14:09:33 <hiro> #startmeeting
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14:09:36 <hiro> ok!
14:09:54 <hiro> ggus pili there are only two things on the agenda that are carry over from last week
14:10:01 <hiro> but feel free to add more
14:10:04 <pili> :)
14:10:36 <pili> (I'm 50% here, sorry)
14:10:37 <pili> I have a beginning of the month triage
14:10:38 <pili> for websites today
14:11:08 <hiro> Can we postpone this for next week?
14:11:19 <hiro> I'd like to migrate dip today
14:12:24 <antonela> hello hello
14:13:03 <pili> hiro: sure
14:14:36 <pili> I'm 100% here now
14:15:24 <ggus> i'm done
14:15:37 <hiro> ok
14:15:43 <hiro> so I see everyone has their updates
14:15:50 <hiro> let's start with the first topic
14:15:58 <hiro> #topic add onion addresses
14:16:09 <hiro> I think antonela suggestion is what we should do
14:16:44 <hiro> there might be situation where the user is taken out of the .onion
14:16:49 <hiro> especially when switching portal
14:16:56 <antonela> true
14:17:16 <hiro> but with the headers we should be able to bring the user back into onion space
14:17:20 <antonela> but if the user opt-in for the onion (in tor browser for now) can get the onion back
14:17:21 <antonela> yes
14:17:42 <ggus> i remember someone opening a ticket in trac saying that accessing the main website via .onion all the links still were '.org'
14:18:24 <hiro> yep
14:18:39 <hiro> I think most of the link are absolute links
14:18:56 <hiro> because like support.tp.o and community.tp.o are on two different subdomains
14:18:57 <ggus> if we use alt-svc we mitigate that? or do we need to change all links?
14:18:59 <pili> ggus: yup, me too if we're talking about the recent one
14:19:28 <hiro> we can't change the links... we serve static pages
14:19:45 <hiro> but we can map links to onions like in https://onion.torproject.org/
14:19:54 <hiro> and serve the appropriate headers on the page
14:21:29 <pili> sounds great to me :)
14:21:53 <hiro> ooook
14:21:57 <pili> and is a great way to showcase some of the recent S27 work
14:22:06 <pili> or at least take advantage
14:22:38 <hiro> ooooook
14:22:48 <pili> (I'm done)
14:23:02 <hiro> welll the donate flow iteration is done apparently
14:23:12 <hiro> so the next topic is S27 documentation updates
14:23:20 <antonela> si, i created the tb ticket, devs worked on it and i updated www
14:23:25 <hiro> #topic S27 documentation updates
14:23:35 <pili> for S27, I created a bunch of tickets about this
14:24:03 <pili> now I'm not sure what to do with them :) as in how to assign them and we had discussed maybe assigning them to the docshackathon
14:24:08 <pili> so I wanted to hear people's ideas on this
14:24:17 <hiro> when is the hackaton planned for?
14:24:25 <ggus> pili: when the release is planned?
14:25:02 <pili> it's all coming out in alphas
14:25:19 <pili> different ones
14:25:29 <pili> e.g some of these features are already on the latest alpha
14:25:35 <pili> I can get you a full breakdown though
14:26:19 <ggus> the stable release, i mean
14:27:14 <pili> next stable release is currently planned for mid April
14:27:22 <pili> as in 9.5 stable
14:27:30 <emmapeel> oops sorry im late
14:27:50 <pili> and I'm assuming/hoping most if not all of these features in alpha will make it to 9.5 stable
14:28:58 <ggus> c1e0 started to work on part of this documentation
14:29:07 <ggus> but we can follow up during docshackathon
14:29:21 <pili> yup :)
14:29:34 <pili> ok
14:30:10 <hiro> when is the docs hackaton again?
14:30:59 <pili> end of the month iirc
14:31:18 <ggus> yes, last week of march
14:31:21 <hiro> ok I'd like to take that week to do mostly website stuff
14:31:27 <pili> yay :D
14:31:29 <hiro> so I can help with template issues or other stuff
14:31:43 <emmapeel> cool!
14:31:48 <hiro> could you or ggus send an email to the www list?
14:31:49 <pili> I can concentrate on dev portal myself
14:31:52 <hiro> with the dates?
14:32:04 <hiro> maybe others in that list will like to participate
14:32:21 <ggus> hiro: we will have a blog post
14:32:22 <hiro> unless there was an email to tor-project that I missed
14:32:31 <emmapeel> we still have no blogpost, we should have some nice blogpost so tgeek can ask for day at work as well
14:32:36 <hiro> yeah but I don't check the blog xD
14:32:46 <emmapeel> i sent an email to tor-project but was to ask for new tickets for docs
14:32:47 <hiro> and maybe others in that list don't either
14:32:54 <emmapeel> pre-hackathon
14:33:16 <hiro> or just tell em the exact dates and I'll send the email
14:33:21 <hiro> I have to send the report too anyways
14:34:09 <ggus> 23- 28 march
14:34:37 <hiro> cool
14:35:28 <hiro> ok guys
14:35:32 <hiro> do we have any other topic?
14:36:29 <antonela> any resolution about the glossary?
14:37:11 <hiro> yeah me and emmapeel had a short call and fixed the issue with localization
14:37:16 <hiro> emmapeel want to tell about that?
