17:01:14 <gaba> #startmeeting S30 - Empowering Communities in the Global South to Bypass Censorship
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17:01:48 <gaba> please add stuff to the agenda
17:02:15 <gaba> and add your status update on this project.
17:04:33 <gaba> ooni can not make it today but we should write anything we may need from them
17:05:14 * antonela is looking for ticket numbers
17:08:19 <phw> gaba: what exactly do you want me to add to the agenda? things to discuss today? and/or tasks we'll be working on?
17:08:27 <gaba> yes, things to discuss today
17:08:43 <gaba> We can go now in the meeting activity by activity and see where we are at
17:09:13 <gaba> antonela: can we start?
17:09:31 <phw> ok, sounds good. i'm still very much in the post-vacation catching up phase but i'll try to be useful.
17:10:08 <antonela> yep!
17:11:06 <gaba> in the Timeline item I added all the activities we are supposed to be working on right now
17:11:34 <gaba> there are more that are starting in april
17:12:38 <gaba> For O2.1 A1, phw you were working on it?
17:12:59 <ggus> hey
17:13:06 <gaba> #31274
17:13:11 <gaba> hi ggus
17:13:17 <slacktopus> <hellais> OONI Team report from February: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2020-March/002761.html. The first 4 headers are DRL anticensorship deliverables from OONI
17:13:29 <phw> i believe O2.1/A1 is mostly #31422 at this point. not a ton of work but i have yet to start working on it.
17:13:31 <gaba> phw: there are still a few tickets open there
17:13:56 <slacktopus> <hellais> (Sorry but we are doing the OONI team meeting all of this week, so I will just read the backlog in case there are things we should look at)
17:14:32 <gaba> sounds good hellais
17:14:54 <gaba> #31422 is roadmapped for march so we are fine
17:16:40 <gaba> #31279 is other activity we are working on. what is the status of that one phw?
17:17:17 <phw> gaba: A1 is key here, and aiui, we were supposed to tackle this at IFF, which is now canceled
17:17:33 <antonela> i have some ideas, we can talk about them phw
17:17:35 <phw> A2 depends on A1
17:18:09 <phw> antonela: yes, i'm all eyes
17:18:40 <antonela> so, we briefly talked with thurayya about to run remote user testing for bridges. I'd love to go with this option so other folks can join the video chat as a guests and observe (even ask questions!)
17:18:49 <gaba> ok. Let's talk about plan b on evaluating bridge downloads
17:19:42 <phw> antonela: 'remote user testing' as in 'somebody shared their screen with you'?
17:19:49 <antonela> so basically, we start defining the user research, find the participants, schedule a the 3:1/4:1 and then run it
17:20:16 <antonela> yes, we can provide an url or a build and we can see the screen and the camera
17:20:43 <antonela> we can run it with a clickable prototype or with a proper build
17:21:16 <phw> i like the idea. if we put some effort into it, we may even end up with a more representative sample of users than we could have found at iff.
17:21:36 <gaba> antonela: which software you would use for this?
17:21:56 <antonela> there are specific tools for running it like usertesting.com or invision.com
17:22:06 <antonela> is not foss but works
17:22:20 <gaba> ok
17:22:25 <antonela> phw, yes and also allows you or cecilia or david to join some of them too
17:23:35 <antonela> so next step for me is putting together the user research doc, similar to https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/ux/research/issues/3
17:23:56 <antonela> and start to shape the main questions and the script
17:24:08 <gaba> ok. do you need help with any of it?
17:24:11 <antonela> since im done with s27, i'm jumping into s30 almost fully now
17:24:16 <gaba> :)
17:24:17 <antonela> i'll need reviews yes
17:24:19 <gaba> \o/
17:24:23 <antonela> :)
17:24:51 <gaba> great then! feel free to ping any of us to do reviews and with any help
17:25:01 <antonela> cool, thank you
17:25:19 <phw> antonela: reviews of the concrete plans? if so, i would be happy to help
17:25:26 <antonela> yep
17:25:47 <antonela> thank you
17:25:55 <phw> i'm particularly interested in participant selection, so we don't end up with 20 tech-savvy people who follow our twitter account
17:27:03 <ggus> we have enough contacts with human rights defenders that never used tor browser before.
