14:02:19 <hiro> #startmeeting
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14:02:21 <hiro> ok all
14:02:35 <hiro> welcome to www meeting
14:02:47 <hiro> I think we can do a triage this week because there aren't issues to discuss
14:03:01 <hiro> what do you all think?
14:03:35 <hiro> if we find tickets on trac it's a good opportunity to close them and move it to gitlab.tp.o with an update saying the ticket has moved
14:03:43 <pili> hi
14:03:48 <pili> sounds good
14:03:50 <hiro> pili could you dig up the query?
14:04:20 <pili> yup, one sec
14:04:37 <emmapeel> im ok with triaging
14:05:32 <pili> hmm, can't find it
14:05:36 <pili> I might just make a new one
14:06:12 <hiro> oook :)
14:06:30 <hiro> meanwhile please check the report and add what you did this month to it
14:06:37 <hiro> it's on gitlab and can be edited via markdown
14:06:48 <hiro> I think I am going to send it after this meeting
14:06:53 <pili> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=merge_ready&status=needs_information&status=needs_review&status=needs_revision&status=new&status=reopened&component=%5EWebpages&or&status=accepted&status=assigned&status=merge_ready&status=needs_information&status=needs_review&status=needs_revision&status=new&status=reopened&component=%5ECommunity&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=type&col=priority&col=milestone&
14:06:53 <pili> col=component&order=priority
14:06:57 <pili> oops
14:08:22 <pili> it's a bit broad but I think we can ignore those tickets that are not relevant to us
14:08:32 <pili> shall I start pasting tickets? ;)
14:08:41 <pili> #33548 <- there's a bunch of signature related ones
14:08:52 <pili> #33529
14:09:02 <antonela> hiro: added a line in your report
14:09:13 <hiro> nice antonela
14:09:32 <antonela> i wonder why we still have a /website component in trac :/
14:09:33 <hiro> pili: are these content tickets?
14:09:53 <hiro> I think the component can be remved but I do not want to make tickets orphaned
14:10:32 <pili> antonela: it's a top level component
14:10:41 <pili> ah
14:10:45 <pili> sorry, I see what you mean
14:10:48 <hiro> going back to the tickets I think we should not do content in this meeting but ux and dev issues that we have with the website
14:10:59 <pili> hiro: sure, wfm
14:10:59 <antonela> +1
14:11:05 <emmapeel> ey hiro i would like to remove this phrase> This was affecting translations specifically more than other things. from the first line of the report. it was not affecting translations more, i mean i proposed the build changes also because there were many false-negatives in lektor and we were just building too much, so are saving building resources now, and we check when there are problems because there
14:11:11 <emmapeel> are no more random broken builds
14:11:18 <hiro> #14686
14:11:18 <pili> let me go down the list and extract
14:11:23 <hiro> we can close this one
14:11:28 <hiro> I think it's done
14:11:37 <pili> #33496 ?
14:12:22 <hiro> basically we don't have a robots.txt
14:12:25 <hiro> we can add this on lego
14:12:34 <pili> I think it would be nice to add
14:12:34 <hiro> and have the same for all websites
14:12:40 <pili> should I tag as docshackathon?
14:12:43 <hiro> although I think it's basically ignored
14:12:58 <pili> yeah?
14:13:02 <hiro> do we have a ticket on gitlab already?
14:13:12 <pili> I don't think so, can create
14:13:23 <pili> next on my list is #33490
14:13:53 <hiro> I think we talked about this and we agreed to use the headers in the last meeting
14:14:36 <antonela> that would be ideal
14:14:37 <pili> yup, true
14:14:52 <pili> #33431 <- not sure if this counts as "not content"
14:15:09 <hiro> I can consolidate these tickets pili after the meeting no need to create now
14:15:45 <pili> thanks
14:16:22 <pili> #32932
14:16:55 <hiro> What does that mean?
14:17:31 <hiro> ah I see
14:17:46 <hiro> the layout doesn't help if you want to search
14:18:06 <hiro> we can have in page search ... or just accept the limitation
14:18:09 <hiro> what do you think antonela?
14:18:26 <emmapeel> yeah what is the situation with the search?
