13:59:28 <hiro> #startmeeting www
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13:59:41 <hiro> yo everyone welcome to the weekly www meeting
13:59:57 <hiro> if you haven't I'll give peeps 5 more minutes to fill up the pad and catch up on what others have been doing
14:00:28 <pili> hi :)
14:00:34 <hiro> also feel free to add topics to the agenda
14:02:48 <hiro> pili is media going to be a website?
14:02:57 <hiro> or will it just be the usual directory listing ?
14:04:26 <pili> probably just a directory listing
14:04:35 <pili> I need to go back through all the history and notes to remember what we decided
14:04:55 <hiro> oook because if it isn't a directory listing it should go in the roadmap
14:05:05 <pili> then I'll start cleaning up and organising wherever we end up doing this
14:05:10 <pili> I don't think it will be a website
14:05:14 <hiro> ok good
14:05:16 <pili> as in, it won't be a lektor
14:06:06 <ggus> oi!
14:06:09 <hiro> still will it be some specific system configuration? or just apache... ? I don't want to make a big fuss out of this just trying to understand if I should buffer some time for this or it will be just about you organizing the stuff we have in there
14:07:08 <hiro> if it is just about organizing then carry on no problems... if we need to plan smething different better to plan this sooner rather than later
14:07:26 <pili> right
14:07:44 <hiro> anyways
14:08:02 <pili> I think the two options are: 1) move it to a git repo 2) keep things where they are and re-organise
14:08:12 <pili> I think we already have both 1 and 2
14:08:22 <pili> so it's a case of picking one and running with it?
14:08:52 <hiro> do we have videos there or just images and presentations?
14:09:06 <pili> I guess if we go with 2 I'll need to look at how people can easily update which may require looking at permissions
14:09:07 <pili> in 2 we have videos
14:09:13 <hiro> I think git is not the place for videos...
14:09:20 <pili> right, we discussed this already
14:09:23 <hiro> yes
14:09:26 <hiro> anyways
14:09:49 <hiro> I think this is more about organizing then
14:09:52 <pili> yup
14:09:57 <hiro> cool!!!
14:10:07 <pili> :)
14:10:15 <hiro> first topic!
14:10:27 <hiro> #topic www workflow and documentation
14:10:51 <hiro> I have been reviewing these documents because I needed to send some instructions to giant rabbit reg the download page
14:11:16 <hiro> I made some changes in https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/wiki/blob/master/Our-Workflows.md
14:11:24 <antonela> nice
14:11:27 <hiro> to remove references to tor-internal people and outside people
14:11:32 <hiro> because there are no such differences
14:11:52 <hiro> I think we have been very lucky in this group to have a lot of contributors that are volunteers
14:12:06 <hiro> and have done such an amazing job really
14:12:09 <emmapeel> <3
14:12:12 <antonela> <33
14:12:29 <rotationmatrix> <3
14:12:31 <hiro> so the first thing is making life easier for people that want to help...
14:12:31 <ggus> <3
14:12:36 <pili> +1000
14:12:38 <hiro> thanks a lot rotationmatrix!
14:12:46 <hiro> ^ you are one of these very nice people
14:13:04 <hiro> so I made a few changes about people that have a gitlab account
14:13:07 <hiro> and people that don't
14:13:20 <hiro> and if people start contributing with a certain frequency they should get a gitlab account
14:13:39 <hiro> if they want of course
14:13:59 <hiro> but if you have other ideas please feel free to suggest other stuff that we can do
14:14:16 <emmapeel> yeah. also, if they are writing a lot of content they should build the website in local (i think the step 2 in the howto is a bit permissive about the lack of build-- sorry i talk like a cop)
14:14:16 <hiro> to make life easier to people that are here because they are very much involved with tor
14:14:43 <hiro> yes emmapeel... also there are some issues with that part of the documentation
14:14:55 <hiro> kushal has been having problem and reporting that some things are broken
14:15:22 <emmapeel> yes, we need to make the howto better. c1e0 worked on that as well
14:15:31 <rotationmatrix> hiro: you're welcome! very happy to be helping out! :D
14:15:33 <ggus> i believe that outreachies contributors didn't achieve the goal to have a local lektor build in windows
14:15:35 <pili> yup, every time I go back to developing on the website I have to fix build issues
14:15:36 <kushal> just could not build any of the sites, I guess due to version bump of the i18n plugin
14:15:57 <kushal> also I will have to figure out and then update the instructions
14:16:10 <pili> I still get some errors sometimes and the lego submodule does not get updated for me when I run the commands
14:16:25 <pili> as in, I could still see the YE campaign banner on my local builds for the longest time...
