13:59:05 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:59:12 <antonela> hello folks
13:59:16 * diogosergio waves!
13:59:20 <antonela> hey :)
13:59:21 <diogosergio> hi!
13:59:21 <antonela> hi emmapeel
13:59:26 <antonela> how are you :)
13:59:53 <emmapeel> hmmm good
13:59:59 <pili> hi! :)
14:00:06 <emmapeel> today i didnt advanced much on my goal of getting more tickets for the hackathon
14:00:06 <thurayya> hello o/
14:00:18 <emmapeel> although i advanced in a lot of unrelated things
14:00:20 <antonela> oi nah
14:00:21 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2020-keep
14:00:45 <antonela> please add your updates to the pad and also your discussion items
14:01:58 <emmapeel> ey antonela where is the Feb report?
14:02:15 <antonela> emmapeel: linked in my status
14:02:32 <antonela> shall we start?
14:03:50 <antonela> first item is about the feb report, please emmapeel and thurayya could you add/remove/check l10n and user research sections? I hope send it today/tomorrow
14:04:19 <antonela> the link is the same as always and is in my status
14:04:29 <emmapeel> ok!
14:04:31 <antonela> i still need to finish some parts, but im close
14:04:39 <antonela> thank you!
14:04:57 <antonela> second item is about Onion Browser
14:05:17 <antonela> Guardian and OkThanks have been working on a new release and they are collecting feedback
14:05:26 <antonela> if you hold an iOS device please do it!  https://okthanks.typeform.com/to/JhNvX9
14:06:10 <diogosergio> will do. is this regarding a new update or just in general?
14:06:20 <antonela> both
14:06:22 <thurayya> cool! i will do it too
14:06:31 <antonela> super, thanks!
14:06:34 * diogosergio *thumbs up*
14:07:26 <antonela> the last item is also mine, i see more and more cc with my name and i wonder if we should turn those cc into ux-team labels during our triagge
14:07:29 <antonela> triage
14:07:46 <antonela> im afraid that people think that i can review all their cc tickets and i prefer to set some expectations around it
14:07:51 <antonela> pili, what do you think?
14:08:14 <antonela> i remember we talked about it but i dont remember what happened then :)
14:08:35 <pili> hmm, I think people should set you as a reviewer if they want your review :)
14:08:50 <pili> personally I add the ux-team keyword to make us aware of tickets that may have some ux component so we can triage later
14:09:00 <antonela> a reviewer as in cc?
14:09:03 <pili> not necessarily so that we deal with them as a team
14:09:10 <pili> nope, there's a reviewer field in trac :)
14:09:56 <antonela> right
14:10:00 <pili> we can definitely remove your cc though :)
14:10:08 <emmapeel> maybe we shoudl document this
14:10:31 <antonela> i mean, it makes me feel anxious because i feel that people is waiting for my input and we dont even have it in our plans, but then maybe is me
14:10:32 <emmapeel> i feel when i am added as cc i dont have anything to do about it, at lest yet. it is more to 'keep me in the loop'
14:10:35 <pili> if we weren't moving from trac soon I would also say to have a ux-team "user" like we have for tbb-team in trac
14:10:51 <antonela> i hope we move from trac soon
14:11:05 <emmapeel> if they are waiting for your input they should assign the ticket to you
14:11:10 <antonela> right
14:11:22 <emmapeel> that is what i do at least
14:11:35 <emmapeel> with 'information needed' :D
14:11:43 <antonela> pili: the plan of having ux-team as a keyword allow us to work cross-team and cross-projects
14:12:12 <antonela> the ux-team user is something that will collapse with the keyboard and is confusing, idk
14:12:53 <pili> sure
14:12:58 <emmapeel> antonela: this is the Tails documentation about the ticketing system: https://tails.boum.org/contribute/working_together/Redmine/#index3h1 maybe we can have something similar for gitlab
14:13:27 <antonela> we should have documentation about the "life of a ticket"
14:13:33 <antonela> definitely
14:13:35 <emmapeel> yeah
14:13:45 <pili> ok, so, we should triage tickets where antonela is in cc and change the keyword to ux-team?
14:13:53 <pili> is that the proposed action? :)
14:14:01 <antonela> i dont know, that was my proposal for this problem
14:14:12 <antonela> but im not sure
14:14:16 <antonela> maybe we can try next month?
14:14:34 <pili> I'm good with that :)
14:14:35 <pili> for me is fine and if people need your review they should set you as a reviewer
14:14:40 <emmapeel> ill have a look but it will be with the docshackathong hat :D
14:14:50 <emmapeel> ops hackathong
14:14:52 <pili> and if they want you to be aware of a ticket with no action then cc is fine
14:14:53 <pili> :D
14:14:57 <antonela> right
14:15:01 <antonela> that sounds like a plan
14:15:03 <antonela> thanks pili
14:15:41 <antonela> diogosergio: is there anything we can do to help you for the git proposal?
