15:01:15 <gaba> #startmeeting Metrics Feb 27th
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15:01:25 <gaba> the pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-metricsteam-2020.1-keep
15:01:45 <gaba> irl: I just saw your mail to tor-relays@
15:02:02 <irl> right, those are the changes
15:02:11 <irl> and i'm sure there are people that will say that this is not the right thing to do
15:02:18 <irl> and i agree with them
15:02:23 <irl> but we don't have time to do the right thing here
15:02:48 <irl> we need to do the thing that keeps most of the stuff working long enough that we don't upset everyone while we catch up with the things we need to do before we can do the right thing
15:02:49 <gaba> Can this wait for Monday for the network-health meeting? This is something to discuss with geko, right?
15:03:00 <gaba> I see
15:03:21 <irl> i can attend the monday meeting and we can discuss it
15:03:34 <gaba> ok. I'm adding it to the agenda for monday
15:04:04 <irl> ok
15:05:01 <gaba> the other thing that I added for today is a check-in on the status of the exit scanner
15:05:23 <irl> we have deployed a new machine, check-01.torproject.org and this is currently running the new exit scanner software
15:05:31 <gaba> \o/
15:05:38 <gaba> great!
15:05:40 <irl> if we switched it over right now, collector would still collect exit lists and onionoo would serve correct data
15:05:49 <irl> but, check website would be broken and also dns service wouldn't work
15:06:15 <gaba> when are we switching then?
15:06:24 <irl> i have a deployment template for the check website which i'm in the process of testing and deploying and i expect to need TSA to makes some changes before that works
15:06:48 <irl> so we would have that working either today or tomorrow and then we can choose when we want to switch the source of the exit lists and check website together
15:07:28 <irl> the dns service can be switched seperately, but i'll be deploying the compromise solution unless someone says they really do need the full thing
15:07:54 <gaba> ok. So this is something we can check next week when karsten is in the meeting.
15:08:20 <irl> yes. for now collector has exit lists from the current service and i'm archiving lists on the new service, we can also run a comparison between the two over this time
15:08:24 <irl> before we switch
15:08:43 <gaba> sounds good
15:08:52 <gaba> good work!
15:09:02 <gaba> so this is what you are going to be mostly working on next week
15:09:25 <irl> yes, but also i will find time for more onionperf reviews
15:09:55 <irl> err actually maybe i won't because i need to do peer feedback
15:10:05 <irl> say 50/50 i will also do onionperf reviews
15:10:35 <gaba> ok
15:10:54 <anarcat> irl: would be happy to make those changes to fasttrack chiwui retirement :)
15:11:21 <anarcat> irl: let's peer-program more today :)
15:11:42 <irl> ok, i'm expecting to have things in a few hours
15:12:09 <gaba> :)
15:12:17 <gaba> ok, anything else for today?
15:13:04 <irl> #33305 is done, can you move it to the done pile?
15:13:08 <irl> on the roadmap
15:13:17 <irl> otherwise i need to get the 2fa token from the other room
15:13:37 <gaba> doing it
15:13:39 <irl> thanks
15:13:42 <irl> that's all from me
15:13:57 <gaba> ok
15:14:37 <gaba> then we can end the meeting early
15:14:44 <gaba> have a very good day!
15:14:51 <gaba> #endmeeting