14:16:26 <pili> anyway
14:16:35 <hiro> the command is: $ git submodule update --remote
14:17:05 <emmapeel> i can help out sometimes but yeah sometimes im offline
14:17:05 <pili> let's keep documenting when we fix hings
14:17:06 <pili> hiro: yeah, I think that's what I was running... :/
14:17:14 <emmapeel> but lets try to fix those errors and paste the solutions in the howto
14:17:24 <kushal> Also, I will have to get my RPM packaging signing key to be mentioned someplace so that people can verify the fingerprint.
14:17:37 <ggus> kushal: yess, it's the next topic :)
14:18:08 <ggus> c1e0: around?
14:18:09 <kushal> ggus, ah, sorry, missed the topic list.
14:18:35 <hiro> kushal: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-www-weekly-keep agenda pad. you can add whatever you want to discuss
14:18:37 <c1e0> I'm here :)
14:18:45 <hiro> o/ c1e0
14:18:57 <emmapeel> just to finish, i think the website test will be better if we can build it in local. i feel the lack of local build makes the page composition suffer a lot, as the editors cannot experiment with different kinds of fonts or tables, etc, and some errors get overlooked like lacks of closing brackets
14:19:27 <ggus> c1e0: do you tried to build the website locally and worked? or are you still having issues?
14:20:01 <kushal> hiro, thank you
14:20:21 <hiro> thanks kushal for getting involved
14:20:34 <c1e0> ggus: I faced a few issues. But managed to fix them
14:21:12 <hiro> also I think a few issues are about python version and the localization plugin... I think I should update that in lego so that we run the latest version
14:21:17 <ggus> c1e0: in windows or linux?
14:21:40 <c1e0> Linux
14:21:50 <hiro> because our plugin is not downloaded but installed from lego
14:23:05 <hiro> ok next topic?
14:23:14 <ggus> si si
14:23:34 <hiro> #topic adding new keys
14:23:47 <hiro> #link https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/issues/54
14:24:02 <hiro> this is the issue kushal mentioned
14:24:18 <hiro> where can we add keys so people can verify what they instal?
14:24:42 <hiro> antonela? ggus?
14:24:46 <hiro> ideas?
14:24:58 <antonela> mmm
14:25:26 <antonela> maybe we want to have this info in each build?
14:25:42 <hiro> what do you mean in each build?
14:26:08 <kushal> antonela, I mean there should one page containing all key information, what is being used where. There is an old documentation page like that.
14:26:26 <pili> hmm, maybe that should go in support portal
14:26:31 <antonela> i see, do you want to keep this in just one page?
14:26:37 <emmapeel> or dev portal
14:26:45 <kushal> antonela, one single place is better.
14:26:54 <kushal> emmapeel, this is more for the users than devs.
14:26:56 <antonela> maybe download/signing-keys
14:27:06 <pili> emmapeel: I really struggle with the distinction between users, power users and devs
14:27:15 <antonela> we can copy + paste all that content in a new page, that is easy
14:27:16 <emmapeel> yah mee too
14:27:26 <pili> so yes, what kushal is describing would be for users ideally, but pragmatically it's going to be power users
14:27:38 <hiro> this is for people installing the fedora package
14:27:51 <kushal> pili, yes, for a mix group of people.
14:28:00 <antonela> also, who did maintain this page before?
