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15:00:27 <asn> o/
15:00:28 <mcs> hi
15:00:29 <pili> Hi everyone
15:01:01 <annalee_> \o
15:01:02 <acat> hi
15:01:05 <pili> here's the meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/s27-meeting-keep
15:01:40 <brade> hi
15:02:09 <pili> welcome annalee_  :)
15:02:29 <annalee_> pili: Thanks!
15:03:08 <pili> let's give a few minutes for pad updates
15:03:27 <dgoulet> o/
15:06:26 <asn> dgoulet: there are some questions on socks errors on the pad
15:06:31 <asn> dgoulet: https://pad.riseup.net/p/s27-meeting-keep
15:07:14 * dgoulet looks
15:07:19 <pili> we can start the discussion with that :)
15:09:04 <pili> ok, let's start
15:09:24 <pili> so, for #32542
15:09:38 <pili> what's the next alpha we can get these in?
15:09:58 <asn> i guess?
15:10:01 <asn> that's gonna take a while
15:10:04 <dgoulet> in theory, around feb 15th
15:10:07 <dgoulet> ++
15:10:13 <asn> dgoulet: u think so?
15:10:16 <asn> dgoulet: thats when it's gonna be merged
15:10:19 <asn> not when it's gonna get released
15:10:40 <asn> i think real life testing with these codes will have to happen using master and not any released versions of tor
15:10:43 <asn> after feb15 indeed
15:10:51 <asn> when the code will be merged to master
15:11:09 <mcs> so too late for 0.4.3. It probably does not matter since those errors do not occur much (if ever) in practice, right?
15:11:12 <asn> dgoulet: finding a way to trigger the codes would also help with review i guess
15:11:28 <asn> mcs: they do occur when it comes to overloaded network/onionservices
15:11:32 * pili adds a new discussion point to review what will make it into 0.4.3
15:11:37 <mcs> asn: ah, OK. thanks
15:12:01 <asn> pili: what got in, got in. all the rest is 044.
15:12:04 <asn> pili: 043 has frozen
15:12:07 <pili> right ;)
15:12:19 <asn> :)
15:13:40 <mcs> anyway, I raised the discussion point mainly so we can think about ways to test all of the errors and so people can see all of the browser behavior
15:13:55 <pili> brade/mcs: are you good then?
15:14:09 <pili> mcs: it's a good point
15:14:10 <asn> mcs: yep
15:14:18 <asn> updated the section in the pad about 043 and 044
15:14:23 <asn> dgoulet: please check it out to see it makes sense
15:15:02 <dgoulet> that is correct
15:15:05 <pili> asn: that was quick! thank you! I was going to do it myself... ;)
15:15:06 <dgoulet> 043 is closed now for merge
15:15:13 <asn> what about f4?
15:15:39 <mcs> F6?
15:15:48 <asn> 043
15:15:51 <asn> just added it
15:16:26 <dgoulet> they are all in tor except #32542
15:16:44 <asn> yeah
15:17:13 <dgoulet> there is F7 also
15:17:16 <dgoulet> within #32542
15:17:34 <brade> what is F7?
15:18:06 <dgoulet> Similar has X'F2' code but in this case, all introduction attemps have failed due to a time out. (v3 only)
15:18:10 <dgoulet> https://github.com/torproject/tor/pull/1597/commits/6d06f23a4d70a3a6eb92a0b3f61fdecfebdb3275
15:18:29 <pili> I think we need to add F7 to antonela's list
15:18:33 <pili> let me double check
15:18:34 <brade> +1
15:18:52 <dgoulet> that code means that we tried all intro points and they all timed out
15:19:05 <pili> yup
15:19:20 <dgoulet> so tor will stop retrying. You can either consider that the application behind the .onion is down actually
15:19:26 <dgoulet> errr
15:19:27 <dgoulet> overloaded*
15:19:34 <dgoulet> but it is all "in theory"
15:20:03 <pili> updated table in #30090
15:20:12 <pili> I should update the nc spreadsheet also
15:20:23 <pili> dgoulet: is F7 the last one we know of so far?
15:20:28 <dgoulet> yes last one
15:20:57 <asn> i will try to review #32542 this week
15:21:04 <pili> cool :)
15:21:05 <pili> ok, anything else on the errors?
15:21:20 <mcs> I am good
15:21:46 <asn> thanks for raising these issues
15:21:50 <pili> ok
15:22:08 <pili> the next point is just a reminder to add your tickets to the January report pad
15:22:27 <asn> i added my onionbalance work
15:22:33 <pili> thank you asn :)
15:22:50 <asn> i can also explain more in person at fosdem
15:23:04 <pili> asn: yup! we should have a mini S27 meeting :)
15:23:44 <pili> moving on to the final discussion point, I want to double check that all of the required client auth changes will be in 0.4.3?
