14:02:10 <hiro> #startmeeting www-meeting
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14:02:24 <hiro> #topic roadmap
14:03:35 <hiro> me and pili did the roadmap last friday. It's mostly made of stuff I have to do, but if any of you would like to take on some project or add their own projects, please feel free to make edits and/or suggestions
14:05:09 <antonela> the roadmap looks great, i've added our shared projects at the ux team roadmap as well
14:05:36 <hiro> if community or translations have things to add or link to, please feel free to do the same
14:06:33 <hiro> ook
14:06:43 <hiro> next topic?
14:06:49 <hiro> #topic web-metrics
14:06:55 <pili> +1
14:07:13 <hiro> so ok I have made space for this - it's in the roadmap
14:07:20 <hiro> we will also have resources
14:07:24 <emmapeel> to add things we should discuss with you, or pili, or both?
14:07:37 <emmapeel> oh sorry nevermind
14:07:44 <hiro> ah no emmapeel that's fine
14:07:47 <emmapeel> lets go to next topic
14:07:52 <hiro> so if you want to add things you can discuss with me
14:07:59 <emmapeel> ok thanks
14:08:00 <hiro> or open an issue in the roadmap repository
14:08:05 <hiro> so we can discuss openly
14:08:08 <emmapeel> ok
14:08:37 <hiro> so keep in mind the roadmap is only 50% of what I can do for websites
14:08:43 <hiro> because the other 50% is fixing stuff
14:08:53 <antonela> sorry this is web metrics for the www or the metrics portal otf grant?
14:09:04 * antonela is confused
14:09:11 <hiro> www metrics
14:09:18 <antonela> ahh good
14:09:24 <hiro> a way to display the stuff we have on collector in a way that people can understand
14:09:35 <emmapeel> yeah! 404s please!
14:09:42 <antonela> yes
14:10:16 <hiro> I would like to have that ready also before the next eoy campaign
14:10:28 <pili> sounds good
14:11:17 <hiro> so if I manage to do this in the summerish months and have it ready for october we might have a better picture
14:12:12 <hiro> ok
14:12:33 <hiro> my idea was to have something like https://www.metabase.com/
14:12:55 <hiro> because it gives people the possibility to create their dashboards
14:13:04 <hiro> which I think it's a nice to have
14:13:54 <hiro> I don't know if people have other requirments
14:14:35 <emmapeel> is hard for me to think up requirements  right now but maybe if there is a place i can add some later
14:14:44 <hiro> yes I am going to create a ticket
14:14:49 <ggus> i think there's a ticket about metrics
14:14:53 <ggus> in tpo
14:14:57 <hiro> yes there is already
14:15:01 <hiro> let me find that
14:15:38 <hiro> #link https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/issues/22
14:16:09 <ggus> emmapeel: do you know what tails use for metrics?
14:16:21 <RotationMatrix> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/issues/22
14:16:26 <emmapeel> heh.. emacs? no idea, i can ask
14:16:33 <hiro> matomo
14:16:35 <RotationMatrix> hiro quick XD
14:16:40 <hiro> I talked with sajolida a while back
14:17:05 <hiro> #link https://matomo.org/
14:17:44 <emmapeel> yeah. i have a plugin / i write to sajolida and he gives me a pie :D
14:18:13 <hiro> matomo is more of a google analytics alternative that you can host
14:18:22 <hiro> and metabase is more of a data analytics tool
14:18:26 <hiro> both are good I think
14:18:51 <antonela> metabase looks good (didn't read deeply)
14:19:14 <hiro> anyway I think we can add all our needs to the ticket
14:19:16 <RotationMatrix> not sure it's necessary but is it possible to hook them up to each other?
14:19:42 <hiro> uhm RotationMatrix both will have to fetch data from collector.torproject.org
14:19:51 <RotationMatrix> ah okay
14:19:56 <emmapeel> RotationMatrix: as we have lots of mirrors, i guess we can do operations on the mirrors info in parallel
14:19:57 <hiro> and I think you can send whatever you want to metabase
14:20:29 <hiro> ggus share a while ago a post about using metabase for making a dashboard from data about relays
14:20:30 <RotationMatrix> seems like it. sorry I thought matomo did the collection.