14:28:07 <hiro> it was in the old website
14:28:09 <antonela> that person should be able to edit the new page as well
14:28:14 <hiro> and sometimes it was updated
14:28:14 <emmapeel> its going to be power users if its only the rpm keys, but if it is all keys i think more people should use them
14:28:36 <hiro> I think people signing packages would update that or open a ticket and ask me to do it
14:28:42 <emmapeel> one page with all keys, with also the keys for the android packages and the tor browser ones
14:29:01 <kushal> hiro, we should file a ticket and then you update. People should not be able to update that page easily.
14:29:12 <kushal> As that is important+security.
14:29:31 <hiro> it would be the people that can update the website
14:29:41 <antonela> same as before
14:29:44 <kushal> yup, that is still okay
14:29:49 <hiro> these are people with ldap in tor
14:30:44 <kushal> Okay
14:30:48 <ggus> this signing page could either be an entry in support page or download/signing-keys or both
14:31:10 <kushal> download/signing-keys sounds better in my mind :)
14:31:16 <hiro> kushal: let me rephrase it. not all people with ldap in tor can update the website... but to update the website you need to have ldap
14:31:34 <kushal> hiro, ah, this makes more sense :)
14:32:10 <emmapeel> ggus: after we create it, we can change the support pages about verifying
14:32:37 <ggus> yep, for every new doc, you need to change more two docs :)
14:33:15 <hiro> would something like this work: https://www.torproject.org/download/tor/ ?
14:33:21 <hiro> like a table with the package and the keys?
14:33:37 <ggus> yeah!
14:33:42 <antonela> yes
14:33:43 <hiro> or you would lke to have somethign that has also a little bit of how-to ?
14:33:46 <emmapeel> this page will enter on the list of pages without translation
14:33:52 <ggus> but we will need to update, reach out teams and ask them
14:34:00 <emmapeel> to prevent defacing on translations
14:34:41 <hiro> maybe the howto can be a link to the support page
14:34:50 * ggus needs to change his location
14:36:42 <hiro> ok I think I am going to open an issue on dip
14:36:45 <hiro> with these ideas
14:36:49 <hiro> and we can discuss
14:36:58 <hiro> it makes more sense
14:37:08 <kushal> Sounds good to me.
14:37:29 <hiro> if everyone is groot we can move to the next topic
14:37:57 <pili> +1
14:38:12 <hiro> #topic publish localization updates
14:38:20 <hiro> all yours emmapeel
14:38:48 <emmapeel> yeah i was wondering of having a log of new files to translate, to check out if published
14:39:20 <emmapeel> what do you think about adding a translation 'updates' or 'news' to https://community.torproject.org/localization/current-status/
14:39:44 <hiro> is this going to be like a changelog or a summary?
14:39:58 <emmapeel> like a changelog i think, with links
14:40:34 <hiro> I am ok with this
14:40:50 <emmapeel> for example 2020-02-01 Published Persian translation [Tor Project website](/link)
14:41:01 <hiro> do you think translators would like that?
14:41:12 <emmapeel> yeah, translators and sponsors :D
14:41:34 <hiro> then if your queue has buffer go for it
14:41:35 <pili> at which would we archive old updates?
14:41:48 <pili> as in, do we want to show the last 5/10 updates only?
14:41:59 <hiro> it can be paginated also like a blog
14:42:36 <emmapeel> hmmm not sure about the amount. the idea will be poeple to browse about the last work of translators. i hope they are not big updates.
14:42:51 <emmapeel> i can prepare a ticket-branch and we discuss there
14:43:19 <hiro> it can also be per year..
14:43:24 <hiro> or some amount of time
14:43:44 <hiro> and then after a while updates are just deleted
14:44:53 <hiro> ok if everyone is groot we can move on...
14:45:10 <emmapeel> im groot
14:45:11 <hiro> #topic misc
14:45:23 <hiro> ok we don't have other topics
14:45:34 <hiro> so if you want to talk about anything that isn't listed please do so
14:47:17 <hiro> if everybody is rather groot we can finish the meeting
14:47:23 <hiro> I am groot
14:47:49 <pili> +1
14:48:00 <hiro> oook! thanks everyone
14:48:03 <hiro> #endmeeting