13:59:19 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:59:22 <antonela> hello folks
13:59:34 <antonela> o/
13:59:40 <emmapeel> o/
13:59:53 <antonela> hi emmapeel o/
14:00:17 <antonela> february is here and so our meeting pad https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2020-keep
14:00:32 <antonela> please add your updates and discussion items
14:00:56 <pili> hi!
14:01:19 * antonela streaming from the simply secure offices in berlin o//
14:02:24 <emmapeel> oulala!
14:02:48 <antonela> jiji
14:02:50 <antonela> hi pili!
14:03:20 <pili> antonela: nice :)
14:03:23 <antonela> okey, lets start
14:04:35 <antonela> pili, could you upload the user research plan in our repo? so we can all run a review of it before launching?
14:04:52 <pili> yup
14:05:01 <antonela> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/ux/research
14:05:24 <antonela> cool, thank!
14:05:26 <antonela> thanks!
14:05:46 <antonela> so, moving to the discussion items
14:06:19 <antonela> i dont think diogosergio is here today but I'd like to discuss the next steps for having all our design files in dip
14:06:47 <antonela> the plan is basically set some kind of workflow using git to track design iterations and follow the design decision making process
14:07:37 <antonela> diogosergio gave a very insightful talk about it during the open design room at fosdem and i believe is a process we can apply internally as well
14:07:49 <antonela> i hope we can sync during the week about it
14:08:22 <antonela> anything relating dip, git and design?
14:08:48 <antonela> okey, moving next
14:08:55 <antonela> #32602
14:09:06 <antonela> emmapeel:  could you resume the discussion going on there?
14:10:12 <emmapeel> there is no discussion yet
14:10:48 <emmapeel> i wrote what i think may be a pro blem for our users in the ticket
14:11:33 <antonela> okey, i think we may need to discuss it with tbb devs
14:11:50 <antonela> im not sure how we handle this issue in the past
14:12:10 <antonela> maybe we should release tor browsers locale with a minimum amount of users
14:12:12 <emmapeel> yeah. i feel we shoudl alert the users of tiny locales about the risk
14:12:19 <antonela> but im not sure which number is that
14:12:29 <emmapeel> yeah but how do we get the users if we dont offer the locale
14:13:12 <antonela> i understand
14:13:27 <antonela> i dont know the answer, would love to read more about this problem tho
14:13:50 <emmapeel> maybe we should have some alert in the browser, saying 'warning: this locale is used by only 50 people and there have been problems of the locale leaking before'
14:14:20 <antonela> i dont think pop-up alerts in the browser will solve the root of the problem here
14:14:32 <emmapeel> maybe on the download page?
14:14:45 <antonela> that is more closer to the path i'd like to explore
14:14:50 <emmapeel> we could have the number of pings last month or something
14:14:55 <antonela> exactly
14:15:15 <emmapeel> currently running clients: approx. 50
14:15:33 <emmapeel> not sure how to define update pings for (cough) normal people
14:15:34 <antonela> maybe
14:16:05 <antonela> i'll comment on that ticket a summary of what we are talking here but i'd love to have the input of other folks as well
14:16:27 <emmapeel> yeah well i reported it but i dont want to own the ticket...
14:16:43 <emmapeel> it is related to translations but its more about fingerprinting
14:17:06 <antonela> agreed
14:17:45 <antonela> anything else related with this topic?
14:17:46 <pili> let's bring it for discussion during next week's tor browser team meeting
14:18:04 <antonela> good idea
14:18:25 <antonela> okey, next?
14:18:26 <emmapeel> ok!
14:18:34 <antonela> do we have s27 meeting after this one pili?
14:18:46 <emmapeel> i dont know about the strings at all. do we have a branch? i would like to work in a real branch
14:18:55 <pili> yes, I need to send the email
14:18:59 <antonela> i dont think we have a branch yet
14:19:11 <antonela> i bet pili is talking about #33035
14:19:12 <antonela> or?
14:19:21 <pili> yeah :)
14:19:28 <emmapeel> because last time we spend a lot of time asking and wondering, and then the strings where slightly different and we didnt had the translations
14:19:39 <pili> any new strings that we are introducing
14:19:48 <pili> I guess this is just a heads up that they will be coming :)
14:19:52 <pili> more than anything else
14:20:12 <pili> emmapeel: yeah, this is not going to be rushed like that, we have time
14:20:46 <emmapeel> ah ok. that will be in the browser then? i can work with https://gitweb.torproject.org/tor.git/tree/doc/tor.1.txt#n1823
14:21:16 * emmapeel wonders, why the camel case?
14:21:24 <antonela> cool, so next step on it is having tbb devs reviewing it and also stephw - alsmith
14:21:37 <antonela> and after that brade will work on the implementation
14:21:43 <antonela> and after that emmapeel can call for translation
14:21:46 <antonela> is that right?
14:21:53 <emmapeel> i mean the capitalization sorry i was trying to sound important
14:22:09 <emmapeel> antonela: but this erros are going to be in tor or tor browser?
14:22:21 <antonela> tor browser, those are client strings
14:23:11 <emmapeel> so, they will probably appear in one of the translation .dtd we have already. i will check with acat
14:23:28 <antonela> i think so
14:23:48 <emmapeel> last time we added the strings to the translation file, even when we were not using them yet on the interface
14:24:56 <antonela> i see
14:25:05 <antonela> maybe is something we should talk about during the next meeting
14:25:12 <antonela> *next hour meeting
14:25:29 <pili> sure
14:26:26 <antonela> good
14:26:45 <antonela> anything else folks?
14:26:52 <antonela> seems we do have a short meeting today :)
14:26:57 <emmapeel> im groot
14:27:10 * antonela which is great because my inbox is still flooding
14:27:21 <antonela> pili?
14:27:28 <pili> I'm good :)
14:27:34 <pili> writing up the usability test :)
14:27:39 <pili> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/ux/research/issues/1
14:27:46 <pili> it's not done but it will be there
14:28:04 <antonela> perfect
14:28:09 <antonela> thanks folks!
14:28:12 <antonela> #endmeeting