13:59:08 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:59:15 <antonela> hello people!
13:59:22 <thurayya> o/ hello
13:59:35 <antonela> february has 29 days this year which is some how interesting
13:59:45 <antonela> anyways, this is the last week of the month :)
13:59:48 <antonela> the pad here https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2020-keep
14:00:04 <antonela> feel free to add updates, discussion topics, and all the things we like to discuss here
14:02:29 <emmapeel> holaola
14:03:10 <antonela> holahola
14:05:13 <thurayya> olahola
14:06:18 <antonela> okey lets start
14:06:38 <antonela> first thing, pili, thurayya im trying to find the templates i should been reviewing :]
14:06:39 <antonela> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/ux/research/blob/master/.gitlab/issue_templates/UsabilityTestingPlan.md
14:06:47 <antonela> is this? i remember there were another links too
14:07:07 <pili> yup, that's a template for anyone wanting to create a new plan
14:07:18 <pili> and then there's an actual plan for testing the download page
14:07:19 <pili> one sec
14:07:40 <pili> https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/ux/research/issues/1
14:08:07 <pili> I think the first link is better when you try to create a new issue and you can see the drop down to select the template and fill it in
14:08:25 <antonela> nice, thanks! i was looking in templates and i didnt find it
14:08:27 <antonela> thanks pili
14:09:29 <antonela> emmapeel: matt added your name in some tb tickets that include strings review
14:09:50 <antonela> could be nice if you can review those to make sure it will land to transifex properly
14:10:21 <emmapeel> antonela: yeah. i reviewed them from the l10n point of view, but i dont feel like reviewing the strings as UX. i mean, i dont even understand what the certs are for. but we talked about that
14:11:03 <antonela> yes, is good
14:11:04 <emmapeel> i need to update https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/translation/developers to show more possibilities, like the sandbox which is not documented
14:11:19 <antonela> i hope we can wrap up all that work this week so you can call for l10n next week
14:11:20 <antonela> lets see
14:11:29 <emmapeel> ok!
14:11:34 <antonela> thank you!
14:11:42 <emmapeel> thanks for the pign
14:11:46 <emmapeel> ping
14:11:50 <antonela> no worries
14:11:59 <antonela> pili: do you need any collab on the DRL thing?
14:12:19 <pili> antonela: I could do with a review on the objectives and activities, thank you!
14:12:25 <pili> I will pm you the link
14:12:29 <antonela> cool, super
14:13:09 <antonela> just a comment, for the IFF village
14:13:27 <antonela> i ping the Tormentas to see if they are going to be in valencia, would be nice to have a shared space together at our village
14:14:40 <antonela> lets see if we can make it happen :)
14:14:59 <antonela> okey, discussion
14:15:07 <antonela> nah you
14:15:35 <thurayya> we're heading to the next round of trainings from partners (s9)
14:16:03 <thurayya> one of them is scheduled to happen around 8M, and the audience will the lgbtq+/feminists
14:16:20 <thurayya> i'm wondering if we have any priorities for testing at this moment
14:16:25 <thurayya> - download page
14:16:31 <thurayya> - onion services (?)
14:16:49 <pili> my preferences would be download page
14:16:55 <pili> unless it's a very technical audience
14:17:12 <pili> but maybe we can try some basic onion services testing also?
14:17:12 <emmapeel> download page is 'install tor browser'? or you put them straight on the page?
14:17:27 <antonela> yep, i agree
14:17:38 <antonela> we can run the download flow user research
14:17:46 <pili> emmapeel: the scope can be broader or narrower, but the original one is "find, download and install"
14:18:01 <emmapeel> cool!
14:18:05 <pili> well, I think it can be narrower, not sure how we could make it broader still :D
14:18:23 <emmapeel> i wanted to know if we test that the can find the page
14:18:27 <antonela> i like the entire task, find, download and install
14:18:32 <antonela> yes
14:18:34 <thurayya> me too
14:18:36 <emmapeel> yes, me too
14:18:58 <emmapeel> #metoo
14:19:05 <thurayya> ok, so we may rush with the review of this testing hehe
14:19:11 <thurayya> it is in about 2 weeks
14:19:15 <antonela> cool, so i'll review the templates you and pili worked on this week and then we can send this material to the groups
14:19:18 <thurayya> but i'm gonna confirm with them
14:19:21 <antonela> where is going to be?