14:37:24 <hiro> #topic glossary
14:37:28 <antonela> anything we should know?
14:37:32 <hiro> not really
14:37:39 <emmapeel> localization? we were talkin gabout the new glossary model, made some changes
14:37:48 <hiro> yeah that ^
14:38:10 <hiro> before I had in the model the original_term that doesn't get translated nad the term that gets translated
14:38:15 <hiro> we hacked on this a bit
14:38:17 <emmapeel> i mean word model, from the glossary. now 'somebody'(tm) should move the contents
14:38:19 <hiro> and we now have only the term
14:38:44 <hiro> and we get the original term via the id of the term
14:38:47 <hiro> more or less
14:40:15 <hiro> I can try to move the content
14:40:21 <hiro> maybe during the docs hackaton
14:40:45 <ggus> if we have some instructions, we can find volunteers to do this
14:40:52 <emmapeel> i can open a ticket
14:41:08 <emmapeel> with nice instructions for newbies
14:41:27 <hiro> I wanted to make a script
14:41:34 <antonela> im asking because the new docs we need for s27 can easily link to known words
14:42:40 <emmapeel> antonela: the links will only change slightly, from support.torproject.org/misc/glossary/#tor  to support.torproject.org/glossary/tor
14:43:06 <pili> antonela: do you think we should update the glossary for S27 also then?
14:43:13 <emmapeel> so maybe you can try with the current words and then we just replace a bit (that is not so hard to do and i can do it
14:43:38 <antonela> ok
14:43:41 <antonela> i think so
14:44:08 <antonela> like we have core wording happening: onion routing, onion services, authentication and so on
14:44:13 <emmapeel> there are also new words c1e0 added in some not-yet-merged PRs
14:44:36 <pili> ok, we should open a ticket for that then, I don't think there is one
14:44:48 <antonela> for the glossary?
14:45:03 <pili> I guess, if we need to add new terms
14:45:07 <pili> or update the content
14:45:13 <pili> or maybe it falls under the support updates
14:45:20 <antonela> https://support.torproject.org/glossary/
14:45:20 <pili> since the glossary is in support?
14:45:34 <antonela> is were words will live?
14:45:39 <antonela> *where
14:46:26 <emmapeel> antonela: yes. you need to create them with a special model now, the example is https://gitweb.torproject.org/project/web/support.git/tree/content/glossary/little-t-tor/contents.lr
14:46:32 <antonela> perfect
14:46:36 <pili> I'll add a comment to the tickets on support portal updates if so
14:47:52 <antonela> and what happen with all the content we have in misc?
14:48:28 <antonela> like misc/glossary
14:48:33 <antonela> is that what we should move?
14:48:37 <hiro> that has to be migrated
14:48:39 <hiro> yes
14:48:45 <hiro> my idea was to make a script and move it
14:48:51 <hiro> during the docs hackaton
14:49:02 <antonela> i see
14:49:14 <hiro> or someone has to move that before
14:49:18 <hiro> I am ok with that too
14:49:32 <antonela> i mean, im trying to understand the effort
14:49:40 <antonela> because i think is critical for the docs
14:49:46 <antonela> but maybe am i wrong
14:49:58 <hiro> if it's critical I can try to script this before the hackaton
14:50:13 <hiro> but I need to finish dip first
14:50:38 <antonela> yes
14:50:41 <hiro> what does everybody else think?
14:50:57 <antonela> but are we going to rely on collabs for the s27 docs?
14:50:59 <pili> for the S27 docs?
14:51:02 <emmapeel> i would like to have it finished and i didnt move them because i would do it by hand and it will take me ages
14:51:03 <hiro> does this need to happen likebefore the hackaton?
14:51:12 <pili> I don't think so
14:51:19 <pili> especially since stable is not until mid April
14:51:20 <emmapeel> but i think we should finish the support portal eventually
14:51:26 <pili> and the hackathon is end of march
14:51:47 <ggus> i think we are mixing all the meeting topics now hehe
14:52:00 <ggus> docshackathon, s27, glossary, dip migration
14:52:06 <pili> now, for the overall onion services strategy it may be more important not sure :)
14:52:08 <pili> ggus: :P
14:52:19 <antonela> well, is somehow related
14:52:59 <ggus> for s27: it's critical when hits tor browser stable. because this documentation is for users first.
14:53:14 <antonela> yes
14:53:16 <antonela> right
14:53:31 <antonela> could be nice to have it earlier tho, so it reaches l10n
14:53:40 <pili> true
14:53:43 <antonela> like now, alpha links are broken
14:54:12 <ggus> for tor browser 9.5 we also will need snowflake? how this is going? because we don't have anything about it in support portal atm
14:54:33 <antonela> ?
14:54:36 <emmapeel> well, you could add the new terms with the example i pasted before. then, we wait for moving the old terms
14:55:10 <pili> ggus: is there a ticket? if not I will create
14:55:25 <pili> (we need to vacate in 4 minutes for metrics team)
14:55:36 <ggus> pili: maybe in trac
14:56:32 <hiro> I'll end the meeting
14:56:41 <hiro> please continue talking in t he www channell
14:56:47 <hiro> #endmeeting