17:59:08 <ahf> #startmeeting network team meeting, 24 february 2020
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17:59:16 <ahf> hello network team \o/
17:59:17 <catalyst> o/
17:59:22 <jnewsome> o/
17:59:26 <ahf> our pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep
17:59:51 <nickm> hihi
17:59:57 <dgoulet> hi
18:00:22 <asn> o/
18:00:41 <ahf> Let's check and update our roadmap: What's done, and what's coming up? Use: https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/core/tor/boards
18:01:21 <nickm> can we  move #26768 to done? :)
18:01:51 * asn looking
18:02:08 <asn> i havent done #32563 yet...
18:02:17 <nickm> ah, ok
18:02:21 <asn> i dont think #31857 belongs to that ticket, it should belong to its parent
18:02:26 <asn> but yeah we are close!
18:02:32 <asn> i hope to finish #32563 this week, max next week.
18:03:24 * ahf moved a few of his items around
18:03:31 <nickm> moving #31851 into review, even though there is only code for part of it
18:04:04 <ahf> cool
18:04:08 <ahf> very cool!
18:04:14 <nickm> (since that code will have >95% of feature/relay disabled with --disable-module-relay)
18:04:37 <asn> dgoulet: we didnt do review assignment right? should we do?
18:04:45 <asn> i see it's just 4 tickets? 2 tickets if we remove the troves
18:05:01 <nickm> we should not remove those, though
18:05:05 <nickm> we should get more review on them
18:05:08 <asn> agreed
18:05:13 <asn> should we assign those too maybe?
18:05:22 <nickm> yeah, maybe discussing here?
18:05:26 <asn> ack
18:05:40 <dgoulet> asn: we should
18:05:42 <nickm> (idk)
18:07:27 <ahf> discussing what here?
18:07:42 <nickm> how to do reviews of TROVE-related code
18:08:52 <ahf> ah
18:09:02 <dgoulet> please everyone here reviews each pending TROVE on the list? :)
18:09:05 <ahf> we need more eyes them? :-)
18:09:07 <ahf> yeah
18:09:16 <dgoulet> these should be looked at by all of us imo
18:09:40 <jnewsome> what is TROVE?
18:09:44 <nickm> maybe,  but "everybody" is kinda close to "everybody a little bit" imo
18:09:51 <nickm> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/TROVE
18:09:56 <gaba> o/
18:09:56 <ahf> jnewsome: our own CVE's :-)
18:09:57 <nickm> see also https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/SecurityPolicy
18:10:05 <jnewsome> ah, thanks :)
18:10:52 <ahf> i think everybody could prioritize this week to have a look at the TROVE's we have
18:11:13 <ahf> dgoulet, asn: are we good with code reviews this week?
18:11:19 <dgoulet> yes we just did it
18:11:25 <nickm> not 100% sure it needs to be everybody, but having 2-3 more people look at each one would be very smart
18:11:42 <asn> should i give double reviews to troves?
18:11:44 <asn> like asn,dgoulet
18:11:46 <asn> etc.
18:11:52 <ahf> nickm: ack
18:12:15 <nickm> asn: sounds smart. And maybe make a note saying why we're doing double-review?
18:12:17 <dgoulet> nickm: I was more expressing a "no need for everybody" but "please everybody try to do it" :)
18:12:20 <ahf> i think that could be OK, asn
18:12:24 <asn> ack
18:12:47 <ahf> ok, great
18:12:52 <ahf> thanks asn and dgoulet for doing this
18:13:09 <ahf> Go over our 0.4.3 status page at https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases/043Status . (If maint-0.4.3 were released as stable tomorrow, what would we regret?)
18:13:20 <ahf> how are we all doing here?
18:13:54 <nickm> better than i was a week ago.
18:14:42 <nickm> I think that we could be on track for another alpha in a week or so, and an rc in mid-march?
18:14:52 <nickm> we've been doing okay at "don't do big changes"
18:15:06 <asn> (brb)
18:15:12 <ahf> yeah. it was nice last week to think about which were the most important tickets for us during the team meeting there
18:15:51 <ahf> jnewsome: what is Phantom kickoff?
18:15:58 * ahf knows of phantomjs
18:16:11 <jnewsome> ahf: nothing to do with phantomjs :)
18:16:20 <ahf> that i am glad to hear
18:16:29 <jnewsome> it's what we're calling the new Shadow architecture where each host runs in its own OS process
18:16:38 <ahf> ok, so everybody is OK with 0.4.3 still?
18:16:38 <jnewsome> should simplify a lot of things
18:16:43 <ahf> jnewsome: ah!
18:16:52 <ahf> thanks, that makes sense
18:18:06 <ahf> ok, i take folks are OK with 0.4.3
18:18:17 <ahf> nickm: you had the discussion item, but we already went over that, right?
18:18:24 <nickm> i believe so
18:18:38 <ahf> okay, does anybody else have anything we need to talk about?
18:19:11 <jnewsome> o/
18:19:13 <ahf> short meeting today!
18:19:24 <ahf> you have something, jnewsome or are you saying bye? :-P
18:19:42 <jnewsome> what should I do to push forward the "build for shadow" option? create an item in the kanban?
18:19:54 <ahf> good question
18:20:04 <ahf> i think create a ticket on trac is step #1
18:20:07 <gaba> jnewsome: are you having tickets in trac?
18:20:09 <nickm> jnewsome: what are the next steps on that?
18:20:12 <ahf> the kanban is right now a reflection of our state on trac
18:20:31 <jnewsome> ok, creating a trac ticket sg
18:20:33 <gaba> where are you tracking the tasks for s38?
18:20:58 <jnewsome> nickm: TBD, but a trac ticket sounds like a good place to capture it. A lot depends on whether we want to wait for Phantom or not
18:22:14 <ahf> the overall task is to make tor build as the .so for shadow, right?
18:22:46 <jnewsome> If we want to enable it for pre-Phantom, yes that's the bulk of it
18:23:14 <jnewsome> I *think* with Phantom an executable will be fine, but there may still be some other tweaks we need
18:23:59 <ahf> hm, yeah, because right now the interaction at the main loop is where shadow hooks in
18:24:53 <jnewsome> ok. how about I spend some time this week nailing down what changes we'd need, and capture it in a trac ticket
18:25:06 <ahf> sounds good jnewsome
18:25:26 <ahf> then we can talk about it on wednesday next week (our first meeting in the month is always on wednesdays at 23 UTC)
18:26:00 <swati> I just wanted to say good bye to all you guys. GSoD is wrapping up this week. But I plan to continue contributing as much as I can in future. So, it not a final good bye :-) Thanks everyone for all your help throughout this program.
18:26:17 <swati> it's*
18:27:01 <ahf> ah!
18:27:08 <ahf> thanks for all the work you have been doing, swati
18:27:09 <catalyst> swati: thank you for all your work! we appreciate it and hope to see you around
18:27:13 <dgoulet> swati: aaa! thanks for everything!
18:27:34 <ahf> it has been such a joy to see you and catalyst work on this. if there is ever anything we can do for you (like writing references or something like that) please let us know!
18:27:38 <nickm> thanks, swati !
18:28:06 <gaba> thanks!
18:28:12 <swati> Thanks for all the kind words!
18:28:29 <swati> It's been a real pleasure working with you al.
18:28:33 <swati> all.
18:29:30 <nickm> (is meetbot still running?)
18:29:36 <ahf> i'm gonna turn off the bot for now and then we are done for today
18:29:38 <ahf> #endmeeting