17:59:34 <phw> #startmeeting anti-censorship meeting
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17:59:48 <phw> here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
18:00:21 <phw> i believe some of our discussion items are from last week, no?
18:00:50 <gaba> the one on gsoc yes
18:01:00 <gaba> i left it there in case people wanted to add/edit more things
18:01:07 <phw> yes, good idea
18:01:24 <cohosh> i've been updating an ideas pad here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/anti-censorship-gsoc
18:01:47 <cohosh> and so have others
18:01:50 <phw> anyway, let's start with our announcement. i wanted to give atagar credit for spending a lot of time and effort porting bridgedb to python 3. thanks a lot for that!
18:02:15 <cohosh> nice!
18:03:15 <phw> btw, please all feel free to add whatever ideas to the gsoc pad. adding an idea doesn't imply signing up to mentor it :)
18:04:18 <phw> gaba: regarding the s30 item: i'll get to it in a few hours from now, once i'm done with meetings. i didn't manage to review it yesterday :/
18:04:40 <gaba> ok
18:04:42 <gaba> sounds good
18:04:43 <gaba> thanks!
18:04:58 <phw> next item is kyle's undergrad thesis
18:05:01 * phw wonders if kyle is around
18:05:46 <dcf1> I accidentally told kyle a time equivalent to 19:00 UTC for the meeting, and only noticed my error about an hour ago
18:06:25 <phw> ok, let's skip this for now
18:06:32 <dcf1> So I'll stick around after the meeting in case he arrives at that time, but for now we may not have him
18:06:52 <phw> sounds good, i think we'll all be around anyway
18:07:50 <phw> hmm, i also invited armin, who i recently met, to this week's meeting but it looks like he isn't here either?
18:08:47 <phw> we're already done with our agenda for today. let's move on to the 'needs help with' section
18:08:56 <arlolra> I also invited someone who is not here
18:09:21 <phw> cohosh: so who did you invite who isn't here today? ;)
18:09:27 <cohosh> heh nope
18:09:51 <cohosh> maybe we should say it's an anti-censorship party
18:09:54 <cohosh> instead of meeting
18:10:56 <phw> regarding reviews: there's #31872 for me, and #33004 for cohosh (#31971 is for the browser team iiuc)
18:11:22 <cohosh> i was hoping hiro could review #33004
18:11:33 <cohosh> and i think #31971 is in progress
18:11:59 <hiro> going to review cohosh
18:12:04 <cohosh> thanks!
18:12:09 <cohosh> phw: i can review #31872
18:12:17 <phw> cohosh: thanks!
18:12:51 <dcf1> cohosh: is #32027 a requirement for #32870? A comment on #32027 made me think it's not being immediately prioritized
18:13:01 <hiro> done. thanks for this cohosh
18:13:44 <cohosh> dcf1: no not really
18:14:01 <dcf1> ok
18:14:06 <cohosh> it would make it easier but i just used your original method to generate the new versions
18:14:23 <dcf1> I thought recent pion/webrtc requird 1.13
18:14:26 <cohosh> ah
18:14:31 <cohosh> nope, i was wrong about that
18:14:39 <cohosh> sorry i thought this was re: modules
18:15:03 <cohosh> it built fine for me with 1.12
18:15:36 <dcf1> thanks for explaining, I was worried that the pion upgrade might get bottlenecked behind a go upgrade
18:16:03 <cohosh> yeah, i mistook some commit messages about compatability with 1.13 to mean that it was required
18:16:30 <dcf1> I just heard from kyle, it sounds like next week will work better
18:17:08 <phw> anything else for today? i'll wait for a minute before closing the meeting
18:17:13 <cohosh> sounds good, i'm excited to hear about what they found
18:19:01 <phw> #endmeeting