15:00:17 <pili> #startmeeting S27 02/04
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15:00:48 <mcs> hi
15:00:49 <antonela> hello
15:00:54 <pili> Hello everyone
15:00:55 <pili> Here's this week's pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/s27-meeting-keep
15:00:56 <pili> please add your updates :)
15:01:32 <dgoulet> hello
15:01:39 <acat> hi
15:03:53 <emmapeel> hola!
15:04:50 <dgoulet> asn is around but in transit so he might be on a plane or a train or bathroom or ... but can't guarantee he will show up
15:05:34 <pili> ok, no worries :)
15:05:58 <mcs> while we are waiting for pad updates, i will just mention the thing I put in bold on the pad: asn and dgoulet, you have been very responsive and we are very thankful!
15:06:23 <dgoulet> \o/
15:06:40 <antonela> \o/
15:06:53 <emmapeel> i am available to talk about the strings translation but i secretly hope i don't have to do anything about it because you will add them to some of the existing resources we translate already
15:06:53 <pili> nice one asn and dgoulet :)
15:07:13 <pili> emmapeel: I think that will likely be the case
15:07:47 <mcs> emmapeel: for the improved error page work, we are adding strings to existing resources (torbutton.properties if I remember correctly)
15:08:04 <mcs> not quite ready yet but maybe soon
15:08:09 <mcs> (as far as patches)
15:08:21 <emmapeel> mcs: great! let me know if you need any help/test etc
15:08:29 <mcs> yup
15:10:15 <pili> ok
15:10:53 <pili> I think we're pretty much done on the updates
15:10:54 <pili> so let's start with the discussion :)
15:11:20 <pili> I was hoping that we could get an update on any UX/Browser discussions about this project that happened during the All Hands
15:11:39 <pili> I know there were a few unresolved issues and I was hoping we could get a quick summary of what was decided
15:12:07 <pili> antonela: sysrqb I think this will have to come from you since I think pospeselr is still in transit :)
15:12:59 <antonela> i think everything is on tickets honestly
15:13:18 <antonela> pospeselr and i we have been working on onion errors and also the security indicators at the url bar
15:13:26 <antonela> i pasted the exact comment in the pad
15:13:27 <pili> ok, I guess the ones that you posted in your updates
15:13:33 <pili> I'll take a look, thanks
15:13:46 <antonela> i'd love to have your review there mcs, brade, dgoulet, asn
15:14:01 <dgoulet> ticket num?
15:15:08 <brade> #33035
15:15:12 <antonela> #33035, #19251, #32645
15:15:29 <dgoulet> thanks
15:15:50 <antonela> i met fiona today, maybe she is even reading :)
15:16:12 <pili> while people are reviewing those... is anyone blocked on anything and do they need help from anyone else?
15:16:20 <pili> this can include if there are any reviews pending :)
15:16:23 <antonela> she will talk with you pili about how we plan to communicate all the features we are going to release in tor browser 9.5
15:16:38 <brade> antonela: will steph and other less techie people review the strings?
15:16:53 <pili> ok
15:16:58 <pili> brade: we would like that, I can follow up with stephw about it
15:17:02 <antonela> which somehow is related with the work dan and stephw are doing, but we want to make sure that we are setting up a plan for onion names outreach and so on
15:17:10 <antonela> brade: i hope
15:17:41 <dgoulet> I,m looking at https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/33035#comment:6
15:18:04 <dgoulet> and most of them could be summarize to something very simple like "Service not running" or "Unable to reach service"
15:18:15 <dgoulet> I can do a pass to try to explain here
15:18:43 <dgoulet> for instance, if we can _not_ find the descriptor, then the service is not running (bottom lien)
15:19:12 <stephw> brade pili yes i'd like to review strings. thanks.
15:19:22 <brade> stephw: thanks!
15:19:41 <antonela> thank you steph!
15:19:58 <mcs> I think we need to use easier to understand, less technical language when possible. For example, most people will not know what a rendezvous circuit is.
15:20:06 <pili> looking at #19251 again, brade's comments about localizing onionsite seems like a good thing to discuss during this meeting, since we have emmapeel here
15:20:19 <pili> I think we could have a link out to the glossary there
15:20:55 <pili> e.g for rendezvous circuit
15:20:56 <pili> some people might be interested in finding out more
15:21:35 <mcs> yes, we need to make deep info available for those who need/want it while at the same time not overwhelming new users
15:21:51 <pili> mcs: completely agree :)
15:22:42 * dgoulet is working on less technical meaning for those codes, will post on ticket
15:23:14 <asn> o/
15:23:19 <emmapeel> why are the strings capitalized? is that really needed?
15:23:20 <asn> hello from airport
15:23:30 <antonela> all these suggestions are indeed great
15:24:08 <antonela> are we going to have the glosary online for when this goes live?
