16:02:35 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team - Jan 10 2020
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16:02:42 <ggus> hello folks!
16:02:50 <ggus> who's around? :)
16:02:55 <cy63113> hi!
16:02:58 <rotationmatrix> o/
16:03:10 <ggus> here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2020-keep
16:03:16 <pili> hi :)
16:03:48 <c1e0> Hi o/
16:06:29 <antonela> hola!
16:06:42 * antonela makes more tea ^_____^
16:08:33 * ggus drinking a 'bio shot'
16:12:25 <ggus> starting the discussion
16:12:48 <ggus> * IFF Tor Village
16:13:12 <ggus> we're going to open the call for proposals this week for our village in IFF
16:14:03 <ggus> the only thing that we are waiting is the email alias/rt queue
16:14:13 <ggus> you can read the proposal here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-cfa-iff-2020-keep
16:14:24 <ggus> but, please don't share it yet :)
16:16:05 <ggus> do you think we should do a blog post? or sharing by mailing list will be enough?
16:16:30 <ggus> i'm little bit worried to receive too many proposals
16:19:12 <cy63113> how many proposals will be accepted?
16:19:15 <pili> I think it will be nice to do both
16:19:23 <pili> getting too many proposals is definitely a risk
16:19:39 <pili> we have a large number of us to sift through them though :)
16:19:45 <pili> although maybe that makes it harder to decide
16:19:51 <stephw> you could do in waves, try email list first then expand depending on response
16:19:52 <ggus> we will have +- 8 slots, depending on which kind of proposal we will accept
16:20:34 <ggus> and since it's the first time we're having a village in iff, we don't exactly know what to expect
16:20:50 <cy63113> I don't believe will be too many proposals becaue there's no travel expenses support
16:21:44 <ggus> right
16:22:01 <antonela> im +1 stephw here
16:22:08 <antonela> we can do it in two phases
16:22:28 <stephw> we could also try mastodon after the email list. it is a smaller group but quality audience
16:22:34 <ggus> ok, so maybe we follow stephw suggestion: start with mailing list and then social media + blog? the fact is that everyone is going to submit at last day
16:23:58 <ggus> - First week: Tor mailing lists (tor-project, global-south) + international mailing lists
16:24:01 <ggus> - Second week: mastodon
16:24:04 <ggus> - Last week: twitter and (if needed) blog post
16:24:05 <ggus> looks good?
16:24:22 <stephw> sgtm
16:24:34 <pili> +1
16:25:31 <ggus> ok! let's move to docshackathon?
16:29:57 <ggus> one of the ideas is to sync docshackathon date with Outreachy contribution period
16:30:38 <ggus> i think we could do the docshackathon week starting from monday 16 - 23
16:35:19 <cy63113> which month is the Outreacgy contribution?
16:35:23 <cy63113> April?
16:35:42 <ggus> the final application is april, so people start in may
16:36:41 <ggus> c1e0: do you think you could review the contribution guide?
16:36:57 <cy63113> so docshackathon  would be only for outreachy applicants?
16:37:07 <ggus> cy63113: no, for everyone
16:39:21 <ggus> i added to the pad a few tasks
16:39:34 <ggus> review the contribution guide
16:39:38 <ggus> write a blog post
16:39:47 <ggus> and a proposal for date
16:40:35 <ggus> lets move to the last topic
16:40:39 <ggus> * Global South online meetings
16:41:03 <ggus> cy63113: i was talking with pili that we should merge the global south meeting with community team meeting
16:41:34 <ggus> last year we had more staff in community and we could run more activities
16:42:47 <ggus> if people are ok with 1600 utc, i think it's a matter of invitation them to this meeting
16:42:54 <ggus> and we can review this in 3 months
16:43:34 <cy63113> ok
16:43:57 <cy63113> so we cancel thepoll for next meeting?
16:44:19 <ggus> yes, i think so
16:45:56 <cy63113> instead we have montly meeting people just attend here from now on
16:45:58 <cy63113> ok
16:46:30 <ggus> yes, and in the future we can review this
16:46:50 <ggus> ok, and that's all we had for today.
16:46:54 <cy63113> o you want to send an email to the list or do I send it?
16:47:17 <ggus> i can do it
16:48:13 <c1e0> ggus: There are a few things which could be clarified in the guide. Not sure if I should do it or check with you first. by the way, you told me to remind you about the trac modify issue :)
16:48:57 <ggus> hiro: could you check c1e0 permission in trac? I don't think I have the permission to change cleo's user. thanks!
16:49:49 <ggus> c1e0: you can open a pad and add your modifications, then we can review together in our weekly meetings :)
16:49:52 <hiro> ggus you aren't an admin?
16:50:43 <ggus> hiro: i don't have permission to change users to different groups
16:51:06 <hiro> ok now you have the absolute powers
16:51:33 <ggus> aha! now i can change :)
16:51:37 <hiro> and c1e0 should have some powers too
16:51:51 <ggus> perfect, thanks hiro!
16:52:01 <c1e0> \o/
16:52:28 <ggus> i think that's it, folks.
16:53:06 <ggus> #endmeeting