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00:01:18 <gaba> pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-s55-ipv6-project-keep
00:01:25 <teor> Here's my status update:
00:01:54 <teor> I have mainly been working on chutney relay reachability tests (O1.3, #33232 and related tickets)
00:02:19 <teor> It is slightly slower than I expected, because I needed to fix some tor bugs, and update some chutney and some CI for tor and chutney
00:02:49 <nickm> I have a request for you on reviews.  The volume is not too high, though spreading more stuff to ahf or others would be grand
00:02:55 <teor> But I am making good progress, and I expect to have some kind of relay reachability checks in chutney today, or early next week
00:03:00 <nickm> one thing that would help me is to know which reviews are urgen and which are not
00:03:23 <nickm> (practically speaking -- are there any of the current needs_review tickets on my plate that I should try to review before I go to bed in about 3-4 hours?)
00:03:44 <teor> I am just checking that list
00:05:03 <teor> I only see #32792, and it is not urgent
00:05:35 <teor> In general, for urgent chutney tickets, that I need in Tor's CI, I explain that on the ticket, then merge to chutney after chutney CI passes
00:05:50 <teor> For urgent tor tickets, I explain that on the ticket
00:06:06 <teor> For most tickets, I just leave them to the standard review assignment process
00:06:30 <teor> But I will try to get better at saying "this ticket is not urgent"
00:07:18 <nickm> ack
00:08:45 <teor> Ok, just working out where we were at in the meeting
00:09:44 <teor> I have a list of tickets in the pad that I plan to work on next. I am currently working on #33232
00:10:16 <teor> Next will be #32588 and then #33220
00:10:33 <teor> I expect that those tickets will take 1-2 weeks from now
00:11:08 <teor> Does anyone have any questions about the work so far, or my proposed schedule?
00:12:02 <nickm> lgtm
00:12:11 <teor> Great.
00:12:13 <gaba> sounds good
00:12:14 <gaba> thanks
00:12:28 <teor> I think we've already talked about my next question.
00:12:30 <nickm> two weeks is a little ambitious for some of this, but I don't think it's completely out of the question
00:12:47 <nickm> it would be great to have another reviewer for some of this
00:13:05 <teor> I don't expect to have it all done in 2 weeks, but I want to make sure I have at least 2 weeks of work planned.
00:13:45 <teor> When I start modifying C code, then I will be able to assign more reviews to ahf.
00:13:46 <nickm> makes sense
00:15:00 <teor> I can assign #33378 to ahf also, because it's mostly python refactoring and tweaks
00:15:31 <teor> I'd like nickm to review #33379, because it modifies some chutney internals
00:15:45 <teor> (and some code that nickm wrote)
00:16:22 <teor> And then we're back to C code
00:17:44 <teor> Now on to my last question: Is #33370 in scope for Sponsor 55 ?
00:18:24 <nickm> looks like gaba has a followup on the pad
00:18:36 <teor> I think the answer to Gaba's question is "not really related, we could do Sponsor 55 without it"
00:19:57 <teor> I also have another question, probably for Gaba:
00:20:12 <teor> How do we know how we are tracking against the Sponsor 55 schedule?
00:20:25 <teor> I don't really feel like I know the schedule right now.
00:20:42 <teor> And I'd like to know if I need to cut work
00:21:02 <gaba> teor: we have a timeline that we agreed on when sending the proposal
00:21:05 <gaba> but we can change it
00:21:18 <gaba> I need to look at the timeline based on your plan and see how to change/fit on it
00:21:37 <gaba> but we can be pretty flexible on the schedule
00:21:47 <gaba> there is no report mid term that we need to send
00:22:01 <teor> I'm not sure if that answers my question, I'll try to be more specific:
00:22:20 <teor> We have a limited amount of time and money for this grant.
00:22:28 <gaba> ahh, you want to know if you are assigning more work that we can fit
00:22:29 <gaba> yes
00:22:43 <teor> Are my estimates accurate?
00:23:02 <teor> Based on those estimates, do we need to cut work?
00:23:06 <gaba> I will sit down and look at it about what we had versus what you are proposing. Last time I took a look it seems it was right on the amount of time/resource we have from s55
00:23:27 <teor> Thanks. I also think we are about right, but it's easier to cut things now than later.
00:23:28 <gaba> I looked at it when you did your first plan a couple of weeks ago. I need to look again
00:23:31 <gaba> yes
00:23:56 <teor> I think my new estimates are slightly low, but not too bad. Some are also a bit high. Between 0.5x and 2x.
00:25:14 <teor> That's pretty much it for my questions. Anything else to add?
00:25:49 <gaba> nothing else from me
00:26:26 <nickm> not i
00:26:33 <teor> #endmeeting