosh> moving on to discussion, we've been thinking of GSoC projects for this summer
18:03:34 <cohosh> was pili going to provide some follow up details on this?
18:03:41 <pili> hi
18:03:45 <cohosh> pili: hi!
18:03:48 <pili> :)
18:03:56 <gaba> pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
18:04:13 <pili> for now I would like to know if you think you will have the bandwidth to mentor a student
18:04:38 <cohosh> i am interested in this
18:04:53 <pili> and/or whether you have any ideas for projects they could work on :)
18:04:54 <pili> you can suggest multiple projects, in fact, the more the better
18:04:58 <pili> as they give us a better chance to be selected if they are deemed exciting enough ;)
18:05:18 <pili> you don't have to mentor all of the projects you suggest either
18:05:43 <cohosh> cool, it makes sense to me to reuse the salmon project from last year, though i will update the description somewhat
18:06:13 <cohosh> we are thinking of experimenting with bridge distribution methods and having help with the implementation side of things would be great
18:06:34 <cohosh> what is the deadline for getting the proposals together?
18:06:57 <pili> my deadline is February 5
18:07:17 <pili> I would like project descriptions by the end of January :)
18:07:41 <cohosh> sounds good. do we use the same template as last year?
18:07:52 <pili> although in theory we could update the ideas list up until the deadline (and a bit later if we think they won't take a look at the ideas straightaway :P )
18:08:09 <pili> yeah, I think same template could work
18:08:48 <cohosh> okay, i can make a pad for it and send that to the anti-censorship team list so we can collaborate on what is a good idea
18:09:17 <cohosh> cjb: welcome!
18:09:45 <cjb> hi!
18:09:55 <cohosh> okay, any other discussion/announcement before we move to needs help with?
18:11:08 <cohosh> alright, anyone need help with anything?
18:11:21 <cohosh> mine are covered already from previous irc conversations
18:11:28 <hiro> mine too
18:12:09 <pili> thanks cohosh !
18:12:11 <dcf1> cjb: are you looking for review in #31011?
18:13:04 <cjb> Not yet, I've still gotta work out a good way to test my patch.  I was thinking about trying Chutney for getting a test bridgedb up.
18:14:08 <cjb> Does using Chutney seem like the right thing?  Maybe I'll try to just share what I've got in the ticket and ask for advice testing.
18:15:06 <cohosh> asking in the ticket is a good idea, the network team has some experience with chutney
18:15:45 <cjb> ok!
18:16:17 <cjb> ah, it looks like https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/31009 is a bit stalled again
18:16:56 <cohosh> cjb: do you depend on that for #31011?
18:18:00 <cjb> I wonder if I should switch to helping on that one!  There's no dependency.  #31011 would be more useful to have because it salvages the bridge.  And it's more useful to have soon, because it goes into the client and will take time to get deployed to everyone.
18:18:29 <cohosh> okay, it's up to you
18:18:46 <cohosh> looks like neither are immediately urgent
18:18:52 <cjb> yep that's right
18:19:09 <cohosh> thanks for helping out!
18:19:29 <cohosh> if there's nothing else, i'll end the meeting in a couple minutes
18:19:30 <cjb> I think it's mainly about learning for me, so doing things like trying out chutney will hopefully end up being useful later.  :)
18:19:37 <cjb> thanks, sounds good
18:19:44 <cohosh> cjb: nice!
18:20:54 <cohosh> #endmeeting