15:59:33 <ggus> #startmeeting Communtiy Team meeting - 03 Feb 2020
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15:59:37 <ggus> hello o/
16:00:07 <cy63113> hi everyone
16:00:08 <ggus> Here's our community team meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2020-keep
16:06:50 <ggus> let's wait a little bit more, so people have time to update and read the pad with others updates
16:10:57 <kushal> Hello everyone.
16:11:00 <kushal> Updated the pad.
16:11:09 * ggus reading the pad
16:13:25 <ggus> ok, let's start!
16:13:42 <ggus> kushal: i think we will need to update the tor relay guide since we created rpm.tpo
16:14:11 <ggus> the relay guide was moved to the community portal last year
16:14:31 <ggus> https://community.torproject.org/relay/setup/
16:14:55 <ggus> kushal: do we have tickets for these changes? :)
16:18:20 <ggus> kushal: we can discuss later, let's move to the other topic, so
16:18:27 <kushal> ggus, yup
16:18:32 <kushal> I mean let us move on.
16:18:35 <ggus> * Next #DocsHackathon
16:19:02 <ggus> a small recap: last year we did a documentation hackathon and it was very nice
16:19:36 <ggus> it was the first time running this event, and we have more documentation work to do
16:20:14 <ggus> i was thinking we could do this in march, since it's the same period for Outreachy applicants to contribute to Tor (if we apply again)
16:21:03 <ggus> here's the blog post we did last time: https://blog.torproject.org/join-tors-docshackathon-next-week
16:21:14 <ggus> what we want to improve this time? :)
16:21:21 <ggus> (on the process)
16:24:26 <emmapeel> i feel that the hackathon was great to get new people contributing, but then we didnt managd to keep them busy afterwards
16:24:38 <emmapeel> im thinking specially on rotationmatrix
16:24:59 <emmapeel> keep them busy/connected
16:25:30 <ggus> yes, agreed
16:26:09 <emmapeel> for the rest, we got a lot of updated content and the hackathon worked very well i think
16:26:11 <ggus> I think we don't have some easy tasks for volunteers to followup
16:28:04 <ggus> emmapeel: do you think we should run a localization hackathon too?
16:28:20 <emmapeel> hmmm
16:28:33 <emmapeel> not sure. i will ask erinm what she thinks
16:28:52 <ggus> ok!
16:29:05 <emmapeel> i can try to prepare tickets for next hackathon.
16:29:26 <kushal> we will need a few programming related tickets for the hackathon in nullcon.net
16:29:34 <kushal> it is on 6-7th March.
16:29:48 <kushal> But, for now, we will need just some text as announcement.
16:30:03 <ggus> let me add to the pad, kushal
16:30:13 <emmapeel> programming for tor browser or can also be lektor?
16:30:47 <kushal> emmapeel, anything which will help Tor.
16:30:52 <ggus> i added as a topic, so we can discuss
16:31:19 <emmapeel> we ned a lot of help with lektor :S
16:31:22 <ggus> let's go over docshackathon and then we can brainstorm a little bit on hackathon in nullcon
16:32:20 <ggus> emmapeel: we're going to use the same tag as the last docshackathon?
16:32:53 <emmapeel> ggus: for me makes sense to have the same tag if we do a docs hackathon
16:33:19 <kushal> yes, ^^ same tag
16:33:37 <emmapeel> there is still some stuff there
16:33:40 <pili> +1
16:33:49 <emmapeel> https://dip.torproject.org/groups/torproject/web/-/issues?label_name%5B%5D=DocsHackathon&scope=all&state=opened&utf8=%E2%9C%93
16:34:21 <ggus> yes
16:35:14 <emmapeel> maybe for next hackathon we need to figure out the whole gitlab-accounts stuff, also another problem we had was 2 people working on the same ticket... we should be sure to assign to the people working on the issue to prevent that
16:35:48 <c1e0> I already started working on several of those issues
16:37:44 <ggus> c1e0: yes, some of them are waiting to be reviewed in github, we can follow up on this friday sync meeting those that are waiting my review, so we can merge
16:38:21 <ggus> march looks a good month for the docshackathon? yes, no?
16:38:24 <emmapeel> i am available to review stuff, but i dont want to step on ggus toes
16:38:37 <emmapeel> so if you tell me i can review n merge
16:38:40 <rotationmatrix> o/
16:38:46 <emmapeel> ey rotationmatrix !
16:38:51 <ggus> o/
16:39:04 <emmapeel> i like March for the docshackathon
16:39:47 <ggus> do you think 1 week was ok? or should we have more time?