15:24:41 <asn> i think it is
15:25:05 <pili> cool
15:25:19 <pili> ok
15:25:32 <mcs> on the browser side, the client auth changes have not been merged yet but I think tor provides what we need
15:25:38 <mcs> tor 0.4.3 that is
15:26:19 <pili> mcs: yup :)
15:26:49 <mcs> it would be good to merge the browser changes soon so we can see that things work in our nightly builds
15:27:12 <pili> that would be really nice, are you still waiting on a review?
15:28:03 <mcs> the main client auth part has been reviewed (#30237) and we are waiting on one more review for #19757 (key management)
15:28:17 <mcs> should be soon :)
15:28:26 <mcs> ready soon
15:29:05 <pili> great :)
15:29:28 <pili> I have added one more discussion point about objective percentage completion
15:29:42 <pili> I want to send a work completion report at the end of this month so now is a good time to review where we are
15:30:18 <pili> shall we move on to that?
15:30:37 <asn> yes
15:30:43 <asn> dgoulet: 01A1.1 seems to still be open
15:30:48 <asn> are there more to do there?
15:30:55 <asn> seems like #31632 is still open
15:30:57 <asn> that's the reason
15:31:04 <pili> ok: #29995
15:31:05 <pili> yup
15:31:06 <pili> not sure
15:31:07 <pili> you tell me ;)
15:31:15 <dgoulet> asn: yeah that one you asked for testing but I have no idea how to test that ...
15:31:36 <dgoulet> asn: I need to somehow simulate circuit failure service side exactly during a desc upload
15:32:14 <asn> if u think it's ok to merge without explicit testing, perhaps make a small case in the ticket and we can proceed?
15:32:20 <asn> i had kinda forgotten about that ticket
15:32:29 <asn> and since it's blocking o1a1.1 from 100% let's try to move it forward somehow?
15:32:39 <dgoulet> we can move it to -can
15:32:50 <dgoulet> since next merge window is in a while so that will linger for a bit
15:32:56 <asn> it's kinda important no?
15:33:13 <pili> that was my next question (how important is this?)
15:33:15 <asn> if we move it to -can it will never be done
15:33:22 <dgoulet> it is but not critical
15:33:27 <asn> i think it's fine to linger as -must until feb15
15:33:42 <dgoulet> asn: well if it is in the correct milestone and assigned, we won't loose it
15:33:43 <asn> but if u think it should be moved to -can thats fine by me
15:33:48 <asn> it just seems like a reachability issue
15:33:50 <pili> my plan was to report O1A1.1 as 90% completed
15:34:00 <pili> I think that's a good compromise
15:34:06 <dgoulet> well wait
15:34:24 <dgoulet> O1A1.1 is basically done
15:34:44 <dgoulet> the work has been done in #31632
15:34:53 <dgoulet> just need to figure out the last bits
15:35:04 <asn> yep
15:35:09 <dgoulet> and #22893 will _not_ happen
15:35:13 <asn> yep
15:35:16 <asn> ill move that out
15:35:31 <asn> moved out
15:35:41 <pili> ok
15:36:00 <dgoulet> #31632 is important but unlikely to cause real issues honestly... so until we can merge it (which will happen in ~15 days+, we can consider it done imo
15:36:07 <pili> and what are we going to do about #31632?
15:36:15 <dgoulet> but we won't loose it since it is assigned to me and milestone is not Unspecified
15:36:22 <pili> dgoulet: so we will merge it?
15:36:31 <dgoulet> it will get merged one way or the other for sure :)
15:36:41 <asn> dgoulet: ok sounds good
15:36:42 <dgoulet> that is a fix we need
15:36:47 <asn> feel free to do the move
15:36:53 <asn> and we can close o1a1.1
15:37:05 <pili> ok, so I'll go ahead and mark as 90% for O1A1.1
15:37:16 <asn> i think dgoulet is suggesting we can go 100%
15:37:25 <dgoulet> it is 100%
15:37:28 <dgoulet> no need to keep it open still
15:37:31 <dgoulet> we are virtually done there
15:37:38 <pili> ok, so it's done, it's just waiting to be merged?
15:37:40 <dgoulet> as in no more work will go in that ticket for s27
15:37:41 <pili> because we're not going to add the test?
15:38:05 <dgoulet> we'll see what we decide there for that ticket about the test, unclear at the moment
15:38:18 <pili> ok
15:38:29 <pili> let's move on then... ;)
15:39:04 <pili> O1A1.2 was last reported as 50% complete
15:39:05 <pili> asn: how much work do you estimate is left in this one?
15:39:12 <asn> we are at 70%
15:39:45 <asn> it will be 100% in beginning of march
15:39:50 <asn> in 7-10 days i will ask for first testing
15:39:58 <asn> and then some more days of bugfixing
15:40:02 <asn> write a blog post
15:40:05 <asn> and we can call it done
15:40:24 <pili> ok, sounds good, thank you :)
15:40:43 <pili> O1A2 was done a while back
15:41:09 <pili> O2A1
15:41:10 <pili> I guess we're just waiting for reviews there and we can call it done?
