14:03:18 <hiro> #startmeeting
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14:03:27 <hiro> I don't have an agenda for this meeting
14:03:53 <hiro> I am going to fix a few things hopefully between today and tomorrow around the build errors and some template stuff for community
14:04:09 <hiro> I am trying to look at all the tickets  honestly for the roadmap
14:04:21 <hiro> so if you have any issue please feel free to bring it up
14:04:49 <pili> I might add something to the websites roadmap for myself about media.tpo
14:04:56 <pili> which I dropped last year and should pick up again
14:05:12 <hiro> ok
14:05:19 <pili> the GSoC deadline is next Tuesday so I want to have a good list of projects ready by then
14:05:44 <hiro> I am fixing up the tags in your template and a few other things... but it's going up today
14:05:45 <pili> so I'll be adding more projects to the gsoc folder in the next few days
14:05:48 <hiro> there isn't an image
14:05:51 <hiro> for the home page
14:05:52 <pili> ok, thanks hiro  :)
14:06:00 <pili> hiro: I don't want it in the home page
14:06:10 <pili> it should just be reachable via the link for now
14:06:11 <hiro> ah ok so that should be fixed too
14:06:18 <pili> oh, I didn't realise it was there now
14:06:54 <pili> oops, should have checked that more closely
14:06:59 <emmapeel> oops sorry im late
14:07:08 <hiro> no worries emmapeel
14:07:46 <ggus> pili: the email is gso@tpo?
14:08:05 <pili> yeah, I'm going to reuse the one we used from summer of docs
14:08:20 <pili> I made it generic back then for this reason :)
14:08:33 <pili> same first 3 initials ;P
14:08:40 <ggus> nice!
14:09:20 <pili> could always make it gso+c@tpo or gso+d@tpo :D
14:10:16 <pili> yup, it works
14:10:43 <emmapeel> hiro: we looked onto jenkins with weasel and the builds are being triggered well now, but there is a problem with the translations files. i have commented at #32996#comment:2
14:10:43 <ggus> could someone merge this PR in master? https://github.com/torproject/manual/pull/58
14:11:13 <hiro> ok emmapeel I am going to look at that too
14:11:48 <emmapeel> hiro: it seems lektor is not finding the .po files
14:11:58 <pili> hiro: to clarify about the projects list, I also don't want it in the submenu header :) (e.g the one below the purple with training localization, etc...)
14:12:14 <hiro> ok
14:14:06 <hiro> any other topic folks?
14:14:46 <emmapeel> happy new chinese year!
14:15:23 <ggus> RotationMatrix: are you working on the GoodBad Isp page?
14:19:06 <RotationMatrix> Yes. Looking for help on the metrics side of things. Haven't gotten around to asking anyone yet.
14:20:10 <ggus> i was thinking if it worth to have info from the wiki, or if we should build goodbad isps from metrics only
14:21:22 <RotationMatrix> And one dilemma with the headers, will the setup here be troublesome for translators compared to normal markdown links? https://github.com/torproject/community/pull/38/files#diff-d1b6ce022484194c9c30f582f6f767bfL41
14:21:33 <hiro> the info from the wiki was good
14:23:45 <emmapeel> RotationMatrix: for the anchors, we could just copy the source strings to the targets in transifex i guess... a bit bothersome but possible.
14:24:19 <ggus> hiro: i think the 'bad' part is good, since we won't see that info in metrics
14:24:47 <emmapeel> we were using the markdown-headers-anchors plugin but it creates some issues
14:24:51 <hiro> yeah I think both can be good
14:24:54 <RotationMatrix> emmapeel yeah that's what I was worried about. don't want to make this harder on the translators.
14:25:07 <hiro> I mean both metrics and both the infor we have
14:25:34 <ggus> Maybe we could have a snapshot every 6 months or once a year? So we dump from metrics, answer some questions about OS and ASN diversity, and make tables
14:26:40 <RotationMatrix> would the header link fit better somewhere else? perhaps at the bottom of the table like support permalinks?
14:27:41 <RotationMatrix> ggus: I like that idea
14:30:20 <ggus> i can ask to network health team what are the questions that define a good ISP
14:31:08 <emmapeel> RotationMatrix: X-LIST-NAME: tails-bugs@boum.org
14:31:13 <emmapeel> oops
14:31:52 <emmapeel> i mean https://github.com/lektor/lektor-markdown-header-anchors
14:31:59 <hiro> ,
14:32:02 <ggus> haha
14:32:13 <emmapeel> contextual identities!
14:32:28 <RotationMatrix> lol
14:36:14 <hiro> hey all if there aren't other topics
14:36:18 <hiro> I'll close the meeting
14:36:23 <hiro> are you all groot?
14:36:34 <emmapeel> im groot
14:36:40 <RotationMatrix> i'm groot too
14:36:41 * hiro is groot
14:36:50 <hiro> #endmeeting