16:40:07 <pili> I think one week was enough
16:40:22 <emmapeel> it was enough although we took a lot on reviewing the results
16:40:27 <pili> Because it takes over a bit from our other work :)
16:40:48 <emmapeel> one week is cool to get peope like stephw also aware of the stuff
16:41:03 <rotationmatrix> yeah 1 week was good. the weekend was definitely a plus for people who were busy during the week.
16:42:07 <ggus> nice, any other ideas/insights about docshackathon, rotationmatrix?
16:42:22 <emmapeel> yes. also now that we have the docs prepared maybe people will be able to start before
16:43:44 <emmapeel> i am a bit afraid of the whole setup for PRs etc
16:43:59 <rotationmatrix> the assigning people on issues was my other one. would be good for preventing duplicate PRs 10 minutes within each other.
16:44:27 <emmapeel> is there a possiiblity of people being able to open their own accounts for the hackathon?
16:44:42 <emmapeel> i mean in dip.tpo
16:45:20 <ggus> hm, i think it depends if we will have migrated to gitlab until there
16:45:31 <rotationmatrix> can guest account open merge requests for hackathons?
16:45:40 <ggus> because there's the spam problem
16:45:43 <emmapeel> rotationmatrix: can in github
16:46:26 <emmapeel> but in dip atm there are some repos you cannot really open PRs, something is going on that triggers 503s when you try to create PRs
16:46:32 <pili> I would be interested to know how having a gitlab account made the process easier for people... I created a bunch that were never used... :)
16:46:34 <rotationmatrix> ah okay
16:46:55 <pili> I personally think it’s easier to do a PR on GitHub
16:47:00 <emmapeel> pili: yeah you are right. i am not sure what is the proper process, not sure if dip will be the place
16:47:04 <pili> Both to review and merge
16:47:05 <rotationmatrix> ^ agreed
16:47:21 <ggus> yeah, i think PR on GitHub is easier, since people have accounts there
16:47:42 <emmapeel> yes, unless you are iranian
16:47:58 <pili> emmapeel: good point
16:48:39 <ggus> true, but i think even tpo is blocked in iran, no?
16:48:56 <ggus> so our own instance would be an issue too
16:49:01 <ggus> own gitlab instance
16:49:15 <emmapeel> not sure. i remember we didnt wanted to promote the use of github or something
16:49:19 <emmapeel> as tpo
16:50:46 <ggus> i think we can add something like:"if you don't like github, you can use gitlab.com or you own selfhosted git repo, just ping us on the irc channel"
16:51:29 <kushal> ^^ this sounds good.
16:51:30 <emmapeel> yeah that is perfect
16:51:34 <ggus> "submitting the update by email, docx or in a pad will not be accepted"
16:52:05 <emmapeel> hmmm that sounds bad
16:52:06 <rotationmatrix> no format-patch?
16:52:55 <emmapeel> format-patch by email will prevent reviews per-line and comments
16:53:04 <emmapeel> better something public for the hackathon
16:53:10 <ggus> yes
16:53:13 <emmapeel> so other contributors can also evaluate
16:53:16 <rotationmatrix> ah good point
16:53:35 * rotationmatrix didn't know that was a thing. lol
16:53:38 <emmapeel> (not necessary for ALL contributions to the website, but in this case i htink format-patch is not an option=
16:53:41 <emmapeel> )
16:54:31 <ggus> ok people, we only have more 5 minutes
16:54:39 <ggus> anything else for docshackathon? :)
16:54:52 <rotationmatrix> side question, does github ban iranian users due to us sanctions?
16:55:01 <ggus> yep
16:55:10 <rotationmatrix> okay
16:55:18 <emmapeel> due to an overzealous interpretaaion of US law i would say
16:55:25 <ggus> https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/29/8934694/github-us-trade-sanctions-developers-restricted-crimea-cuba-iran-north-korea-syria
16:56:45 <rotationmatrix> also, don't worry about my absense. it was a combination of new job + trying to get an irc bouncer running. lol
16:57:14 <emmapeel> :) rotationmatrix
16:57:19 <ggus> irc bouncer: a life change!
16:57:32 <emmapeel> nah. bouncers are MITMs!
16:58:00 <rotationmatrix> ikr! was always losing history when my laptop autoslept and disconnected webchat.
16:58:05 <ggus> ok folks, i'll close this meeting. kushal, i have added a task to the nullcon hackathon, but ping me during this week
16:58:21 <rotationmatrix> lol! yeah, reason why i had to run my own.
16:59:00 <ggus> #endmeeting