13:59:17 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:59:19 <antonela> hello folks
13:59:27 <antonela> still in January, do you believe? lol
13:59:36 <diogosergio> Hi o/
13:59:40 <antonela> pad here > https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2020-keep
13:59:41 <ggus> hola o/
13:59:46 * antonela is writing
14:00:05 <pili> it does feel like a long month... :/
14:00:49 <antonela> pili: indeed
14:03:41 <antonela> oki, lets start
14:04:42 <antonela> thanks for taking #3544 diogosergio
14:04:49 <antonela> let me know if you have any question about it
14:05:04 <antonela> hiro has been working on setting up the roadmap for the website on 2020
14:05:21 <diogosergio> Yes, I had some issues with my virtualbox, but all sorted now, so should have a flow next couple days.
14:05:34 <antonela> diogosergio: cool, we can review it in brussels :)
14:05:42 <antonela> are you ok with your presentation, do you need any help?
14:05:51 <antonela> i think we can review those and check dependencies to coordinate the months, pili what do you think?
14:06:19 <pili> sounds good :)
14:06:40 <diogosergio> Yeah, so far so good. Thanks
14:06:51 <antonela> diogosergio: cool
14:08:11 <antonela> so looking at https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/www-roadmap/blob/master/2020.md
14:08:25 <antonela> we will have dev.tpo until march
14:08:43 <pili> yup
14:08:54 <antonela> then search (!good stuff)
14:09:25 <antonela> and then Q3 for the metrics portal which seems ok since Simply secure will start to work on it in Feb/March i think
14:09:39 <antonela> we will meet them to coordinate this as well
14:09:46 <antonela> maybe we can catch nina in fosdem pili
14:10:04 <pili> antonela: where can I find some more details on the Simply secure project?
14:10:11 <pili> sure!
14:10:35 <pili> I was trying to add it to my master calendar but realised I have no details about it :)
14:10:39 <antonela> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tAnQN8eqG5W-nA6kJppNJkpNGEkSyGg3kUFRDhUBm-M
14:10:48 <antonela> pili ^ the metrics work sow
14:11:35 <antonela> sent to you via email pili too
14:12:00 <antonela> about the blog, is there anything needed on my side hiro?
14:12:09 <pili> thank you! I'll take a look
14:12:14 <hiro> well we will have to design it at some point
14:12:16 <antonela> like checking templates and make sure that it looks close to the styleguide
14:12:17 <antonela> oki
14:12:24 <hiro> it will be a lektor website
14:12:32 <hiro> if we go this route
14:12:43 <antonela> oh cool
14:12:58 <antonela> lektor + discourse?
14:13:07 <hiro> yep
14:13:08 <hiro> that's the idea
14:13:31 <hiro> discourse will only be the comments
14:13:45 <hiro> so I think it will have the same structure of all our websites
14:14:25 <hiro> but we might have to figure out where to put things like tags and so on...
14:14:50 <antonela> oki, so we are groot there
14:15:17 <antonela> i'd add something like "WWW mantainance" which doesnt needs to be you but me or another person closing www related tickets
14:15:30 <antonela> but we have some note that we have it considered in your roadmap
14:17:43 <antonela> anything else re www?
14:17:55 <antonela> im thinking about community.tpo
14:18:21 <antonela> there are some things that still need work, like /onion-services but that is on comms and community roadmaps, am i right pili?
14:18:48 <stephw> yes that's right
14:18:51 <pili> yup
14:19:02 <emmapeel> i have this general proposal about folder names for lektors :D
14:19:35 <emmapeel> i added to discussion
14:20:28 <pili> emmapeel: +1
14:20:45 <pili> do we want to slowly update existing ones?
14:20:47 <antonela> go for it emmapeel
14:20:58 <antonela> what is the idea/plan?
14:20:59 <pili> I guess we'd have to have redirects also
14:21:32 <emmapeel> maybe i can explain why, or everybody sees the advantages of avoiding to name folder topic-N in the websites, and have the folder be named how-to-verify-signature instead?
14:21:48 <ggus> i thin this is more a thing for support portal than community portal
14:21:52 <ggus> *think
14:22:01 <emmapeel> not sure about the old ones, but specially the new ones
14:22:07 <antonela> the problem is the url?
14:22:12 <emmapeel> yeah, but it can start happening in other places
14:22:17 <antonela> like right now we have support.tpo.org/tbb/tbb-2
14:22:23 <antonela> is that the example?
14:22:26 <emmapeel> yeah
14:22:31 <antonela> i agree yes
14:22:56 <antonela> how we can do it on large scale? renaming one by one?
14:23:01 <antonela> and updating docs?
14:23:35 <emmapeel> i am not sure about the old content, we should keep the URLs working, maybe with a redirect
14:24:10 <RotationMatrix> Can lektor generate pages using say a databag and model without contents.lr?
14:24:53 <emmapeel> not sure. hiro?
14:25:04 <antonela> i think so RotationMatrix, the problem is the links we already have in place
14:25:27 <antonela> maybe we can move this discussion to the www meeting this week; i think is a good idea having semantic urls
14:25:30 <RotationMatrix> Thinking you could have a redirects databag and have lektor serve html redirects for those pages.
14:26:19 <RotationMatrix> htaccess rules might work better though.
14:26:43 <emmapeel> yeah we have some .htacess stuff already
14:26:59 <ggus> it's a nice to have thing or we must have?
14:28:44 <emmapeel> my proposal is specially about new content
14:29:03 <emmapeel> not sure about the old one, but new content should have semantic urls
14:29:06 <antonela> i think is a good thing to have, we can continue in this way or we can discuss this issue now so new content can be right placed
14:30:05 <emmapeel> sure. sorry lets move on
14:30:43 <antonela> cool, thanks for the suggestion emmapeel - do you have a dip ticket for it?
14:30:52 <emmapeel> no, i can open one tho
14:31:47 <antonela> super, thanks!
14:31:57 <antonela> anything else regarding urls?
14:32:16 <ggus> emmapeel: open it in support repo?
14:32:27 <emmapeel> ggus: ok!
14:34:16 <antonela> what else folks?
14:34:37 <antonela> i shared a draft from a working group at ietf trying to spec end-users, is interesting and somewhat fun
14:34:59 <antonela> i dont have anything else for today, i should work with onions
14:35:48 <diogosergio> Nothing else from my side.
14:36:48 <antonela> oki, we end in the l337 hour
14:36:50 <antonela> thanks folks!
14:36:54 <antonela> see you somewhere :)
14:36:56 <antonela> #endmeeting