15:41:51 <mcs> I think so, yes. What percentage did you reported for O2A1 last month?
15:41:57 <mcs> s/reported/report/
15:42:58 <asn> (brb)
15:43:19 <pili> last time I reported was at 50%
15:43:26 <pili> as I wanted to be conservative :)
15:43:33 <pili> that was at the end of November
15:43:58 <pili> so this is for the work completion ones which we have been doing every 2 months
15:44:01 <pili> separate from the monthly reports
15:44:12 <pili> mcs: I might call it 75% or 90%
15:44:16 <mcs> I would report at least 75%
15:44:25 <pili> just in case there are any surprises (which I doubt)
15:44:30 <pili> mcs: yup, sounds good
15:45:33 <pili> O2A2: I've previously reported 30% as antonela had been working on it
15:46:26 <mcs> I think you can report at least 50% for O2A2 because we have the tor piece done plus work in progress for the new error pages (part of O2A4)
15:46:27 <pili> actually, that could be a bit higher given that dgoulet did some work on the tor side for it also
15:46:30 <pili> yup
15:47:25 <pili> O2A3
15:47:32 <pili> the main ticket there is #21952
15:47:42 <pili> acat: are you still waiting on reviews? :)
15:48:36 <acat> i think so, for the revision i did addressing mcs/brade first review
15:49:14 <acat> then there are pospeselr's comments wrt to Onion-Location being sent in non 30X responses
15:49:22 <pili> I think maybe pospeselr and antonela will discuss it together this week
15:49:41 <pili> since they're both at the all hands
15:50:04 <pili> acat: so how much more work do you expect on this one?
15:50:09 <mcs> maybe we should wait for the outcome of their discussion….
15:50:25 <pili> mcs: yeah...
15:51:03 <acat> pili: very little, i think
15:51:05 <pili> ok, I might not report on this one, I'll see
15:51:06 <mcs> and sysrqb may want to give an opinion about issues raised too. we should check with Matt in any case.
15:51:13 <acat> it's a matter of being sure about the header behaviour
15:51:18 <pili> yup
15:51:18 <pili> sure
15:51:38 <pili> there's the other tickets on O2A3 that are not moving and make me uneasy also
15:51:41 <acat> i think pospeselr asked asn, and it was suggested to ping web folks who would actually use Onion-Location header (anarcat/hiro, our Facebook friendo, etc) and see how they would want it to work/how they would configure web services to use it
15:51:43 <pili> we should figure out if we want to do them or not
15:52:12 <mcs> we should defer what we can if we want to finish on time :)
15:52:26 <pili> ok, I'll follow up on O2A3 offline, let's move on to O2A4
15:53:04 <pili> I had reported this at 50% last time
15:53:07 <acat> and we agreed that i would try to ask will about his opinion of Onion-Location
15:53:26 <pili> acat: ok
15:53:27 <acat> sorry, we already moved on :)
15:53:38 <pili> we can always move back :D
15:53:45 <pili> I know I'm always rushing everyone :P
15:54:00 <pili> the main tickets for O2A4 are #19251
15:54:18 <pili> and the onion indicators in the url bar
15:54:31 <pili> which I think antonela and pospeselr will also discuss this week
15:54:40 <mcs> I would say we are 50% or more done with #19251 (but we have not published patches for review yet so who knows?)
15:55:01 <mcs> creating good text for the error pages will take some work too
15:55:25 <mcs> did we report progress for O2A4 previously?
15:55:49 <pili> yup, 50% also, mainly on the design work done already
15:55:52 <pili> I might lie
15:55:59 <pili> not lie :S
15:56:02 <pili> leave it at that... ugh
15:56:25 <pili> as in not report any more time so far, in case of any surprises
15:56:26 <mcs> (ugh; WiFi glitch)
15:56:27 <mcs> we are always truthful
15:56:32 <pili> :)
15:56:43 <mcs> 50% seems fine to me but we need to move fast over the next few weeks
15:57:05 <pili> yup
15:57:06 <pili> and finally O2A5
15:57:07 <pili> which I haven't reported anything on yet
15:57:18 <pili> since we hadn't started until recently :D
15:57:39 <pili> acat: I assume there's no point in reporting any percentage completion, unless you want to count the research/analysis...
15:57:50 <pili> (we should wrap up the meeting soon also)
15:59:02 <acat> pili: i did some progress with the poc, but there are parts of it i think are still not clear/decided
15:59:13 <acat> UI mostly
15:59:20 <mcs> acat has made some good progress with respect to planning for the implementation but I am not sure what % to assign
15:59:23 <mcs> 25%?
15:59:26 <pili> maybe we can report 25%
15:59:27 <pili> snap :)
15:59:31 <pili> ok, I will do that
15:59:33 <mcs> (grabbing a number from thin air)
15:59:38 <pili> me too :P
15:59:47 <pili> ok, let's leave it there then
15:59:54 <pili> and end the meeting
15:59:55 <pili> thanks everyone
15:59:58 <pili> #endmeeting