17:27:03 <gaba> next activity we are working on (and in the timeline is scheduled to be done in March) is "Improve documentation on how to set up a bridge server and different pluggable transport bridge servers" on  #31281
17:27:29 <phw> ggus: that would be helpful, yes!
17:27:52 <gaba> and for that activity we have #28526 that I think ggus is working on?
17:28:08 <gaba> and #33008 that is merge ready
17:28:30 <phw> #33008 is almost done. i wanted to wrap it up today or tomorrow.
17:28:47 <phw> it still requires a new bridgedb info page that metrics can link to
17:29:00 <gaba> and there is nothing else on your plate for documentation phw, right?
17:29:20 <phw> gaba: not sure what you mean?
17:29:21 <ggus> it's documented, phw and a volunteer worked on this, but we should follow up this by private channels
17:29:40 <phw> #28526 is a bit more difficult because we aren't in touch with any organisations that could help us test this on a large scale.
17:29:48 <gaba> ggus: so #28526  can be closed?
17:29:50 <gaba> mmm
17:30:15 <ggus> gaba: nope. this documentation should live somewhere else than trac.
17:30:44 <ggus> (you can't l10n trac and this is bad)
17:30:47 <gaba> ggus: right. I'm checking if that ticket can be closed
17:31:00 <phw> ggus: not sure i follow. we created a process for distributing private bridges, and so far it lives on our wiki. should it not?
17:31:53 <ggus> phw: the docs is ready, but it should live somewhere in community portal
17:31:59 <gaba> phw: before I was trying to ask you if there is anything else you may need to complete for having O2.4 A1 be done.
17:32:15 <phw> ggus: oh, localisation issues, got it. the process is mostly for ourselves, for what it's worth
17:32:26 <gaba> ggus: ok. so the thing that is missing is to move the docs. Is that something you can do?
17:33:15 <ggus> gaba: yep
17:33:23 <ggus> we can add it to docs hackathon
17:33:48 <phw> gaba: there's nothing else i need to work on o2.4/a1, no
17:33:50 <ggus> phw: do you think we can add a section in community.tpo/relay/setup/bridges about this?
17:35:01 <phw> ggus: what's "this", exactly? we may be talking about different things. i was thinking about this wiki page: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/AntiCensorshipTeam/NGOBridgeSupport
17:35:33 <phw> this wiki page contains guidelines for ourselves
17:35:57 <phw> but maybe there are reasons for localisation that i haven't thought of?
17:36:13 <ggus> phw: i was thinking about having this - https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/AntiCensorshipTeam/NGOBridgeSupport#a2.1TeachtheNGOhowtoruntheirownbridges in community portal
17:37:27 <phw> ggus: i see. hmm, we may want to add a sentence to our bridge setup guides that says "if you want your bridge to be private, add the following config option"
17:38:13 <phw> but maybe it does need a separate page on the community portal. let me get back to you on that, ok?
17:38:17 <ggus> phw: and a explanation about why you would like to do this
17:38:19 <ggus> phw: ok!
17:38:34 <ggus> phw: the docshackathon is at the end of the month (march)
17:39:05 <phw> and we want to have ready-to-translate documentation before that, i assume?
17:39:48 <ggus> no no, is a hackathon to write the documentation (or to migrate to a different portal, for example, tor faq to support.tpo)
17:40:39 <ggus> we just need a ticket + instructions on what we want
17:41:02 <gaba> they would write the documentation. We just tell them what to say, right?
17:41:08 <ggus> yep
17:41:13 <phw> ok, understood
17:41:50 <gaba> #28526 is the ticket you work on ggus. The new ticket for the dochackathon should be a child of that one and be specific about what needs to be written
17:42:39 <gaba> next activity we have to finish in march is also from O2.4 "A2 - Create scripts and configuration code for setting up a bridge on cloud providers to make it easier for operators to launch a new bridge."
