14:01:18 <hiro> #startmeeting tor-www
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14:02:56 <hiro> ok
14:03:03 <hiro> so first topic is he report
14:03:14 <hiro> it's on dip if you want to check it out
14:03:26 <hiro> if no one has nothing to add i'll send it after the meeting
14:04:52 <hiro> ok
14:05:01 <hiro> then the update of today is that the new download page is online
14:05:11 <hiro> you can check it out on www.torproject.org/download
14:05:26 <hiro> hopefully it will provide a nicer experience to people downloading tor browser
14:05:34 <pili> o/
14:05:41 <hiro> yo pili
14:05:59 <pili> I checked the report a few days ago, lgtm :)
14:06:10 <antonela> thanks hiro for pushing it live!
14:06:30 <c1e0> Ah, the download page is much better. Hopefully no more complaints about "download button not working"
14:06:38 <hiro> thanks antonela for working on it
14:06:43 <pili> cool!
14:06:48 <antonela> i think i'll add a [?] in signature to anchor link with "why verify signatures" section, now so we can close a few tickets about it as well
14:07:15 <antonela> im trying to clean those tickets but they are spread across trac and dip, but hopefully will do that today
14:07:51 <hiro> ok!
14:08:05 <hiro> does anyone has anything else they'd like to talk about?
14:08:21 <ggus> hello!
14:08:27 <hiro> I am in the process of creating a new gitlab so we can solve all the issues we had with dip
14:09:44 <hiro> so hopefully soon we will not have stuff spread between trac and dip
14:10:00 <antonela> \o/
14:10:30 <hiro> anyways if no one has other topics to discuss for this meeting we can cut it short and go back to whatever we were all doing :)
14:10:41 <hiro> next week looks like we will be talking about migrating the blog
14:10:43 <pili> hi
14:10:49 <pili> yes, I just wanted to mention that
14:11:13 <pili> I will send an email to tor-internal about it also
14:11:18 <hiro> oook!
14:11:23 <pili> so others can join if they are interested
14:11:35 <pili> and it is not a surprise for people
14:12:11 <ggus> agree
14:12:30 <antonela> good stuff
14:12:38 <ggus> i don't know if people are very familiar with our www workflow
14:15:33 <hiro> ggus do you say that regarding the blog meeting?
14:15:40 <hiro> or about people being able to publish posts?
14:15:44 <hiro> once the blog is migrated?
14:16:18 <ggus> hiro: once the blog is migrated, what one person will need to do to submit a new 'post'.
14:16:37 <hiro> so we currently publish 1/2 posts per month
14:16:57 <hiro> and it's mostly stephw
14:17:09 <hiro> so people will be writing the post
14:17:13 <hiro> and then submit a PR
14:17:26 <hiro> and someone in the group of people that can push will push it
14:17:34 <hiro> the structure of a blog post will be super simple
14:17:45 <hiro> so they won't have to touch html or anything
14:17:47 <hiro> just markdown
14:17:54 <ggus> yes, for me it's clear this workflow. i think weshould mention in the email
14:21:08 <hiro> yeah
14:21:28 <hiro> and also the fact that we are paying a lot of $$$ for a web app that we really use just a few times a month
14:21:36 <hiro> and a static site will be "free"
14:22:47 <hiro> and we can have comments with discourse
14:27:58 <hiro> ok guys closing this meeting
14:28:05 <hiro> #stopmeeting
14:28:11 <hiro> #endmeeting