14:15:46 <antonela> s/for/with
14:16:05 <antonela> like we talked, maybe starting with an small project is a good idea
14:16:11 <diogosergio> yeah, I think if we can have a chat and just discuss it how to tackle it
14:16:27 <antonela> yep we can do it
14:16:37 <pili> I would like to listen in on this :)
14:16:44 <pili> the video is still on my todo list
14:16:49 <diogosergio> a small project is a good idea.. but decide where it will live.. is it project specific? or more general
14:17:21 <antonela> so we have a ux team in https://gitlab.torproject.org/
14:17:35 <antonela> https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/ux/
14:17:58 <diogosergio> yeah, that sounds perfect
14:18:03 <antonela> i wonder if we need a project in tor browser git for example, where we have https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/applications/tor-browser/ux
14:18:10 <antonela> but we can start in our own repo
14:18:26 <antonela> and if things move smoothly then we can think about to join the apps folks
14:18:28 <diogosergio> yes, lets test it in our repo and see how it works
14:18:34 <antonela> yep
14:18:34 <diogosergio> perfect!
14:18:45 <antonela> and then we can have a folder with the ticket name, or the feature name
14:18:47 <antonela> not sure about that
14:18:49 <pili> the more I think about it the more we should just tag tickets in their repos with ux and just see/filter them in the global view (let me find the global view link...)
14:19:15 <antonela> pili: yes that will work in the same way as our ux-team keyword
14:19:26 <diogosergio> yes, lets talk about it and make a plan and then I can start implementing it?
14:19:27 <antonela> we are trying to define a workflow for design iterations
14:19:38 <antonela> diogosergio: yep, sounds great
14:19:50 <pili> e.g https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/torproject/-/boards?scope=all&utf8=%E2%9C%93&state=opened&label_name[]=Community
14:19:51 <antonela> should i start a pad? i can do it
14:20:01 <diogosergio> yeah
14:20:09 <antonela> super, i can do it this week and share with you
14:20:17 <antonela> to document the process and also fill the gaps
14:20:21 <antonela> thank you diogosergio!
14:20:36 <diogosergio> looking forward to see it in action :)
14:20:37 <pili> ok
14:20:42 <antonela> me too!
14:20:53 <antonela> thurayya: i think next item is yours
14:20:56 <thurayya> yes
14:20:59 <thurayya> still git stuff
14:21:00 <thurayya> haha
14:21:03 <antonela> yes yes
14:21:03 <antonela> :)
14:21:05 <thurayya> most of our repo in gitlab doesn't have read me pages, so i want to work on it, making it possible to anyone understand our flow, or contribute if they want. i've been wondering where i should work on it (pad / gitlab issues / or just write the read me files)
14:21:18 <antonela> love it, yes
14:21:27 <antonela> if you want to start a first approach, im happy to review those
14:21:40 <antonela> even with an empty structure, we can start to fill
14:21:59 <antonela> i have updating our wiki in my to-do list for this month but then i feel like readme in repos are more useful!
14:22:00 <thurayya> ok, do you think it would be better with an issue inside gitlab itself?
14:22:03 <emmapeel> well, repos should have readmes... maybe if it gets too big you can move to the wiki or something but as a start is good, i would say
14:22:20 <antonela> the readme is a teen version of a wiki emmapeel
14:22:21 <antonela> ?
14:22:45 <pili> +1 for READMEs :)
14:22:47 <emmapeel> maybe, yes...
14:23:00 <thurayya> i think it would be good to have a template for the READMEs
14:23:03 <pili> I see it more as an explanation for the repo and its contents
14:23:06 <emmapeel> it is a first step that goes along with the code everywhere you push to
14:23:07 <antonela> yes
14:23:13 <pili> and how to add to the repo
14:23:17 <antonela> yep
14:23:23 <pili> and/or report issues to the repo
14:23:53 <emmapeel> readmes and licenses, we should add in most projects :S
14:24:07 <antonela> okey this is great, thurayya if you want to outline an structure and even have gaps or blanks i can jump on filling those
14:24:10 <emmapeel> s/projects/repos
14:24:10 <antonela> emmapeel: yep
14:24:23 <thurayya> ok. gonna do it inside an issue on gitlab itself
14:24:25 <thurayya> ok?
14:24:31 <thurayya> hehe
14:24:33 <antonela> perfect
14:24:33 <antonela> yes
14:24:37 <antonela> super meta
14:24:37 <pili> Ideally we'd have a wiki at the group level: https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/community
14:24:38 <antonela> hehe
14:24:38 <pili> but I don't think that's possible with our version of gitlab
14:24:56 <antonela> when our readme s grow up pili
14:25:00 <antonela> :)
14:25:02 <pili> :)
14:25:46 <thurayya> ok, next item
14:25:52 <antonela> also yours
14:25:54 <antonela> go for it
14:26:04 <thurayya> i wanna send the download page research to juliana this week
14:26:08 <thurayya> (the sooner the better)
14:26:18 <antonela> yep, do you need spanish translation on it?
