15:02:05 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:02:54 <karsten> please add more topics.
15:04:03 <irl> i'm not sure that there are more topics
15:04:29 <karsten> okay.
15:04:38 <karsten> let's start then.
15:04:42 <karsten> Feedback due tomorrow (karsten)
15:04:58 <karsten> the topic says it all. :)
15:05:02 <irl> can we say it's due wednesday?
15:05:32 <irl> i think i am only writing self-feedback and your feedback because no one else asked me that i felt i would be able to write enough about
15:06:02 <irl> (it can't be after wednesday, because that would be my last day next week and then i'm vacation for a week)
15:06:35 <karsten> so, hmm,
15:06:48 <karsten> it's not a deadline I made, so I'm uneasy to say we can move it.
15:07:09 <irl> tomorrow is impossible
15:07:26 <gaba> I think it is ok if it takes you a couple of more days
15:07:27 <karsten> how is monday?
15:07:35 <karsten> okay.
15:07:46 <irl> i would have to write two feedbacks in a day to do it monday
15:07:50 <karsten> gaba would know better.
15:08:00 <irl> tomorrow i'm at the scottish networking event meeting
15:08:41 <karsten> okay. maybe try to do it earlier than wednesday, with wednesday being the latest possible day?
15:08:57 <irl> yeah, hopefully tuesday lunchtime
15:09:17 <karsten> this is easy for me to say after having submitted mine a few hours ago and not knowing whether I would make it by tomorrow.
15:10:13 <karsten> alright, thanks! and if it means pushing something else (reviews, etc.) to the back, then please do that.
15:10:36 <irl> ok
15:10:40 <karsten> moving on?
15:10:43 <irl> yep
15:10:46 <karsten> Exit List Service Change Announcement (irl)
15:11:15 <irl> pending #33536 which anarcat is working on right now, we're done with setting up the replacement
15:11:27 <karsten> awesome!
15:11:34 <irl> we can announce this and we need to announce it because it does break some stuff
15:11:52 <irl> we tested with the setup used by a popular irc network, and they migrated to the new thing fine
15:11:58 <anarcat> irl: deploy fix right now
15:12:02 <anarcat> deploying*
15:12:34 <karsten> how much time between announcement and deployment?
15:12:34 <irl> i'm working on the announcement in the pad there, i was hoping it would be done and we can hit send after the meeting, but that didn't happen
15:12:59 <irl> the actual switch over will happen in steps, we can switch over the check.tpo domain name as soon as these aliases are in
15:13:22 <irl> the old dns service we'll keep running for whatever is a reasonable amount of time, and then shut it off
15:13:31 <irl> the new dns service is already live and in use by some people
15:14:12 <karsten> what's the reasonable amount of time? 2 weeks?
15:14:16 <irl> i don't think we need to give any warning for the breaking of the bulk exit exporter, because api usage by scripts will still work
15:14:23 <irl> 2 weeks is probably reasonable for the dns service
15:14:36 <irl> if it's not changed after 2 weeks, then it probably won't change until we break it
15:15:09 <karsten> okay. I can review the announcement/blog post, if you want.
15:15:16 <karsten> just let me know when it's ready for review.
15:15:34 <gaba> let's involve stephw once the blogpost is ready
15:15:46 <irl> yeah that would be great, i'll try to get it done before the weekend but it's going to be a stretch
15:15:48 <stephw> thanks!
15:15:57 <anarcat> irl: deployed
15:16:02 <irl> anarcat: thanks! (:
15:16:19 <anarcat> i made some notes about other aliases that might be missing in https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/33536#comment:3
15:16:23 <anarcat> maybe you'd like to double-check that
15:16:37 <irl> https://check-01.torproject.org/torbulkexitlist is working
15:17:56 <irl> yeah i have no idea what the api thing is
15:18:06 <irl> when someone complains about it we can fix it
15:18:54 <karsten> alright, anything else on this topic?
