17:59:07 <cohosh> #startmeeting anti-censorship checkin 2020-02-27
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17:59:13 <cohosh> hi!
17:59:17 <dcf1> hi
17:59:33 <cohosh> it's likely a small and short meeting today since we don't have much on the agenda
17:59:42 <cohosh> our meeting pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
18:00:02 <gaba> hi!
18:00:17 <cohosh> anyone have any discussion topics or announcements?
18:00:22 <pili> yes! :)
18:00:27 <pili> shall I add it to the pad
18:00:29 <cohosh> hi pili!
18:00:34 <pili> (I have to be on another meeting now also though)
18:00:42 <pili> hopefully I can split myself
18:01:01 <cohosh> heh
18:01:25 <pili> or I can get ggus to bring the topic on our behalf
18:01:26 <pili> I'll put it onthe pad anyway
18:01:45 <cohosh> okay you or ggus can have the mic now
18:03:25 <pili> right
18:03:36 <pili> so we want to run a session during IFF related to the S30 work and bridges to get people to try to circumvent censorship
18:03:48 <pili> for that we would need to provide a censored network
18:04:03 <pili> and we were wondering if you had some advice on how we can do that
18:04:09 <cohosh> ah nice
18:04:23 <cohosh> so this is to see how usable our current tools are?
18:04:36 <dcf1> I have some notes from the UX sprint in 2015 where we simulated censorship. We used a local host firewall to do it. I will find some links.
18:04:37 <pili> yes, and to see how people deal with it
18:05:01 <cohosh> dcf1: yeah i think we discussed this briefly at the last tor meeting
18:05:14 <cohosh> pili: when is IFF?
18:05:25 <pili> and how they find information about circumvention in censored contexts
18:05:34 <pili> April 20-24
18:06:22 <cohosh> cool
18:07:03 <gaba> maybe some kind of setup around librarybox is something you can use. Maybe we can wait for phw to be back to have this discussion
18:07:26 <pili> ok
18:07:54 <gaba> but the links and documentation from dcf1 will be very helpful :)
18:08:26 <cohosh> i think this is the paper that came out of that work: https://petsymposium.org/2017/papers/issue3/paper2-2017-3-source.pdf
18:08:55 <dcf1> source code and documentation for that is at https://github.com/lindanlee/PETS2017-paper
18:09:08 <dcf1> let me collect a few more links
18:09:16 <cohosh> thanks dcf1!
18:10:24 <pili> thank you dcf1 and cohosh! I'll take a look
18:11:32 <dcf1> I am dropping the notes in the meeting pad
18:11:42 <cohosh> sounds good
18:11:48 <cohosh> any other discussion items for today?
18:12:06 <cohosh> if not, we can more onto our needs help with
18:12:45 <cohosh> cjb: it looks like you have a question on #31011?
18:13:26 <cjb> hi! not an urgent question, but maybe someone can take a look at whether to split this ticket up, later is fine
18:14:13 <cohosh> okay, i'd suggest asking on the ticket
18:14:19 <cjb> yup already did
18:14:27 <cohosh> alright nice
18:14:45 <cohosh> i'm not super familiar with bridgedb so you might want to wait until phw is back
18:15:38 <cohosh> looks like my question on #33211 was answered
18:15:38 <cjb> sounds fine.  it's actually the tor/bridgeauth side of the change that's difficult.  bridgedb was parsing extrainfo docs already but tor wasn't, so getting tor (when being a bridgeauth) to poke at extrainfo transport lines is more work than I expected.
18:15:55 <dcf1> yes I'll close #33211 probably in the next hour
18:16:24 <cohosh> cjb: okay, you might want to join the network team meeting if you don't get a response on the ticket then
18:17:08 <cohosh> dcf1: cool, do you want to handle the deployment? if not i can do that after the meeting
18:17:32 <dcf1> it's already deployed that's what I mean
18:17:47 <dcf1> I was doing it when the meeting started
18:18:26 <cohosh> oh okay, great!
18:18:38 <cohosh> hi agix!
18:19:02 <agix> Hi, sorry for being late
18:19:08 <cohosh> no worries :)
18:19:15 <cohosh> we're just going over our needs help with
18:19:30 <cohosh> do you have any questions or reviews you need?
18:20:16 <agix> i have submitted my patch but i dont know if it has been reviewed yet
18:20:20 <agix> it was only a small one
18:20:49 <cohosh> agix: how did you submit it?
18:21:31 <agix> i falsely opened a new ticket, phw told me to just comment the patch on the open ticket of the issue
18:21:46 <cohosh> do you know the ticket number?
18:22:00 <agix> yes #31967
18:23:33 <cohosh> okay great, i'll take a look but might decide to defer this for when phw gets back
18:23:49 <agix> sure thing
18:23:53 <dcf1> agix: you need to change the ticket status to needs_review
18:24:19 <agix> i tried to but it seems like i dont have the rights to do so
18:24:32 <dcf1> If you put {{{ }}} around the patch, it will format better in the ticket
18:24:39 <cohosh> agix: you can also submit patches by uploading the patch file as an attachment, this presents it in a slightly more readable way
18:24:43 <dcf1> oh I didn't know that it required special permission, sorry
18:24:51 <cohosh> i just changed the status
18:25:00 <agix> dfc1: thanks for the tip :D
18:25:29 <agix> cohosh: ok i will do that in the future
18:25:46 <dcf1> thanks for working on this agix
18:25:59 <dcf1> pili, ggus: I posted all my links at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep . Watch some of the videos, they are fun.
18:26:03 <cohosh> yup, thanks!
18:26:08 <agix> dfc1: thanks for being a part of this :)
18:26:27 <cohosh> okay anything else?
18:26:37 <agix> cohosh: could you also help me to close the ticket i mistakenly opened? it seems like i don't have rights to close  as well
18:27:02 <cohosh> ah yes
18:27:09 <cohosh> do you remember the ticket number for that one?
18:27:14 <agix> yes its its #33388
18:27:35 <dcf1> (hmm this is disempowering if contributors can't close their own tickets)
18:28:00 <cohosh> yeah we should get you updated permissions
18:28:13 <cohosh> i will ask in #tor-dev who has the power to do that
18:28:16 <agix> that would be nice :)
18:28:28 <dcf1> I had to ask for super-Trac permissions for all the links I add to wiki/doc/MetricsTimeline and now I don't see rough edges like that
18:29:49 <dcf1> #24120
18:30:24 <cohosh> lol, i've run into that with patches before
18:30:46 <cohosh> hopefully contribution gets easier in the switch to gitlab
18:31:25 <cohosh> for now, i've asked in #tor-dev to give agix more permissions for trac
18:31:39 <agix> thanks for that
18:32:19 <cohosh> any last topics for discussion?
18:33:57 <cohosh> okay i'll end the meeting for today
18:34:01 <cohosh> #endmeeting