00:02:55 <gaba> #startmeeting s55 IPv6 project
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00:03:00 <gaba> the pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-s55-ipv6-project-keep
00:04:22 <teor> So I'll start with what I've been working on
00:04:41 <gaba> ok
00:05:01 <teor> I spent most of the past 2 weeks doing Outreachy, GSOC, feedback, and other essential/urgent tasks
00:05:13 <teor> (And taking some time off, because I worked hard the 2 weeks before that)
00:05:36 <teor> For Sponsor 55, I have been working on #33378 and #33379
00:06:42 <teor> It works now, except for some failures on Tor 0.3.5. I can reproduce them locally, and they don't happen on chutney master, so I should be able to track them down.
00:08:21 <teor> Next I plan to work on #33583, #33581, and then #33232 should be done
00:09:25 <nickm> #33583 sounds hard but it will help us.
00:09:30 <teor> If I finish those, I will start working on #32588, and #33220
00:09:51 <gaba> Sounds good. Do you need help with anything?
00:10:05 <nickm> so it sounds like the plan is to move off chutney after next week if all goes well?
00:10:57 <teor> gaba: If I can't make progress on #33379 after today, then I might need some help.
00:11:07 <gaba> It seems that is going quite well. Much of the stuff planned for chutney integration  is completed
00:11:11 <gaba> ok
00:11:14 <teor> I might also need some help working out how to test #32588, because I stalled on that last time.
00:11:25 <teor> But I will try to write some tests first.
00:11:56 <nickm> ok. I don't have a lot of knowledge about those two yet, but i can sure try to help. Just let me know
00:12:40 <gaba> #33379 is being reviewed by ahf?
00:13:19 <teor> gaba: if the IPv4 reachability checks in #33232work correctly, then the IPv6 checks in #33228 should just work
00:13:34 <teor> yes I spoke to ahf about reviewing it
00:13:38 <gaba> ok
00:14:18 <gaba> nickm: do you have anything from this sponsor in your plate?
00:14:50 <teor> nickm: I don't think #33583 is actually that hard, because I check that all the nodes bootstrap, post their descriptors, and then the descriptors are distributed through the network
00:16:08 <nickm> i don't have anothing i'm supposed to do here right now afaik, except for review teor's work as it comes up, and help out as needed
00:16:12 <nickm> but it's okay to offload stuff to me
00:16:33 <gaba> teor: you mean #32588, right?
00:16:54 <teor> <+nickm>	#33583 sounds hard but it will help us
00:16:54 <nickm> teor: ok
00:17:03 <gaba> ah ok
00:17:14 <teor> when we turn off AssumeReachable, we might need some more authorities, and it might take a bit more time, but it should only be a few seconds
00:17:54 <teor> sorry for the confusion, you both asked me questions at the same time
00:18:37 <nickm> np
00:19:32 <gaba> why don't we give the "diagnose bugs in 33379" today to nickm? and you move with the rest?
00:20:01 <teor> because 33379 blocks everything else
00:20:16 <teor> nickm could write tests for #32588 ?
00:20:53 <nickm> sure
00:21:02 <nickm> the rest of the patch is written, and it's just waiting on tests?
00:21:04 <gaba> ok
00:21:33 <gaba> anything else for today?
00:22:15 <gaba> we could meet in 2 weeks instead of 1 week.
00:22:19 <teor> nickm: yes, I wrote the patch, and tested it manually, but I wasn't sure how to write a unit test
00:22:50 <teor> gaba: in 2 weeks I will be on leave, so let's meet in 1 week and 3 weeks?
00:23:07 <nickm> okay with me
00:23:37 <gaba> ok
00:24:28 <gaba> anything else?
00:24:50 <teor> I am done
00:24:59 * nickm too
00:25:01 <gaba> Let's end the meeting then.
00:25:03 <gaba> #endmeeting