14:26:22 <antonela> s/on/for
14:26:33 <thurayya> she said it's not necessary
14:26:37 <antonela> cool
14:26:40 <MrSquanchee> hii developers , I am a new contributor (wanna be) , I just wanted to ask whether working on a PR before being assigned cool with you ...
14:26:42 <thurayya> but i just made some comments on the research
14:26:54 <antonela> hi MrSquanchee, welcome
14:26:56 <thurayya> it would be good if you could review
14:27:20 <antonela> MrSquanchee: this is the user experience team meeting, we are following our items in this agenda https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2020-keep
14:27:28 <thurayya> then i'll put it on a pdf and send it through RT (and cc you)
14:27:36 <antonela> MrSquanchee: you can introduce yourself in a few minutes
14:27:46 <antonela> thurayya: awesome, i'll review it soonish
14:27:51 <thurayya> thanks!
14:27:54 <thurayya> :)
14:27:58 <antonela> thank you
14:28:03 <thurayya> that's it!
14:28:07 <antonela> could we sync about the onion services research at some point this week?
14:28:24 <thurayya> yes! tomorrow works!
14:28:25 <antonela> we also will need to find a plan B for bridges given that IFF is not happening :(
14:28:44 <antonela> maybe cryptorave? i'd prefer to plan something remote so other folks can join
14:28:55 <thurayya> cryptorave!! :)
14:29:19 <thurayya> ggus and I will be running a workshop about onion services
14:29:33 <antonela> nice, we can collect feedback about the onion services research there
14:29:51 <antonela> if we have a printable format
14:29:55 <thurayya> yes :)
14:29:59 <antonela> super nice, lets see
14:30:14 * antonela still developing plans for making cryptorave this year
14:30:23 <thurayya> please!
14:30:28 <antonela> :)
14:30:31 <antonela> super
14:31:06 <antonela> MrSquanchee: do you want to introduce yourself? :)
14:31:36 <thurayya> maybe we can talk about the bridges together with the onion services tomorrow ;)
14:31:37 * antonela think robin is trying to join this meeting without success :(
14:32:00 <MrSquanchee> antonela: yeah sure
14:32:08 <antonela> thurayya: si, i have it in our agenda (my current stack of post-its around hte computer)
14:32:24 <thurayya> heheheh
14:33:13 <antonela> MrSquanchee: go for it
14:34:56 <MrSquanchee> I am a Computer Science Undergrad and a GSOC aspirant from India interested in contributing to the tor community as my choice of the organisation. I myself have been a tor user for some years .... I wrote emails to pili and teor and got replies. Have read the tor design and specs.Built tor and Ipv6 relays. And now I think I am ready for my first issue here
14:35:37 <antonela> very nice MrSquanchee
14:36:33 <antonela> i think that joining tor-dev is the best move, but maybe pili has other recommendations
14:36:55 <pili> yup, I think so also :)
14:37:31 <pili> I'm not the best person to suggest a ticket to work on for this project unfortunately
14:37:45 <MrSquanchee> My initial query : Is it okay to work on an issue without being assigned .... or does it have a chance to collide with someone else.
14:37:59 <MrSquanchee> And thanks for your responses :)
14:38:25 <antonela> MrSquanchee: we are a remote team in different timezones so you will find people online almost every hour, tor-dev is the channel for discuss technical topics. You may want to be in contact teor about your first issue around ipv6
14:38:32 <antonela> MrSquanchee: no worries, you are welcome!
14:38:38 <pili> again, this is a question for #tor-dev and how the network team works
14:39:08 <antonela> s/with teor
14:39:13 <antonela> yep
14:39:24 <antonela> okey folks, anything else? am i missing anything?
14:39:46 <thurayya> i'm good :)
14:39:58 <antonela> thurayya: we meet tomorrow, diogosergio: i'll start a pad, emmapeel: add your l10n lines to the report
14:40:00 <pili> I'm good also
14:40:04 <emmapeel> yep
14:40:05 <antonela> and i think that is all
14:40:17 <antonela> cool
14:40:25 <antonela> going to make more mate for the next meeting :)
14:40:27 <antonela> thank you all!
14:40:28 <emmapeel> and remember: dont shake any hands!
14:40:52 <antonela> ⚠️
14:40:52 <antonela> Due to Coronavirus, all TCP applications are being converted to UDP to avoid handshake
14:40:52 <diogosergio> antonela: thanks!
14:40:52 <antonela> 🤝
14:40:54 <antonela> 
14:40:58 * antonela saw in twitter
14:41:00 <antonela> haha
14:41:03 <antonela> thanks all!
14:41:05 <antonela> #endmeting
14:41:07 <antonela> ay
14:41:10 <antonela> #endmeeting