15:59:27 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team - 09 mar 2020
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15:59:48 <ggus> hey! here we are!
15:59:57 <ggus> please update the pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2020-keep
16:00:21 <ggus> and after that we can discuss some topics :)
16:00:23 <antonela> what a pink
16:00:27 <c1e0> o/
16:01:22 <ggus> antonela: so pink that even hurt my eyes
16:01:30 <antonela> si
16:01:32 <antonela> haha
16:01:51 <antonela> thank you
16:05:40 <ggus> tell me when you're done :)
16:06:45 <pili> done :)
16:08:41 <ggus> Do we have Outreachy applicants here in this meeting? do you want to introduce yourself to us? :)
16:11:00 <ggus> mmhh, seems we don't. let's continue the meeting and if you want to introduce later, please do at #tor-www
16:11:08 <ggus> - UX feedback online presentation from Andrew/Uganda
16:11:19 <ggus> this one is quick
16:12:08 <ggus> one of our partners in Uganda submitted an activity to Tor Village, but since IFF was cancelled due corona virus thing, i asked if they could present the activity online for us
16:12:24 <emmapeel> nice!
16:12:24 <kulloveth__> Hello everyone, I'm Loveth outreachy applicant interested in project 1: Help Tor project support our Users. I am from Nigeria
16:12:46 <ggus> so we should think about when, if it is public, jitsi? irc?
16:12:52 <antonela> very nice ggus
16:13:01 <ggus> welcome, kulloveth__ ! :)
16:13:11 <c1e0> kulloveth__ Welcome! :)
16:13:53 <kulloveth__> Thank you :)
16:14:29 <ggus> I think we could try Jitsi. but, what do you think antonela?
16:14:41 <antonela> works for me
16:14:55 <antonela> im not sure how many people will join, but we can learn
16:15:15 <antonela> (how much people jitsi can host :)
16:15:56 <emmapeel> if only one person is speaking it should be easier
16:16:05 <antonela> do we have any suggested dates for it?
16:16:45 <ggus> antonela: maybe we could try to aggregate more online activities and do it in april?
16:16:55 <ggus> or UX team agenda is too busy this month?
16:17:51 <antonela> this month march or this month april? i'm working on closing s27 and starting s30 but we can do something
16:18:11 <ggus> april
16:18:17 <pili> I think April would be best
16:18:22 <antonela> yep, we could
16:18:30 <antonela> what is your idea ggus?
16:18:41 <antonela> a day? half-day? which kind of activities?
16:18:45 <pili> give us more time to prepare
16:18:46 <pili> I feel March is quite busy already
16:19:05 <ggus> no, less. like 1 hour activity, so they can present to us their feedback collected
16:21:14 <antonela> that might work yes
16:21:16 <ggus> we could do it in the 'iff week'
16:22:03 <emmapeel> aww
16:22:17 <emmapeel> yes!
16:23:02 <antonela> i wonder if IFF planned something online as well, anyways yes we can do it
16:24:02 <ggus> ok! i'll think about date&time and follow up by email
16:24:58 <ggus> moving to a new topic
16:25:02 <ggus> - New docs for S27
16:25:15 <ggus> Pili, antonela do you want to introduce this topic?
16:25:20 <pili> sure
16:25:51 <pili> so for S27/Onion services projects we've been working on a number of new features to make onion services easier to use in Tor Browser
16:26:08 <pili> we've started releasing some of these in Tor Browser Alpha
16:27:26 <pili> and we're hoping to have most/all(?!) of them available in the next stable Tor Browser (9.5) currently due around mid-late April
16:27:34 <pili> possibly early May
16:28:02 <pili> also some of these features make use of Learn more links that need to point somewhere in support or Tor Browser manuals
16:28:45 <pili> so we should have at least some placeholder links available for the alphas
16:28:47 <pili> and some proper content ready for the release around mid April to give us time for localization also
16:29:25 <pili> I think that is all I have to say on that :)
16:29:53 <ggus> we have some tickets for this new additions, but we don't have a master ticket, do we?
16:30:36 <antonela> for people who wants to try the new features and make lets say, screenshots or gifs, there are tor browser builds available (some of it is already in alpha, some of it needs specific nightlies)
16:33:20 <pili> ggus: no, there's no master ticket right now, there is one for each feature
16:33:46 <pili> as in, one master ticket for each feature under the feature master ticket
16:33:49 <ggus> ok, i can start working on this during docshackathon. who i can talk about these features if i don't understand? pili?
16:34:07 <pili> yup or antonela or the devs
16:34:23 <ggus> i think c1e0 also started working on some of these features
16:34:45 <pili> e.g acat or pospeselr or brade and mcs depending on the feature
16:34:46 <pili> you can start with antonela and myself though
16:34:47 <pili> yes, thank you c1e0 ! :)
16:34:52 <antonela> yep
16:35:03 <ggus> c1e0: would you like to share with us what part of this new docs you've worked on?
16:36:57 <c1e0> ggus: I've created new onion auth entries for the support, community and manual portals.
16:37:37 <ggus> cool! :)
16:39:52 <ggus> pili: let's work on this during our sync meeting this week. if we have a list of things that we need to change, i can work on this, like i did for TB 9 and tb-manual.
16:41:01 <antonela> #31069 is this the ticket c1e0?
16:41:15 <c1e0> antonela Yes
16:41:31 <antonela> great
16:42:13 <pili> ggus: sounds good, thank you
16:42:51 <ggus> great, let's move to: - DocsHackathon ticket triage and tasks
16:43:14 <emmapeel> ot many new tickets with the call :S
16:43:19 <emmapeel> *not
16:43:42 <ggus> :/ we need more easy tasks
16:46:18 <pili> I think people may be quite busy to tag and or create tickets
16:46:46 <pili> I can take an action to review existing tickets and tag any good ones
16:46:47 <pili> I'm sure we have them
16:47:04 <pili> do we want to include community portal tickets this time round?
16:47:29 <ggus> yesss!
16:48:10 <ggus> One thing that we should also discuss this time, is how many of you wants to do pull request review
16:48:24 <ggus> and properly merging it to the websites
16:49:27 <pili> I can do it, I think I was doing it last time also
16:49:30 <emmapeel> i can do it
16:49:37 <ggus> (we have more 5 minutes before folks from network team arrives)
16:49:56 <emmapeel> i was plannign to make better compile-lektor docs while im at it as well
16:50:19 <emmapeel> yeah pili also did last time
16:50:28 <emmapeel> we have it covered!
16:50:49 <ggus> emmapeel: yeah, this would be very helpful. we should update instructions in repositories README.md
16:50:52 <ggus> great!
16:51:04 <ggus> i'll do the blog post for wednesday
16:51:41 <ggus> antonela: do we have a graphic or image to illustrate the blog post? :)
16:51:53 <antonela> not at the moment, but we could :)
16:52:15 <emmapeel> we had a contributor that wanted to join, and could ask a day off work, but he needed some page.
16:52:35 <emmapeel> maybe we can also update https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/CommunityTeam/DocsHackathon ?
16:52:51 <ggus> emmapeel: yep, that's one more reason why i'll do the blog post
16:54:00 <emmapeel> (contributor will be payed by their own work for volunteering at our hackathon!
16:54:03 <emmapeel> )
16:54:15 <emmapeel> thei own employer i mean
16:55:06 <ggus> after the hackathon we will need to tell their employer  if they did 8 hours and sent some good PRs :P
16:56:07 <ggus> anything else about docs hackathon? or it's good?
16:58:04 <ggus> well, looks so.
16:58:06 <ggus> #endmeeting