15:00:38 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:00:45 <dennis_jackson> o/
15:00:50 <karsten> hi!
15:01:02 <karsten> please add more agenda items to the pad.
15:01:09 <karsten> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-metricsteam-2020.1-keep
15:02:33 <irl> i am about to be gone for a week, i have no topics
15:02:55 <karsten> okay.
15:03:49 <karsten> then let's start with the topic we have:
15:03:51 <dennis_jackson> I am under the weather, but working away on tor metre. Nothing to feedback in terms of results (yet)
15:03:52 <gaba> I was going to add onionperf but we are doing the roadmap beginning of april so we will answer the question then.
15:04:20 <karsten> dennis_jackson: should we add it to the agenda anyway, for a quick update?
15:04:27 <karsten> gaba: okay.
15:05:03 <karsten> dennis_jackson: if not, we can add it to one of the next meetings.
15:05:30 <dennis_jackson> In a future meeting perhaps
15:05:36 <karsten> okay.
15:05:45 <karsten> Time tracking (karsten)
15:05:49 <dennis_jackson> I'm neck deep in ORM / orchestration code at the moment. Nothing interesting.
15:06:24 <karsten> when I wrote my self feedback last week I wrote that I'm bad at estimating tasks or even recording time spent on a task.
15:06:30 <karsten> then I realized I can fix that!
15:06:53 <karsten> I created a spreadsheet where I noted down minutes worked on a given ticket or task.
15:07:08 <karsten> I summed up those minutes, converted them to points, and put them on the pad.
15:07:18 <karsten> this is from last thursday to yesterday.
15:08:09 <karsten> I wanted to hear what you think about doing this in the team.
15:08:12 <gaba> and you are adding the points to each ticket you are completing, right?
15:08:32 <gaba> I think it could be very useful to do it for a month. Maybe in the next sprint cycle in March?
15:08:39 <gaba> and get a better idea about estimation on tasks
15:08:45 <karsten> gaba: starting to do it, yes. it's more difficult for tickets that I worked on before noting down time. but that problem will fix itself over time.
15:08:52 <irl> i definitely think this is a good idea
15:09:09 <karsten> gaba: you mean aggregate by month, not by week?
15:09:20 <gaba> by week is fine
15:09:31 <irl> i noted that i don't really know what i've done after i've done it, i had to dig back through meeting logs and trac tickets to figure out when things happened
15:09:32 <gaba> and I have to say that everybody is bad at estimating. It is very hard to estimate tasks
15:10:04 <karsten> by week gives me a sense of whether a week was good or bad. it also gives out quite a bit of detail of my professional life.
15:10:23 <karsten> irl: I know what you mean.
15:10:47 <karsten> irl: what's your preference re: weekly or monthly?
15:11:31 <irl> i think weekly is good, i'm using org-journal now to capture things as they happen, then i can distill it later and weekly seems like a good frequency for distilling it
15:11:56 <karsten> okay.
15:12:00 <irl> when i'm closing bugs i can also pull out the actual points when i close the bug
15:12:05 <karsten> and shall we share these stats at our weekly meetings?
15:12:20 <irl> yes, on the pad before the meeting
15:12:36 <karsten> sounds good!
15:12:38 <irl> i think the day of the meeting's stats should go in the next meeting if that makes sense
15:12:46 <irl> to avoid having to report on the day that we're still inside
15:12:47 <karsten> yes, that was also my plan.
15:12:50 <irl> cool
15:12:54 <karsten> thu--wed
15:13:18 <irl> i feel good about this, it is going to be helpful
15:13:33 <karsten> great!
15:13:40 <irl> i hope it is not too hard to turn it into a habit
15:13:56 <karsten> ah, and I left out answering emails, attending meetings, etc.
15:14:21 <irl> it might be helpful to include those, for capacity planning purposes
15:14:26 <irl> we're always guessing
15:15:12 <gaba> you can add those in like 'other'
15:15:16 <irl> yeah
15:15:18 <gaba> if you don't want to disclose specifics
15:15:19 <karsten> hmm, maybe. okay, let's include that. we're experimenting here anyway and can fine-tune things as we go.
15:15:25 <karsten> yes, other sounds good.
15:15:47 <karsten> okay, that's all on this topic from me.
15:16:15 <irl> related to feedback, i'm now done with feedback
15:16:19 <karsten> yay!
15:17:08 <karsten> next step is to do summaries by apr 3, right?
15:17:20 <irl> i believe so
15:17:45 <gaba> irl: about exitscanner we are almost done, right? only documentation
15:17:54 <karsten> we can pick a sooner date than that. it's just a single summary for me anyway.
15:18:09 <irl> for the exit scanner, we still need documentation and monitoring
15:18:16 <karsten> oh, exit scanner.
15:18:29 <gaba> we can close #33510 as it is done?
15:18:38 <karsten> 2020-03-12 12:02:00,089 WARN o.t.m.c.e.ExitListDownloader:126 The last reported scan in the downloaded exit list took place at 2020-03-12 02:16:58, which is more than 5:30 hours in the past.
15:18:56 <irl> err
15:18:59 <karsten> do you have time to look into that after the meeting?
15:18:59 * gaba looking for the monitoring ticket
15:19:10 <karsten> just noticed 10 minutes before the meeting.
15:19:19 <karsten> I can help look into it.
15:19:56 <irl> Active: active (running) since Thu 2020-03-05 13:33:17 UTC; 1 weeks 0 days ago
15:20:00 <irl> it says it is working
15:20:12 <karsten> maybe an issue with collector not getting the data.
15:20:41 <karsten> feel free to respond to gaba about tickets first.
15:21:06 <irl> #33510 is done, https://blog.torproject.org/changes-tor-exit-list-service
15:21:58 <irl> karsten: i think you found a bug
15:23:11 <irl> nope, actually i have no idea
15:23:24 <karsten> let's discuss this after the meeting.
15:23:35 <irl> ok
15:23:40 <karsten> anything else for today?
15:23:45 <irl> not from me
15:23:57 <dennis_jackson> not from me
15:24:10 <karsten> dennis_jackson: hope you're feeling better soon!
15:24:18 <dennis_jackson> thanks karsten!
15:24:33 <gaba> not here
15:24:47 <karsten> okay, thanks, everyone! see you next week. bye! o/
15:24:52 <dennis_jackson> o/
15:25:04 <karsten> #endmeeting