17:59:23 <ahf> #startmeeting network team meeting, 10 february 2020
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17:59:25 <ahf> hello network-team
17:59:37 <asn> o/
17:59:37 <ahf> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep is our pad
17:59:43 <dgoulet> hello
18:00:02 <ahf> let's give folks a few min to get in
18:00:39 <jnewsome> o/
18:00:49 <ahf> hello jnewsome!
18:00:58 <gaba> hi!
18:01:05 <ahf> jnewsome: we have this pad above which is static for each year where poeple note down a bit what they are doing right now
18:01:07 <catalyst> o/
18:01:39 <nickm> hello!
18:01:46 <ahf> okay, so first an announcement before we begin: next monday is a TPI holiday, so we move the meeting to wednesday next week at 23 UTC
18:01:59 <ahf> so the 19/2 at 23 UTC
18:02:48 <ahf> Let's check and update our roadmap: What's done, and what's coming up? Use: https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/core/tor/boards
18:03:02 <ahf> are folks doing alright here or is everybody in 0.4.3 or TROVE land?
18:03:20 <jnewsome> hi everybody! ahf: cool, looking at the pad
18:03:33 <asn> im a bit swamped with the TROVE, latest hackerone, latest CVE and the pending reviews, plus obv3 work
18:03:42 <nickm> the dip kanban is not currently related to much of anything I'm working with
18:03:44 <ahf> and i think everybody in here already knows, but jnewsome is our new shadow hacker working together with Rob from NRL
18:03:49 <asn> im hoping that i will finalize TROVE tomorrow or the day after
18:04:05 <nickm> (TROVE is https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/TROVE )
18:04:15 <asn> but if it gets bigger than this, i will have to restrict the scope of the analysis so that i move on with other things
18:04:55 <ahf> cool asn
18:05:26 <ahf> nickm: is that because you are currently focusing on 0.4.3 things, i guess?
18:05:34 <nickm> that's right
18:05:51 <ahf> maybe we should see the roadmap as just for sponsored stuff and not for these 0.4.3 things? i think we did that for 0.4.2 too?
18:06:06 <gaba> right. it seems ok
18:06:22 <nickm> hm. there are things on the roadmap that are leftovers from previously sponsored work. I don't know what we're doing on those...
18:06:26 <nickm> err,
18:06:28 <gaba> We could change that when we are in gitlab and everything is integrated...
18:06:31 <nickm> yeah
18:06:35 <gaba> nickm: I'm removing them
18:06:38 <nickm> ok
18:06:46 <nickm> I think this will be much much better when we're on gitlab
18:06:51 <ahf> isn't some of the s31 items now non-sponsored-but-roadmap tasks?
18:06:52 <gaba> yes
18:06:56 <ahf> yeah no doubt lol
18:07:13 <gaba> ahf: some of those tickets were still being work on by catalyst and that is why i left them there
18:07:23 <ahf> ah, makes sense
18:08:08 <ahf> ok, so, nothing else here
18:08:16 <ahf> are we doing alright with reviewer assignments?
18:08:40 <asn> i think dgoulet has something here
18:08:42 <ahf> #33159 is the only ticket in the set without a reviewer but that one also seems open to everyone
18:08:49 <dgoulet> only 1 ticket that is a proposal under discussion on tor-dev@
18:09:02 <catalyst> #32193 could be broken into multiple tickets. the commits seem individually well-structured, though
18:09:09 <dgoulet> so ... not much point to be in "needs_review" since review doesn't happen on Trac for that
18:09:22 <nickm> FWIW, it would be good if even more people reviewed teor's ipv6 proposals.  The time to fix design problems is before we start building :)
18:09:32 <dgoulet> +1 ^
18:10:07 <nickm> asn: do you think you'll be able to look at my new test on #33104 today, so I can get it into the next alpha?  If not, that's fine too
18:10:20 <asn> hmm
18:10:24 <asn> yes i can
18:10:40 <nickm> fortunately all the right functions were already hooked, so the test should be straightforward
18:10:50 <nickm> thank you for having me do it :)
18:10:52 <ahf> catalyst: i think you are free to make that call if you think it should happen?
18:11:05 <asn> nickm: thanks for doing it :)
18:11:21 <catalyst> ahf: ok, thanks
18:11:56 <ahf> oki, cool, otherwise reviews looks ok
18:12:04 <ahf> Go over our 0.4.3 status page at https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases/043Status
18:12:45 <nickm> I still have the most owner-action tickets there, at 7
18:12:58 <nickm> Everything that is 043-must is at high severity
18:13:27 <nickm> I hope I can get through some or all of my action tickets this week there, and take on some more of the unassigned ones
18:13:51 <ahf> i hope to do some of the android related ones i have in the second half of this week
18:14:48 <dgoulet> nickm: FIY, #33029 and #33072 (043 dirauth stuff), the dirauth discussion went for backport there but we might skip next alpha I presume?
