13:59:12 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:59:25 <antonela> not sure who is around for today's meeting
13:59:29 <antonela> lets see :)
13:59:38 <c1e0> Hi!
13:59:48 <antonela> hey c1e0 o/
14:00:44 <antonela> how are you?
14:00:53 <antonela> seems to be a short meeting today
14:01:17 <ggus> hi! i'm here too o/
14:01:31 <c1e0> antonela: I'm good. :)
14:01:37 <antonela> hey ggus
14:02:10 <antonela> is there anything we can discuss regarding portals, iff or s9?
14:02:25 <antonela> if not, i'll call the bot and back to reply emails :)
14:03:08 <ggus> let me see my agenda, one sec
14:03:26 <antonela> sure thing
14:04:48 <ggus> one small thing: in march we will have docshackathon, it would be nice if an ux volunteer could draw a image for the blog post :)
14:05:12 <antonela> nice!
14:05:24 <antonela> do we need to sort dip tickets? tag them with docshackathon?
14:05:35 <antonela> there is anything that need major review before people start pushing?
14:05:41 <ggus> yesss, we will need to do that
14:05:46 <antonela> we can have a volunteer for the blogpost, yes
14:05:57 <antonela> not today because the room is empty :)
14:05:59 <antonela> but yes
14:06:06 <antonela> do you have a query for me to review?
14:06:10 <antonela> is all websites? or just support?
14:06:34 <thurayya> o/
14:06:38 <antonela> oi nah!
14:06:41 <ggus> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/support/issues?label_name%5B%5D=DocsHackathon
14:06:47 <ggus> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/support/issues?label_name%5B%5D=Documentation
14:06:48 <antonela> i thought you were traveling!
14:06:54 <ggus> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/web/support/issues?label_name%5B%5D=Frontend
14:07:02 <thurayya> i'm leaving in ˜40 min
14:07:06 <antonela> lovely
14:07:14 <ggus> antonela: all the websites, this time we can include community portal
14:07:21 <antonela> good stuff
14:07:27 <thurayya> can someone paste the pad for me pls? :)
14:07:39 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2020-keep
14:07:42 <antonela> here ^^
14:07:42 <thurayya> thanks!
14:08:16 <antonela> two things i'd like to review before the hackaton: the glossary needs a solo page, i should work wiht emmapeel on that
14:08:52 <antonela> and then are we going to have everything on dev before pushing to stable?
14:09:09 <antonela> that means that we need to have development environments up to date
14:09:11 <ggus> for the glossary?
14:09:14 <antonela> i can work wiht hiro on that
14:09:19 <antonela> nono for everything
14:09:23 <ggus> oh yes yes
14:09:42 <antonela> so, when is the date ggus?
14:10:23 <ggus> i was thinking between march 23 - 30
14:10:39 <antonela> excellent
14:10:45 * antonela goes to mark her calendar
14:11:39 <ggus> i want to confirm if it matches with Outreachy contribution period
14:11:54 <antonela> i see
14:12:07 <ggus> last year we did docshackathon e then outreachy contrib, it was too much for me
14:12:42 <antonela> yes, maybe one thing first and the other after
14:13:30 <antonela> okey, this is great
14:13:50 <antonela> thanks ggus for organising it! last time was very nice
14:14:00 <antonela> a lot of contributors :)
14:14:20 <ggus> :D yes, it was very cool!
14:14:36 <antonela> thurayya: can we sync about onion services interviews/survey next week? i'm going to be offline until wednesday
14:15:17 <thurayya> yes! i was going to say the same
14:15:25 <thurayya> when is good for you?
14:16:00 <antonela> Thursday morning?
14:16:00 <thurayya> thursday?
14:16:03 <antonela> jeje
14:16:15 <antonela> perfect
14:16:29 <antonela> are we going to be in a close timezone?
14:16:38 <thurayya> utc-3 i think
14:17:23 <antonela> same so
14:17:26 <antonela> perfect
14:17:37 <thurayya> let's do 11am?
14:17:45 <antonela> saved
14:17:51 <thurayya> :D
14:17:55 <antonela> in tor-ux
14:17:56 <antonela> perfect
14:17:58 <antonela> thanks nah!
14:18:02 <antonela> folks, anything else?
14:18:16 <antonela> im very excited about the IFF village organization
14:18:34 <antonela> there is a meeting this friday but i dont think i'll be around, anyways we have updates for them
14:19:01 <thurayya> me too! hopefully we can run some research there too :)
14:19:08 <antonela> yes we should!
14:19:39 <antonela> ggus i added some stuff to our working pad, something we talked with isabela last week was about to run a session related with narratives to explain onion services to customers/end-users/visitors
14:20:26 <ggus> nice!
14:20:30 <ggus> i'll take a look
14:20:38 <antonela> maybe some media outlet person can run it explaining their process releasing onion services or we can take the ownership on leading that conversation
14:20:49 <antonela> anyways, is a must to have given the people we will have around
14:20:56 <antonela> cool
14:21:00 <ggus> i'm not sure if i can attend this friday, i will be arriving in brazil.
14:21:13 <antonela> maybe gaba can? i'll ask today
14:21:35 <antonela> if not we can email sandy with our updates and i think we will be fine
14:21:44 <ggus> about tool showcase: why don't you and hiro don't demonstrate onion websites with onionshare?
14:22:04 <antonela> yes, that is what hiro suggested
14:22:06 <antonela> i think is ideal
14:22:32 <antonela> i can demo tor browser if is needed, but publish onionsites with onionshare is very nice
14:22:57 <ggus> i thought she was going to do the onion container stuff, but now it makes sense
14:24:04 <antonela> lets see
14:24:27 <antonela> okey, anything else?
14:24:35 <antonela> am i missing anything?
14:25:07 <ggus> i think that's it
14:25:13 <antonela> good
14:25:20 <antonela> thanks folks for coming!
14:25:23 <antonela> #endmeeting