22:59:04 <ahf> #startmeeting network team meeting, 5 march 2020
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22:59:07 <ahf> hello everybody
22:59:23 <ahf> our pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep
22:59:42 <catalyst> o/
22:59:55 <ahf> o/ catalyst
23:00:06 * ahf gives folks a bit of time
23:00:24 <ahf> nick might be missing todays meeting and david and asn are probably afk as well
23:00:57 <gaba> o/
23:01:24 <jnewsome> o/
23:02:05 <ahf> everybody (except jnewsome who is still too new for this): remember to do peer reviews this week. if you have reviews for somebody that *i* need to look at, then it's OK to wait till monday with it
23:03:06 <ahf> okay, let's rock
23:03:19 <ahf> Let's check and update our roadmap: What's done, and what's coming up? Use: https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/core/tor/boards
23:03:44 <gaba> I will send a mail later to coordinate next roadmap exercise.
23:04:04 <ahf> cool!
23:04:09 * teor is here
23:04:10 <ahf> are we gonna do it here in march
23:04:11 <ahf> ?
23:04:51 <gaba> end of March seems fine to me
23:05:03 <gaba> It may be fast because many of you already have specific projects working on
23:05:18 <ahf> cool! sounds awesome
23:06:07 * arma2 is nearby if needed
23:06:22 <ahf> okay, looks like reviews are OK, we have two without reviewers, one is arma2's tiny patch from today
23:06:29 <ahf> i will probably do that one on friday if nobody else does it
23:06:31 * gaba is going to be half here for the rest of the meeting
23:06:47 <ahf> :-S slow day today
23:07:31 <ahf> how are folks doing with 0.4.3?
23:07:41 * ahf is behind her for sure
23:07:44 <ahf> here*
23:08:23 * gaba wonders who else is in the meeting today
23:08:45 <teor> I am focused on feedback, then outreachy, then reviews
23:08:58 <ahf> yeah, i think this will be a real short meeting
23:09:08 <teor> I've had to do some personal stuff this week, so I haven't had a lot of time to make progress
23:09:10 <ahf> everybody is busy
23:09:30 <ahf> teor: cool, remember if you want to postpone some feedback stuff that i need to process then it can happen sometime during my monday
23:09:37 <ahf> we have two discussion items
23:09:55 <ahf> After we've finished these TROVEs, let's do a retrospective?
23:09:58 <teor> Thanks! Unfortunately 2/3 of my mandatory feedbacks have to go to other team leads.
23:10:02 <ahf> and more text than i can paste in irc :-/
23:10:09 <ahf> i think it is a good idea, i don't know who added it
23:10:34 <teor> The TROVE thing is me, let's talk about it when more people are around?
23:10:44 <teor> The March/April retrospective might be a good time
23:11:17 <ahf> yeah
23:11:21 <ahf> let's keep this for next meeting too
23:11:39 <ahf> added a comment to bring them up next week too, teor
23:11:48 <ahf> for both of the items i think
23:12:07 <ahf> okay, i see nothing to discuss here and now then. should we call it a day already then?
23:12:24 <ahf> well, ending the meeting
23:12:28 <ahf> it's morning for teor 8)
23:12:29 <gaba> ok
23:12:37 <ahf> jnewsome: you good?
23:12:42 <jnewsome> yup
23:12:49 <gaba> teor: how are you doing with s55? should we cancel today's meeting today or do you think we have stuff to check-in?
23:13:04 <gaba> today's meeting too*
23:13:21 <teor> gaba: good question
23:13:52 <teor> I haven't made any progress on Sponsor 55 for the past two weeks, I've been focused on Outreachy and feedback and keeping up with emails
23:14:22 <teor> I'd love to offload some outreachy tasks to nickm or ahf
23:14:23 <gaba> ok. Let's check in next week then. Please let me know if you need anything else out of your plate.
23:14:24 <ahf> maybe a smart thing to wait to next week then with an update?
23:14:28 <ahf> teor: what can i do?
23:14:35 <gaba> teor: yes, please do not worry about outreachy.
23:14:40 <teor> ahf: let me find the list from my email?
23:15:03 <ahf> you sent me an email or is it on a ML?
23:15:07 <gaba> ahf: let's talk with pili tomorrow about next steps and how to finish it. I think now is mostly about answering questions
23:15:15 * gaba needs to run now o/
23:15:28 <teor> How about I send ahf and nickm and gaba an email with the things that still need to be done?
23:15:36 <ahf> gaba: i wont be around much of tomorrow :-/
23:15:36 <teor> I'll try to prioritise as well
23:15:38 <ahf> or it will be in spikes
23:15:46 <ahf> teor: that would be lovely!
23:16:34 <teor> I think I'm done then :-)
23:16:55 <ahf> awesome
23:17:01 <ahf> thanks all!
23:17:03 <ahf> #endmeeting