14:18:40 <pili> we have it on the roadmap
14:18:45 <emmapeel> i think this kind of bugs are open because there is no search :D
14:18:58 <hiro> we could do in page search w js
14:19:04 <emmapeel> so people tries to find different ways to go about this lack of search
14:19:06 <hiro> while we wait for search
14:19:32 <hiro> but if everything goes according to the roadmap I should start working on having search
14:19:41 <antonela> i'd put efforts on the search tbh
14:19:47 <hiro> and maybe have it ready in the next few months
14:20:16 <hiro> ok, then we will work to have search
14:20:20 <hiro> #30203
14:20:22 <pili> ok
14:20:23 <pili> #32824
14:20:26 <hiro> I think we can close that
14:20:27 <pili> oops :)
14:20:34 <pili> ok, will close
14:21:04 <hiro> #32824 is a sysadmin ticket and it cannot be solved unless oninobalance for v3 is ready and packaged
14:21:24 <antonela> will happen soonish
14:21:43 <pili> yup
14:22:18 <hiro> ok next?
14:22:23 <pili> asn is working on packaging atm I think
14:22:28 <emmapeel> but is it fixed? we should close it, we can make it a subticket of the other
14:22:34 <emmapeel> shouldnt
14:22:44 <pili> #32288
14:22:51 <hiro> no I didn't want to close the onion ticket
14:22:55 <hiro> I wanted toc lose the download one
14:23:06 <pili> yup, that's what I understood
14:23:22 <pili> I'm reading the download one again because I don't think we made any revisions since the latest comments
14:23:36 <emmapeel> ah sorry, we are going too fast fir==ir my adsl i think :D
14:24:20 <pili> actually, yes, I'll close
14:24:35 <hiro> ok this is a valid issue with that link and it should be fixed... I meant 32288
14:27:15 <emmapeel> yep. about the 404s, is there any ticket on the roadmap, to have access to them?
14:27:32 <pili> nope
14:27:55 <pili> the roadmap is just broad projects for the months :)
14:28:04 <hiro> my plan was to create tickets after this meeting
14:28:24 <pili> we could try to add in some time for these fixes
14:28:25 <pili> #32168 , not sure if this is relevant also
14:28:46 <hiro> it's about check
14:29:14 <antonela> momento #32288 has an open pr?
14:29:26 <hiro> an open pr?
14:30:20 <pili> going to close #31965 as I think this is done now
14:31:17 <antonela> ggus commented there that he already fixed it but i dont see it fixed
14:32:36 * antonela is checking if it is deployed and closing that ticket
14:33:44 * antonela closed that ticket
14:33:55 <antonela> next?
14:34:19 <pili> #31724
14:34:24 <pili> oh, ignore this one
14:34:28 <pili> it's for community portal
14:34:35 <pili> although we should get that working
14:34:49 <hiro> is it rtanslated?
14:34:55 <hiro> we disabled the switcher
14:35:00 <hiro> we can re-enable it again
14:35:00 <pili> emmapeel: any update on translations there? do we still need some content to be reviewed before sending for translation
14:35:25 <emmapeel> not yet. no reviewed translation
14:35:35 <emmapeel> s
14:36:20 <pili> ok
14:36:21 <pili> #31295 < we have discussed this one in the past
14:36:27 <pili> emmapeel:  none of them?
14:36:37 <pili> we could at least get spanish and portuguese reviewed...
14:37:37 <pili> and related: #32479
14:37:38 <emmapeel> no, we keep getting more content and there is also some content we havent signed off for send to translation, also the good/bad/isps not sure about that. is a lot of content in community portal. i think turkish is ready tho.
14:38:19 <pili> I forget what we decided for the signatures
14:38:20 <pili> emmapeel: ok, I think good/bad/isps we could not translate
14:38:23 <emmapeel> i have send a pull request to arthuredelstein to get nice stats for community portal but i think it is not merged yet
14:38:28 <pili> did we implement the "do not translate" tag in the end?
14:38:32 <emmapeel> no
14:39:02 <pili> ok, we should create a gitlab ticket about that
14:39:21 <hiro> there is a ticket
14:39:22 <hiro> hold on
14:39:53 <hiro> https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/web/community/issues/109
14:40:22 <emmapeel> the most complete translation for the community portal is turkish with  25.23% reviewed 25.98% translated
14:40:23 <pili> yup, that one :)
14:40:25 <emmapeel> Mar 7th 2020, 10:36
14:40:28 <hiro> there is a discussion that I do not really understand as I do not have all the inside knowledge emmapeel has
14:40:49 <emmapeel> i have nothing to do with that ticket
14:40:58 <emmapeel> i dont know why we want to do it or how
14:41:12 <pili> I think there are some pages that we never want translated
14:41:15 <hiro> ok
14:41:15 <emmapeel> it is not my proposal and i think it is a waste of development resources that are scarce
14:41:17 <pili> regardless of whether or not they are 100% finished
14:41:34 <pili> e.g https://www.torproject.org/about/cy-pres/
14:41:46 <hiro> the only way to have that is making a differnt model
14:41:48 <pili> ^ this is something that only applies in the US
14:41:52 <hiro> in which all the content isn't ranslated
14:42:02 <emmapeel> but that contradicts what antonale says that the page needs to be 1000% translated for a language to be allowed
14:42:15 <emmapeel> 100
14:42:20 <pili> there's no need to translate such a page
14:42:21 <pili> or the job postings
14:43:56 <hiro> ok would it work if we have a model for the page that will just have translate=false in all the fileds?