15:24:21 <antonela> *glossary
15:26:55 <pili> antonela: this is something we should add as a dependency
15:27:20 <antonela> we could, yes
15:28:00 <brade> emmapeel: I believe that is standard for titles within error screens
15:28:18 <mcs> the current error page design is that each error can have a unique “learn more” link, so hopefully we can use that to point to detailed info
15:28:49 <brade> I hope that users don't feel a need to click those links ;-)
15:28:54 * pili is looking for the ticket about the glossary
15:30:07 <antonela> we have something going on here https://support.torproject.org/misc/glossary/
15:30:21 <antonela> we might want to update this with any specific term we don't actually have
15:31:08 <pili> emmapeel: what was the ticket you were working on recently to do with the glossary?
15:31:46 <mcs> if we decide to start using onionsite (as one word) we will want to revise the glossary to match :)
15:31:51 <antonela> #29785?
15:32:01 <pili> I thought maybe it was #29502
15:32:08 <pili> but I don't think so
15:32:11 <pili> hmm
15:32:18 * antonela really likes onionsite
15:33:06 <pili> :)
15:33:18 <pili> emmapeel: any opinions about localising onionsite?
15:33:34 <asn> it sounds terrible in greek
15:33:43 <asn> but im not a fan of localizing technical terms, so im a very bad audience for this
15:34:05 <emmapeel> pili: not yet. i could tell people what they think
15:34:21 <emmapeel> in Spanish 'lugar cebolla'or 'sitio cebolla'sounds pretty bad :S
15:34:40 <antonela> i dont think we should localize it
15:34:44 <emmapeel> but that differs from language to language
15:34:47 <antonela> website = sitio web?
15:35:14 <pili> emmapeel: true :)
15:35:27 <pili> I'm fine with not localizing onionsite
15:35:49 <pili> we can start with those guidelines
15:35:57 <pili> and see if there's any push back from translators
15:36:06 <pili> does anyone else have anything to discuss around this?
15:36:20 <pili> mcs: noted about glossary updates
15:36:42 <mcs> how will translators know that they should not localize a term such as “onionsite”?
15:37:15 <emmapeel> the glossary model is already done and pushed... now... (cough) 'somebody' should separate the old glossary page in small pages
15:37:46 <pili> emmapeel: that's the ticket I was looking for! :) where is it?
15:37:59 <emmapeel> mcs: we have some names that should not be translated, but we enforce that with the reviewers and corrections.
15:38:42 <emmapeel> if we add in the glossary the word, we can ask for it not to be translated
15:39:24 <emmapeel> some languages really want to translate, and the ones without latin chars usually want to also transliterate, for example the Persians may write onionsite but with their alphabet
15:41:19 <pili> ok
15:41:27 <pili> well, let's add it to the glossary then
15:41:35 <pili> are we agreed on "onionsite" ?
15:42:11 <emmapeel> another thing is that many people dont knows how to say 'onion' in english, and so the addresses are .onion, not .cebolla
15:42:50 <brade> pili: do we understand how much work it will be to update the glossary?
15:42:53 <pili> that makes sense
15:43:13 <pili> I don't think it's a lot of work, it's more a matter of resources :)
15:43:20 <pili> but emmapeel would know better
15:43:58 <emmapeel> brade: i think it depends on the person... if they are proficient with shellscripting wil take 5 min, if not... one week :D
15:44:27 <emmapeel> cause you need to copy and paste like crazy
15:44:37 <brade> ok
15:46:15 <pili> ok, so we will need to add onionsite and possibly review other terms, e.g rendezvous circuit, and add them to the glossary if necessary
15:46:26 <emmapeel> you need to convert each of the words on this file: https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/support/blob/master/content/misc/glossary/contents.lr to a folder like this https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/support/blob/master/content/glossary/little-t-tor/contents.lr
15:46:53 <pili> and then we can link to them from the explanations
15:46:54 <pili> anything else on this?
15:47:16 <pili> I need to leave a bit early today...:)
15:47:41 <pili> also, any other topics anyone wants to discuss?
15:48:49 <pili> everyone good? :)
15:48:54 <asn> pili: i updated OBv3 status to 75%
15:49:01 <asn> now thta i published the alpha testing instructions
15:49:04 <asn> i feel safe doing it
15:49:06 <pili> great, thanks asn
15:49:09 <dgoulet> (boom: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/33035#comment:7)
15:49:12 <asn> even tho i have received 0 testing feedback so far
15:49:17 <pili> I will add that to my work completion report
15:49:27 <pili> thanks dgoulet
15:49:47 <pili> ok, I need to run now, I think we can leave things here
15:49:49 <pili> thanks everyone!
15:49:52 <dgoulet> o/
15:49:54 <pili> #endmeeting