15:19:12 <irl> hopefully not
15:19:30 <karsten> what can go wrong...
15:19:41 <karsten> okay, quickly moving on.
15:19:46 <karsten> Needs review tickets (karsten)
15:20:13 <karsten> acute: I was wondering if you'd like to look at #33255.
15:20:42 <acute> yes, I would like to review it!
15:20:59 <karsten> thanks! (feel free to assign yourself as reviewer, if that helps you.)
15:21:16 <karsten> the others can wait another week or two, I think.
15:21:44 <irl> ok cool
15:21:53 <acute> great, thank you!
15:21:54 <karsten> Defect tickets (karsten)
15:23:13 <karsten> are we going to work on the high-priority tickets in the next week?
15:23:51 <irl> the three that relate to onionperf we can do in the first week me and acute are back
15:24:00 <karsten> if not, we could move them all back to medium (including the low prio) and pick something new next time.
15:24:11 <karsten> should we leave those three in high prio?
15:24:27 <irl> #30588 could go back to medium
15:24:47 <irl> but the monitoring ones are generating not enough and too many alerts, and we need to fix those
15:24:59 <karsten> okay.
15:25:03 <karsten> will make changes after the meeting.
15:25:30 <karsten> moving on?
15:25:33 <irl> ok
15:25:38 <karsten> Roadmap (gaba)
15:25:52 <karsten> I already moved around some cards before the meeting.
15:27:18 <irl> my in progress tickets are #33510 and #33508
15:27:39 <irl> and more generally #29399
15:27:58 <karsten> do we have cards for those?
15:28:10 <irl> the general ticket has the scope for making new tickets which will be for tsa to execute
15:28:17 <irl> we might not
15:29:12 <karsten> we do have a card for #33293, though.
15:29:52 <karsten> is that not done?
15:30:38 <irl> yes that
15:30:40 <irl> '
15:30:42 <irl> s done
15:30:50 <irl> apostophe is too close to line feed
15:30:52 <karsten> do you want to update the board for all these?
15:31:18 <irl> yeah just doing that
15:31:23 <karsten> ah, great!
15:31:29 <acute> apart from reviews, I'm working on some of the Sponsor 59 OP tickets next week, but the cards are not yet in Trello
15:31:41 <karsten> want to add them?
15:31:54 <acute> I will add them
15:32:15 <karsten> thanks!
15:32:43 <acute> should we sync all of the tickets to the trello backlog?
15:33:01 <gaba> I can do that for next week
15:33:02 <irl> only ones we should be thinking about
15:33:13 <gaba> I can add the new ones into the icebox
15:33:35 <gaba> karsten: we agreed on a date for looking at the roadmap again. Do you remember which date?
15:33:36 <acute> yes, icebox might be better as there's quite a few of them!
15:34:26 <karsten> uhmmm
15:34:59 <gaba> i need to look at my notes
15:35:19 <karsten> we briefly talked about switching to monthly roadmaps that we would make at the beginning of a month and review at the end of a month.
15:35:32 <gaba> starting in April I think it was
15:35:44 <karsten> did we say we're doing that instead of the regular weekly meeting?
15:35:49 <gaba> no
15:36:03 <karsten> I mean, instead of the first regular weekly meeting of a month.
15:36:15 <gaba> ah yes
15:36:25 <karsten> so, yes, starting in april.
15:36:49 <karsten> let's remind ourselves of that plan towards the end of this month. :)
15:37:06 <gaba> I will add a reminder to the pad
15:37:13 <karsten> okay.
15:37:34 <karsten> anything else on the roadmap topic?
15:37:51 <acute> not from me
15:38:01 <gaba> nop
15:38:16 <karsten> if not, we're out of topics for today.
15:38:21 <irl> cool
15:38:48 <karsten> great! have a great day, everyone. o/
15:38:57 <gaba> o/
15:38:59 <acute> thanks!
15:39:07 <karsten> #endmeeting