14:20:44 <ggus> the nice thing about matomo is that the queries to display the data is more or less ready. in metabase you will need to do from scratch. it's a pretty nice tool to explore datasets in a very easy way.
14:20:56 <hiro> it does RotationMatrix
14:21:17 <hiro> but we have many www servers, not just one. So we do not want to install matomo on all the servers
14:21:36 <RotationMatrix> ah gotcha
14:22:02 <hiro> ggus I think some premade queries could be created in metabase too...
14:24:00 <hiro> ook! are we groot w/ metrics?
14:24:14 <ggus> si si
14:24:17 <antonela> si
14:24:18 <antonela> :)
14:24:19 <hiro> ook!
14:24:23 <hiro> #topic misc
14:24:27 <hiro> I don't have other torpics
14:24:29 <hiro> topics
14:24:35 <ggus> torpic!
14:24:37 <pili> I do! :)
14:24:48 <pili> I have a request for review: https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/develop/gsoc/
14:24:49 <hiro> ok go ahead pili
14:25:11 <pili> and https://gitweb.torproject.org/project/web/community.git/commit/?h=staging&id=6df982765bb09b7c09a82c9afd0e1ecd309bb50e
14:25:43 <pili> this is to add an ideas page for GSoC to the community portal
14:25:44 <pili> really this should go in the dev portal, but since it's not ready...
14:25:55 <emmapeel> OMG with model and all
14:26:01 <pili> I want to release this page soon so I can encourage other people to add projects
14:26:08 <pili> it's a bit of a rip off of the Jobs page
14:26:54 <pili> I will probably release on monday if I hear no objections :)
14:26:57 <antonela> did you solved the building issue you got this morning pili? it was for pushing this?
14:27:14 <pili> I didn't do anything about staging
14:27:25 <ggus> pili: we will need an image for the card in the main landing page
14:27:43 <pili> and emmapeel fixed develop by triggering a build
14:27:44 <pili> ggus: I don't want to have it in the landing page or menu
14:27:45 <pili> as I want to move it to dev portal for next year
14:27:54 <ggus> right
14:28:04 <pili> for now I just want people to get to it through the direct link
14:28:22 <emmapeel> i pinged weasel to look onto this but he was busy (i only did it once since we last spoke tho)
14:28:27 <pili> which will be community.torproject.org/gsoc
14:28:32 <ggus> ok, agree!
14:28:41 <antonela> pili: looks good imo -- the detail page could work better with a navigation at the left?
14:28:51 <hiro> emmapeel I have this on my sysadmin roadmap for january/feb
14:28:53 <pili> antonela: yeah, I was thinking about the navigation...
14:29:03 <pili> in the end I couldn't quite get it to work in a way I liked
14:29:10 <antonela> is just changing the template? no?
14:29:43 <pili> the navigation would list the other projects, right?
14:30:02 <antonela> mmm good question
14:30:11 <antonela> i thought about the inner items
14:30:22 <hiro> I think we have been using the navigation you need already somewhere
14:30:26 <hiro> probably in relays
14:30:54 <hiro> https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/develop/relay/types-of-relays/
14:31:22 <antonela> pili: i can review this commit
14:31:27 <hiro> also here the image is missing: https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/develop/relay/ just in case there is something wrong with you branch
14:31:38 <antonela> things like having a h1 instead of an h4 in the title will make it looks more organized
14:31:46 <pili> thanks antonela !
14:31:55 <pili> yeah, I was trying to copy that but I couldn't get it to work in the template
14:32:22 <pili> also, we should fix the header block first
14:32:33 <pili> because it only works for the first level
14:32:48 <hiro> it's because you created a new template
14:33:34 <hiro> if you check: https://gitweb.torproject.org/project/web/community.git/tree/content/relay-operations/types-of-relays/contents.lr?h=staging&id=6df982765bb09b7c09a82c9afd0e1ecd309bb50e#n7
14:33:39 <hiro> it isn't using a different template
14:33:42 <hiro> it's using layout
14:33:54 <hiro> and then html is html: two-columns-page.html
14:34:21 <hiro> please make a branch somewhere and I'll fix it
14:34:34 <hiro> I think we can merge it today
14:34:36 <pili> yeah, I tried to use layout
14:34:45 <hiro> or whenever antonela has some time to review it
14:34:53 <pili> and something similar to two-columns-page
14:34:54 <pili> but I couldn't get it to work
14:35:09 <antonela> i can review it tomorrow pili, will you be around?
