17:59:16 <cohosh> #startmeeting anti-censorship check in 2020-03-05
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17:59:23 <cohosh> hi!
17:59:30 <dcf1> hi
17:59:34 <cohosh> our meeting pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
17:59:41 <agix> hi
18:00:08 <cohosh> we don't have much on the agenda today
18:00:31 <cohosh> as an announcement, it looks like privacytools.io has mentioned snowflake as a recommended browser add-on
18:00:35 <cohosh> so that's cool
18:01:15 <cohosh> and to follow up on the IFF discussion last week, i think IFF has been cancelled this year?
18:02:07 <dcf1> ya https://blog.torproject.org/iff-tor-village-valencia
18:02:15 <cohosh> that's unfortunate :/
18:02:51 <cohosh> hopefully we can find another event for that sponsor30 usability work
18:03:14 <cohosh> any other items we should add to the agenda today?
18:03:23 <dcf1> those in-person usability tests are an amazing thing to witness
18:04:07 <cohosh> yeah, it seems like it :D
18:04:50 <cohosh> i guess another announcement is that we are participating in GSoC this year
18:05:09 <cohosh> there are a few anti-censorhsip project ideas
18:05:16 <cohosh> our ideas page is here: https://community.torproject.org/gsoc/
18:06:16 <agix> thats cool :)
18:06:55 <dcf1> agix: "what is the preferred way for you guys to submit a fix? Should I just push my branch or submit a patch as an attachment on the ticket?"
18:07:04 <dcf1> either an attached patch or a ticket is fine
18:07:19 <gaba> hi!
18:07:20 <dcf1> if it's just one commit and unlikely to need revision I often attach a patch
18:07:34 <dcf1> if it's more commits or something that needs iteration, usually a branch
18:07:55 <dcf1> Use `git format-patch` for the patches and they're easy
18:08:01 <agix> dcf1: thanks for the clarification :)
18:09:07 <cohosh> agix: for #31528, if you submit a patch that changes the strings, the strings will be automatically updated in Transifex when the patch is merged
18:09:20 <cohosh> transifex is the tool we use for managing translations
18:09:56 <cohosh> so long story short: don't worry about it now. despite the fact that some of these strings have been translated i think we still want to move away from them
18:10:25 <agix> cohosh: I see, but the actual translation will be done by a volunteer?
18:10:34 <cohosh> yes, that's right
18:10:41 <agix> cohosh: okay thanks
18:10:54 <cohosh> no problem, thanks for working on these tickets!
18:11:47 <cohosh> dcf1: RE #32938, i'm waffling on whether i think this approach is a good idea
18:12:20 <cohosh> like whether it is a useful UI improvement
18:12:40 <dcf1> was the 0.2.2 webext update about making this change in the browser proxies?
18:12:50 <dcf1> i'm going to look at #32938
18:13:01 <cohosh> no that was just a translation update
18:13:14 <cohosh> we got a lot of progress on translations recently and i wanted to push those changes out
18:13:19 <dcf1> ok
18:13:54 <cohosh> thanks for taking a look, and don't be afraid to say the feature is undesirable
18:14:28 <cohosh> okay, any other needs help with?
18:16:26 <agix> i did a little summary about some of issues regarding setting up bridgedb. should i get in touch with phw and discuss with him some of my findings, once he is back?
18:16:56 <cohosh> agix: that would be great. if there is documentation that can be improved, you can also create a ticket for it
18:16:59 <cohosh> and put the information there
18:17:15 <agix> ok cool :)
18:17:55 <cohosh> if there's nothing else, i guess i'll end the meeting
18:18:11 <cohosh> oh dcf1 do you have an idea of the time frame for turbo tunnel testing?
18:18:57 <dcf1> haven't gotten much useful feedback yet except from arma2
18:19:15 <dcf1> i was going to make a ticket to talk about merging it
18:19:40 <cohosh> ok
18:19:51 <dcf1> modulo #33519, it's working well for me at least, I've been able to use the snowflake browser as primary the past couple of weeks
18:19:54 <cohosh> fwiw i've been using it and enjoying the experience a lot more than pre-turbotunnel snowflake
18:20:09 <dcf1> thanks, good to know
18:20:34 <cohosh> i downloaded some significantly sized files over it and it went well
18:21:03 <dcf1> https://metrics.torproject.org/rs.html#details/5481936581E23D2D178105D44DB6915AB06BFB7F
18:21:29 <dcf1> The "written bytes" and "read bytes" lines are staring to diverge... I don't know how to interpret that.
18:21:45 <dcf1> but I guess it's something to do with the testing packages
18:22:06 <cohosh> o.O
18:22:34 <cohosh> is this outbound vs. inbound traffic?
18:22:42 <cohosh> i have actually never thought to look at those graphs
18:23:13 <dcf1> i don't know what it means exactly to be honest. but it's atypical that the two graphs should track so closely, as snowflake's has until recently.
18:24:35 <cohosh> look at some obfs4 bridges, those lines seem pretty close
18:24:51 <dcf1> try like moria1 though https://metrics.torproject.org/rs.html#details/9695DFC35FFEB861329B9F1AB04C46397020CE31
18:25:20 <cohosh> ah what
18:25:36 <dcf1> but actually you're right, default obfs4 zipfelmuete has almost identical lines
18:25:39 <dcf1> https://metrics.torproject.org/rs.html#details/5F161D2E5713C93F16FEEDD63178E37208AA78DF
18:25:58 <dcf1> maybe it's different for bridges. ok, I don't know what to think
18:26:50 <cohosh> we could ask someone from metrics
18:27:08 <cohosh> maybe after the meeting though
18:27:43 <cohosh> okay, anything else? if not i'll end the meeting in a minute
18:29:22 <cohosh> #endmeeting