18:14:58 <dgoulet> FYI*
18:15:37 <nickm> I want to get out today or tomorrow, so yeah, targetting would make more sense
18:15:44 <dgoulet> ack
18:16:42 <sysrqb> (if you get it out today then we can include it in this week's tor browser alpha release)
18:16:54 <sysrqb> (else, in ~2 weeks with our next release)
18:16:56 <nickm> the alpha? I'd like to
18:17:00 <sysrqb> yes
18:17:03 <nickm> (thanks for the info)
18:17:13 <sysrqb> (np! :) )
18:17:32 <nickm> sysrqb: "Today" for me means "some time in the next 10 hours".  What does it mean for you? :)
18:18:00 <sysrqb> nickm: i can work with that
18:18:36 <nickm> great
18:18:38 <sysrqb> but if today is too tight then that's okay too
18:18:44 <nickm> we'll see
18:18:47 <sysrqb> we're planning another alpha release mid-Feb, too
18:19:03 <sysrqb> but i'd like to tag our tor browser alpha code today
18:19:05 <nickm> also good to know
18:19:48 <ahf> ok
18:20:14 <ahf> ok, there is a question to catalyst and mikeperry from teor on the pad. i just asked mike (in the wrong channel), but he got the question
18:21:44 <ahf> i can't even load trac right now
18:22:02 <mikeperry> it doesn't look like I've worked on this code before? going forward, I would like to limit my reviews of tor.git code to weeks that I am actively working on tor.git stuff.. I might pick up some circpad bugs next week from tor.git to work on, but this week I'm likely not doijng much network-team stuff, let alone tor.git stuff
18:22:09 <ahf> ah, it was the gitlab one catalyst asked about earlier
18:22:41 <ahf> mikeperry: i don't think historically reviews have been assigned only to areas we have worked in, but i think that is OK
18:22:46 <ahf> so ideally you want it put back in the queue?
18:23:02 <gaba> mikeperry: can you wrap up the reviews you have now before moving to not getting reviews?
18:25:31 <ahf> okay, and teor wants more review of the proposal #313
18:25:37 <mikeperry> this looks like a PR teor was reviewing?
18:25:44 <nickm> I wrote one, but others may do more
18:25:50 <ahf> teor reviews everything
18:26:00 <ahf> like teor looks at a lot of patches and gives feedback if they care for it
18:27:42 <ahf> but teor also have a ton of other things to do right now so it is no matter what not going to fallback on them :-)
18:28:59 <jnewsome> Is the github pull request the best place to leave review/comments?
18:29:11 <ahf> jnewsome: yeah, we do all code reviews right now on github itself
18:29:29 <ahf> and then use trac's "needs_review" feature to tell folks about whether things are ready for review
18:29:42 <nickm> we're hoping to migrate to use github for all of this
18:29:45 <ahf> jnewsome: if you want to dive into code reviews, you are welcome to, but it isn't expected at all :-)
18:29:49 <ahf> nickm: gitlab :-P
18:29:53 <nickm> arr, yeah, sorry
18:29:55 <nickm> gitlab
18:30:14 <ahf> mikeperry: you want it to go back in the queue? :-)
18:30:36 <jnewsome> Oh, I was talking about prop 313. I'm looking at it in github; is it also in gitlab? https://github.com/torproject/torspec/pull/108/files
18:31:17 <ahf> ah
18:31:25 <ahf> props are usually reviewed on tor-dev@lists.torproject.org
18:31:32 <ahf> like there is a discussion there where people respond with feedback
18:32:07 <jnewsome> ok, thanks. I think I might not be on that list; I'll see if I can subscribe myself
18:32:23 <ahf> jnewsome: yeah, it is a very good list to be on for all things tor dev and specs and proposals and such
18:32:30 <ahf> mikeperry: ok, removed you as reviewer now...
18:32:46 <ahf> * Any blockers on Else I'm aiming for today/tomorrow there.
18:32:48 <ahf> asked by nickm
18:33:35 * dgoulet is good on the blockers
18:33:45 <nickm> ok. I'll start working on the alpha then
18:33:45 <mikeperry> ahf: I can try to look it over.. but yeah I was a little surprised. was not expecting it, since I had been mostly doing non-network-team stuff in jan..
18:34:13 <mikeperry> ahf: going forward we should figure out when I should be in the review queue vs not. I still will end up doing network-team stuff on and off, so I can review during those times
18:34:18 <ahf> mikeperry: right, i don't think the folks doing assignments has known that until recently, so all the things that was assigned to you four weeks ago is still assigned to you
18:34:34 <ahf> please reassign it to yourself then and then this will be the last thing we need to have reviewed using this system :-)
18:34:37 <dgoulet> we have a "net team" list of people ;)
18:34:37 <gaba> mikeperry: i think it has not been announced that you were doing something else
18:34:51 <gaba> it is fair to wrap up that work before moving into new role
18:35:14 <ahf> mikeperry: i think it is not a good idea to have it be a dynamic entrance/exit thing with the review system because we really depend on people doing these reviews every week
18:35:24 <ahf> and it's not fair to david and george who needs to keep track of more things here
18:37:02 <ahf> okay, do we have anything else today?
18:37:12 <asn> just one thing
18:37:33 <asn> i'm hoping to have #32709 ready by the end of the week, which is required for OBv3
18:37:40 <asn> when do we plan to open 044 merging window?
18:37:47 <nickm> I hope to to it this week
18:37:51 <nickm> right after
18:37:51 <asn> i'm hoping to get #32709 on master soon, so I can prepare an even better testing call
18:37:55 <asn> so that peopel dont have to run my custom branch
18:38:00 <nickm> but it might take a couple of days
18:38:04 <asn> ack
18:38:10 <asn> ok thanks!
18:38:20 <asn> no rust, but just letting you know that this is coming
18:38:23 <asn> *no rush
18:38:25 <nickm> :)
18:38:37 <ahf> no rust lol
18:38:42 <asn> ok nothing else from me
18:38:58 <ahf> okay, i'm gonna end the meeting folks
18:39:06 <nickm> thanks for the meeting ahf
18:39:10 <ahf> have a nice week. remember wednesday at 23 UTC we have the style meeting for people who wanna join that
18:39:11 <nickm> and thanks for the tor, everybody!
18:39:14 <ahf> #endmeeting