00:18:43 <teor> #startmeeting Sponsor 55
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00:18:59 <teor> Ok, so here's a quick summary of where we're at:
00:19:13 <teor> #topic Progress Report
00:19:58 <teor> #info Proposal 311 covers Relay IPv6 Reachability Self-Tests, it's been reviewed on tor-dev, and merged to torspec
00:20:27 <teor> #info Proposal 312 covers Automatic Relay IPv6 Address Discovery, it's been reviewed on tor-dev, and merged to torspec
00:20:42 <teor> #info Proposal 313 covers IPv6 Statistics and Monitoring, it's been reviewed on tor-dev, and merged to torspec
00:20:48 <ahf> cool
00:21:23 <teor> #info gaba has created tickets for Sponsor 55 objectives, the parent ticket is #33045
00:21:59 <ahf> cool
00:22:05 <teor> #info I have created tickets for each required task under the Sponsor 55 objective tickets
00:22:41 <teor> I've also added related tickets and bug tickets under each Sponsor 55 objective, some of them are optional
00:23:10 <teor> #info I added a rough implementation order in the description of each Sponsor 55 objective ticket
00:23:12 <ahf> sweet
00:23:28 <ahf> are there many optional ones? i could imagine when you think about these things that a lot of ideas come up
00:23:31 <ahf> that we wont have time to :-/
00:23:41 <nickm> Is there a wiki page with the right queries for this stuff?
00:23:43 <teor> The proposals are full of ideas, so are the older IPv6 tickets
00:23:47 <ahf> yeah
00:24:05 <teor> I only made tickets for the required tasks. If we have time left over, we can re-read the proposals, and prioritise the optional tickets.
00:24:52 <teor> Otherwise it's hard to focus on the required work.
00:24:52 <ahf> makes sense
00:25:18 <gaba> o/
00:25:19 <teor> So I have a short list of bugs and tests to write this week, I'm currently working on #33195
00:25:24 <ahf> o/ gaba
00:25:30 <ahf> cool
00:25:40 <teor> And trying to speed up the IPv6 chutney tests in Tor's CI
00:25:41 <gaba> pad for this meeting: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-s55-ipv6-project-keep
00:25:45 <teor> And CI generally
00:25:48 <teor> Hi gaba!
00:25:54 <gaba> hi!
00:26:54 <teor> Oh, I'd like nickm's opinion on #33201 at some point, doesn't have to be this week
00:27:28 <teor> And then once those early issues are fixed, I start writing reachability tests in #33232
00:27:40 * nickm makes a note
00:28:06 <ahf> cool
00:28:28 <teor> nickm: and #33214 seems quite strange, if you have any ideas. I don't think it's a required fix, but it's concerning
00:28:56 <teor> So that's pretty much my schedule for the next few days, after the tests are in place, I can start actually modifying code
00:29:39 <ahf> cool
00:29:40 <teor> Any questions?
00:29:43 * ahf has none
00:29:47 <teor> gaba, what do you need from me?
00:30:02 <gaba> nickm: the wiki page is this one: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/sponsors/Sponsor55
00:30:21 <dgoulet> teor: all this is pretty amazing work so far! I was quite impressed with your proposals, how thorough they were. And how it is nicely organized in trac and in objectives.
00:30:30 <dgoulet> teor: really superb work imo so far, quite please that IPv6 is on track :)
00:30:33 <gaba> teor: i think you cover it all :) Even sum all the points and add them to the main ticket for this sponsor
00:30:36 <teor> #info I added estimates to all the Sponsor 55 required tasks, and put the totals in each objective and the master ticket
00:31:10 <teor> dgoulet: I've been thinking about IPv6 for a few years :-)
00:31:19 <dgoulet> it shows! :)
00:31:27 <gaba> yes, very good work on planning
00:31:27 <ahf> +1
00:31:57 <teor> gaba: How would you like to track actuals vs estimates? There will be bugs and unexpected tasks, but also quick and slow known tasks.
00:32:27 <teor> Is there anything you want me to do?
00:32:34 <gaba> if we add the new bugs/tasks to each objective then we can keep track of them in that s55 wiki page. Then let's use actual points for the actuals like before.
00:32:43 <gaba> I can use that to keep track in our status and timeline sheet :)
00:32:57 <gaba> that is what sue uses for invoicing the sponsor
00:33:18 <teor> Great! I will keep adding actual points to each ticket as it is completed.
00:34:35 <teor> gaba: Do you want a flat structure in tickets? Should every ticket be a direct child of the objective tickets?
00:34:52 <gaba> direct child of objectives work better if possible
00:35:30 <teor> I will try to remember to do that. Even better, I will make a query that finds Sponsor 55 tickets that are not a child of the objective tickets
00:35:58 <teor> gaba: do you want that query on the Sponsor 55 wiki page?
00:36:05 <gaba> i already added them
00:36:13 <gaba> the queries are per objective in the wiki page
00:36:22 <gaba> ahh, you mean the ones that are not children
00:36:27 <teor> Yes
00:36:40 <teor> "Sponsor 55 tickets that need to be assigned to an objective"
00:36:48 <gaba> mm, that may work but those tickets would be a can and not must, right?
00:36:59 <teor> No, they might be mistakes
00:37:11 <teor> They might also be mistakes
00:37:16 <gaba> Sure, let's add them at the bottom (that query)
00:39:32 <teor> Any other questions or things to mention?
00:39:45 * ahf 's good
00:39:46 <gaba> not from me
00:41:35 <teor> gaba: See https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/sponsors/Sponsor55#FinishedSponsor55TicketsWithNoObjective
00:41:45 <teor> There's 3 tickets, I'll fix them after the meeting
00:42:09 <gaba> sounds good
00:42:18 <teor> I think that's it then
00:42:28 <teor> #endmeeting