17:42:43 <ggus> phw: just as a reference, last time volunteers worked on this one: https://support.torproject.org/onionservices/onionservices-5/
17:43:03 <gaba> as part of that one we have phw working on #32550
17:43:59 <phw> regarding o2.4/a2: we already have our docker container, which is good. we have a number of ideas for improving it, and a volunteer who has been helping a lot.
17:44:21 <gaba> yes. I think all those tickets are can and not must
17:44:31 <antonela> hiro has been working around docker before, just in case
17:44:45 <gaba> the same with #33088 and #33153
17:45:26 <phw> yes, the remaining tickets for o2.4/a2 aren't as high-priority as others.
17:45:36 <gaba> ok
17:46:07 <gaba> for O2.4 A3 on workshops on setting up bridges. We have it as starting in April and this is yours ggus.
17:46:10 <gaba> #31877
17:46:48 <gaba> again we were going to do something during IFF about setting up bridges
17:47:05 <gaba> not sure what is your plan for relay operators meetups? is there any idea of having any of those online this year?
17:47:11 <ggus> we should postpone all physical activites due this global health  issue
17:47:11 <antonela> yep and we may want to plan something online
17:47:56 <gaba> yes
17:47:57 <ggus> we should work in a contingency plan
17:48:14 * phw cancels his gym membership and lowers his standing desk
17:48:21 <gaba> :)
17:48:22 <ggus> hehe
17:48:24 <antonela> haha
17:48:42 <gaba> ggus: is this something you want to talk now or you are planning later? do you need any help with it?
17:49:38 <ggus> gaba: we should discuss with pili too, when we could have an online meeting about a contingency plan, looking for deliverables and sponsors?
17:49:59 <gaba> at the next community meeting then?
17:50:12 <ggus> nope, i'd prefer by voice
17:50:27 <gaba> ok. I will follow up with you and pili in an email then
17:50:34 <ggus> ok, thanks!
17:50:41 <gaba> Next activity is "A1 - Develop Tor user personas as a tool to understand users’ contexts and mental models."
17:50:57 <gaba> and for that Antonela: you are working on Tunde's interviews, right?
17:51:01 <antonela> yes, tunde traveled through nigeria and cameroon last month
17:51:10 <antonela> and now he hosted his interviews in our next cloud instance
17:51:23 <antonela> so i'm listening them and we both will work on drafting personas based on them
17:51:27 <antonela> very nice material so far
17:51:30 <gaba> there was something planned for IFF too, right? Or I'm understanding there is no need on anything else
17:51:33 <gaba> great!
17:51:42 <gaba> do you need any help with it?
17:51:53 <antonela> not now, i just need to speed out on the listening :)
17:52:11 <gaba> ok :)
17:52:17 <antonela> we will work with personas this month and i'll share progress at the anticensorship meeting before next month meeting
17:53:13 <gaba> ok. The last activity we have to check-in during this meeting is "A2 - Define which censorship scenarios we are going to address." for the same objective
17:53:19 <gaba> we do not have any ticket related to it.
17:53:34 <phw> antonela: woo, great news, thanks!
17:54:06 <antonela> we don't have tickets, i have a to-do to add tickets/progress there gaba
17:54:23 <gaba> yes antonela. It seems that it will depend on the listening :)
17:54:26 <gaba> so we are fine
17:54:35 <antonela> yep, is the plan
17:54:47 <gaba> anything else any of you are block with or do you need help with?
17:55:55 <antonela> im groot, happy to start reading/working more on this land!
17:55:59 <gaba> well, it seems that we are fine for now :)
17:56:07 <gaba> 3 minutes for the hour of meeting
17:56:30 <phw> i'm fine too.
17:56:34 <gaba> I will end it for now. Next meeting will be in a month but feel free to coordinate with each other and/or ping me for anything
17:56:43 <gaba> #endmeeting