14:35:44 <pili> I have a branch on github: https://github.com/mpguerra/community/tree/gsoc
14:35:45 <pili> antonela: yup, thank you! :)
14:35:52 <antonela> nice, i can run a review there
14:36:07 <pili> hmm, I'll have to fix it though, it's looking funky
14:36:18 <pili> give me a few minutes
14:36:44 <pili> you can move on with the meeting though... :)
14:36:52 <hiro> anyone has other topics?
14:36:59 <antonela> < is groot
14:37:02 <emmapeel> pili: i recommend you based your commits on master
14:37:09 <hiro> emmapeel: +1
14:37:29 <hiro> emmapeel: regarding your need-help stuff
14:37:46 <emmapeel> yeah maybe is not so www
14:38:03 <hiro> that thing about funky characters in translation should fine a sponsor in the tor browser team
14:38:13 <hiro> they should help you with that
14:38:16 <emmapeel> YEAH
14:38:29 <hiro> but I can fix css issues
14:39:16 <hiro> could you add them (if you haven't already done so) to the dip ticket about localization issues?
14:39:30 <emmapeel> yeah i want to close all this tickets about capitalization but i dont know which files to edit. everytime i edit they get overwritten
14:39:41 <hiro> ah I see
14:39:55 <hiro> should I remove capitalization from css?
14:40:04 <antonela> si, we should
14:40:08 <emmapeel> yes, and all-caps as well
14:40:11 <hiro> ok going to do that right away
14:40:12 <antonela> that made a lot of problems for emmapeel
14:40:20 <pili> looking better now: https://github.com/mpguerra/community/tree/gsoc
14:40:23 <emmapeel> yes! it is not l10n-friendly
14:40:28 * antonela will never use caps in css - lesson learned
14:40:36 <hiro> #action remove caps and upperacse from css
14:40:49 <emmapeel> i.e. https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/30027
14:41:06 <emmapeel> i plan to write something up in the styleguide about that as well
14:41:07 <hiro> doing this right away
14:41:21 <antonela> emmapeel: feel encouraged to do it!
14:41:36 <emmapeel> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/styleguide/issues/2
14:41:41 <hiro> yes +100
14:41:45 <emmapeel> yeah have it pending
14:42:02 <emmapeel> i will basically copy the report the translator gave
14:42:05 <emmapeel> more or less
14:42:24 <emmapeel> i welcome suggestions on where to add to to the styleguide
14:43:45 <emmapeel> the explanation is: in many languages there is no caps, and if there is, the tildes and other signs rules are dependent on the capitalization. so, if you want to have something in caps, you just write it in caps instead of hardcoding
14:44:05 <emmapeel> so the translations can decide what to do
14:44:26 <hiro> I don't know where it should go
14:44:27 <emmapeel> i mean, the translators
14:44:32 <hiro> but I think antonela will know
14:44:37 <hiro> or find a spot for it
14:45:41 <emmapeel> ' caps are for white people' could be the title :D
14:45:46 <antonela> lol
14:46:17 <hiro> lol
14:46:37 <emmapeel> im serious! :D
14:47:09 <hiro> maybe some of the nordic languages would break too tho
14:47:31 <emmapeel> yeah actually one of the tickets was open by a Danish translator
14:48:05 <hiro> seeeeee
14:48:08 <hiro> anyways
14:48:21 <hiro> any other misc topic?
14:49:20 <hiro> if we are all groot we could close 10 minutes early
14:49:27 * hiro is groot
14:49:43 <ggus> i'm good too
14:49:44 <pili> I'm good :)
14:49:44 * emmapeel 2
14:49:47 <antonela> groot
14:49:51 <hiro> #stopmeeting
14:49:56 <hiro> #endmeeting