14:19:26 <thurayya> colombia
14:19:30 <antonela> we do have outreach material for feminist in spanish :)
14:19:33 <antonela> nice
14:19:44 <pili> sound great :)
14:19:47 <thurayya> yes, and we need to translate the testing too
14:19:55 <antonela> true
14:20:55 <thurayya> ok, that's all from testing with communities for now, thanks :)
14:21:00 <antonela> great, thanks nah!
14:21:13 <antonela> next item is mine
14:21:20 <emmapeel> thurayya: lets talk later about translation if you want. maybe tomorrow?
14:21:43 <thurayya> tomorrow is good! we can talk at the tor-ux
14:21:49 <emmapeel> ok
14:22:11 <thurayya> thanks emmapeel
14:22:29 <antonela> i'd like to move forward on setting some kind of workflow for using git to track design iterations. diogosergio did a very nice intro about this process at FOSDEM and I'd love to sync with him on this. If you like the plan, please take a look at his talk at fosdem (i linked it in the pad)
14:22:59 <antonela> i'll email him this week to talk about it and if any of you want to be in the loop, just let me know
14:23:21 <emmapeel> i like that!
14:23:25 <pili> love it
14:23:28 <antonela> this is critical because other designers can setup some expectations about our workflow, can iterate editable files, make commits and we have all in a repository
14:23:34 <pili> will put the talk on my viewing list
14:24:01 <antonela> which is going to be hard sometimes, formatting and preview is not always compatible, but anyways, still being a nice plan to get closer to devs also in our workflow
14:24:03 <antonela> thanks pili!
14:24:10 <antonela> please track me on that so we can ship it :)
14:24:32 <antonela> last item is also mine
14:24:36 <emmapeel> i was wondering if a git introduction workshop was something useful on the IFF... i feel it a bit internal
14:24:55 <emmapeel> but i want to share my (cough) neat tricks
14:25:18 <antonela> yes
14:25:20 <antonela> please
14:25:22 <emmapeel> like 'git add -p' and others
14:25:27 <antonela> love it
14:25:38 <pili> antonela: will do
14:25:49 <emmapeel> ok, will send a workshop proposal
14:25:53 <antonela> :)
14:26:22 <antonela> okey, last item
14:26:50 <antonela> the peer review cycle is due friday next week, make sure you have reviewers and you asked for feedback and so on
14:27:13 <antonela> okey
14:27:15 <emmapeel> nobody asked for my feedback :S
14:27:15 <antonela> what else folks?
14:27:32 <pili> emmapeel: less work for you! :) (I'll ask you next time ;) )
14:27:53 <antonela> i think an amount of emails about peer-feedback will increase next week :)
14:28:49 <emmapeel> i thgouht i was good at feedback, maybe im just picky and annoying :D
14:29:51 <antonela> i like being picky and annoying
14:29:54 * antonela sometimes
14:29:54 <antonela> lol
14:30:11 <emmapeel> but well, i will find out soon cause i asked for feedback!
14:30:51 <antonela> :)
14:31:04 <antonela> i think we are done here people
14:31:05 <antonela> all groot?
14:31:44 <thurayya> yes! :)
14:31:58 <emmapeel> i would like to ask for reviewers for most languages... we dont have enough reviewers and we want to have everything reviewed
14:32:11 <emmapeel> if you know somebody that would like to do that, please let me know
14:33:16 <emmapeel> it does not need to be you directly, but i need some trust, specially in languages i dont speak at all...
14:33:20 <pili> I'm good :)
14:33:26 <emmapeel> im good!
14:33:39 <antonela> emmapeel: should we work together on a call for reviewers kind of email to tor-project?
14:34:08 <antonela> emmapeel: lets talk about it in -l1on
14:34:14 <antonela> thanks folks!
14:34:15 <emmapeel> ok!
14:34:16 <antonela> #endmeeting