14:43:56 <pili> it's fine for me to wait for a page to be 100% translated before adding a language
14:44:06 <emmapeel> but why we should not translate something
14:44:15 <emmapeel> even if only applies to the US, peopel may be interested on reading it
14:44:26 <pili> the issue here is that there are pages we should never translate
14:44:27 <pili> hiro:_1
14:44:28 <pili> +1
14:44:29 <pili> because it's not relevant to other contexts
14:44:30 <emmapeel> i mean we have things that apply to some places and not other, and we translate them
14:44:31 <pili> then they can read it in english
14:44:42 <pili> for me it's a waste of scarce resource to translate something that does not need to be translated
14:45:21 <emmapeel> we have scarcity of reviewers more than translators
14:45:27 <emmapeel> and the translation is a slow process
14:46:20 <emmapeel> another problem i see, as i explain on my comment to the ticket, is that we are pushing strings that are not ready
14:46:20 <pili> how shall we proceed then? :)
14:46:24 <emmapeel> to the production site
14:46:48 <emmapeel> and so i complain about that because i cannot send them to translation, but the proper thing to do, is to develop in develop, not in production
14:47:12 <pili> that's a separate issue from whether we want to prevent some pages from being localized though :)
14:47:15 <emmapeel> i mean now taling about the ticket, not about cy-press
14:47:18 <hiro> but we want to have the content live
14:47:22 <pili> yup
14:47:32 <hiro> so maybe the issue is keeping develop updated
14:47:32 <pili> to both emmapeel  and hiro 's comments :)
14:47:57 <hiro> anyways
14:48:07 <hiro> maybe this issue as it is broader can be discussed in the ticket
14:48:13 <hiro> and we can pick one last ticket to triage
14:48:19 <pili> yup
14:48:20 <pili> let's park moving forward on that ticket
14:48:24 <pili> #31216 ?
14:48:27 <hiro> s that after the meeting I Can move all these to gitlab
14:48:41 <hiro> that's a sysadmin ticket
14:48:46 <hiro> it should be reassigned
14:48:59 <pili> #31014
14:49:07 <pili> not sure if this is better now
14:49:16 <pili> I think antonela did some work here
14:50:20 <hiro> ok I think we can review
14:50:21 <pili> #30936 - can this one be closed?
14:50:22 <pili> yup
14:50:24 <hiro> and add this as a style guide ticket
14:50:38 <pili> sure, it was merged already though
14:50:46 <pili> so I will close the trac ticket
14:50:54 <antonela> i did yes, i can do more, yes
14:51:31 <hiro> it can be closed
14:51:48 <pili> I know hiro said one more ticket but I'm going to keep pasting tickets until I'm told to stop :D
14:51:53 <pili> #30751
14:52:22 <pili> close the mobile one also?
14:52:28 <hiro> ok let's close the tickets to now pls
14:53:05 <hiro> I think this last ticket is good for the docs hackaton
14:53:16 <hiro> but we also should find a way to display this extra sig
14:53:18 <pili> I'll tag
14:53:53 <hiro> if we tag tickets on trac we will never move... I plan to move all these tickets we pasted on trac... we should incourage people that work on the hackaton to work on gitlab
14:54:04 <hiro> s/on/from
14:54:19 <pili> sure, that's fine
14:54:43 <pili> I think the best way to move then would be to migrate tickets and remove the component in trac so there's no temptation to create new ones there ;)
14:55:49 <antonela> yes
14:55:54 <emmapeel> moving tickets is a loss of time.
14:56:03 <antonela> it is, so lets close them
14:56:52 <hiro> I'lok before moving the component we should send an email I think
14:56:54 <hiro> to torproject
14:57:00 <antonela> yep
14:57:02 <hiro> saying where poeple should create tickets from now on
14:57:04 <hiro> I will do that
14:57:33 <pili> emmapeel: I would like to do some more triage before closing though
14:58:10 <emmapeel> nice, triaging is good
14:58:16 <karsten> (should we move the metrics team meeting to #tor-meeting2?)
14:58:16 <antonela> it is
14:58:24 <pili> I think we're done
14:58:35 <hiro> ok #endmeeting
14:58:36 <antonela> not really, we are just in the desert karsten
14:58:39 <hiro> #endmeeting