16:59:15 <ahf> #startmeeting network team meeting, 16 march 2020
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16:59:19 <ahf> hello network-team
16:59:20 <asn> o/
16:59:24 <jnewsome> o/
16:59:28 <nickm> h!
16:59:35 <ahf> our pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep
16:59:36 <dgoulet> o/
16:59:47 * dgoulet still writing his status update... running a bit late
16:59:53 <catalyst> o/
17:00:26 <ahf> let's start with roadmap: https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/core/tor/boards
17:01:42 * ahf is not on roadmap items much right now
17:01:53 <nickm> gotta move #29226 back to "icebox"
17:02:30 <ahf> #33291 should probably have dgoulet as co-owner and moved to doing
17:02:40 <nickm> Is #26768 done now?
17:02:53 <dgoulet> ahf: yes
17:02:53 <ahf> asn: ^^
17:03:15 * asn looks
17:03:26 <asn> yes it is
17:03:42 <asn> i close
17:03:51 <nickm> how about #33018 ?
17:04:07 <gaba> hi!
17:04:20 <ahf> o/ gaba
17:05:17 <dgoulet> nickm: needs #33072 to be done and now that #33029 (?) is backported, I can get on it fairly quickly
17:05:27 <nickm> ok
17:07:27 <ahf> ok
17:08:01 <ahf> are we doing OK with reviewer assignments, dgoulet and asn?
17:08:08 <dgoulet> not done yet :(
17:08:17 <asn> not done yet :/
17:08:21 <dgoulet> we've been rushing this morning the DoS prep meeting :s
17:08:26 <ahf> ah, fair enough
17:08:30 <asn> pretty busy today with the DoS thing + managing the chaos that is real life
17:08:49 <asn> (all non-food stores are closing here on wednesday so had to run around with car and buy things)
17:08:50 <ahf> yeah, AFK is a strange place right now
17:09:01 <ahf> ah, :-/
17:09:09 <ahf> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases/043Status 0.4.3 status, are we doing alright there?
17:09:43 <nickm> I haven't seen a lot of progress there in the last week.
17:10:25 <ahf> that is also my impression
17:10:42 * nickm adds an item to the discussion
17:10:54 <nickm> we're all busy here, we might need to delay the 0.4.3.x stable date a little
17:11:29 <ahf> i think that is fine, yeah
17:12:01 <ahf> catalyst: should we take a look at s28/s30 tickets tomorrow at some point? i have no meetings there, so i can meet whenever you want to on irc
17:12:06 <ahf> maybe we want gaba to be around too
17:13:00 <catalyst> ahf: Tuesday works; we can pick a time later?
17:13:23 <ahf> catalyst: yep, you are welcome to pick a time that works well for you. i have nothing tomorrow in my schedule 8)
17:13:36 <ahf> i don't see any other discussion items. does anybody have anything else we need to chat about today?
17:13:41 <ahf> otherwise it'll be a short meeting
17:13:48 <asn> we are having the DoS meeting tomorrow
17:13:51 <gaba> ahf: we talked with catalyst last week about s30/s28. please ping me when you are going to meet
17:13:54 <asn> at 16:00  UTC if im not mistaken
17:14:03 <asn> me and david are working on making the agenda
17:14:09 <nickm> please have a look at my announcement items and answer those emails if you want to and you haven't.
17:14:16 <gaba> asn: in the same pad as last week?
17:14:19 <asn> one day is not enough! so we hope we do a good job :)
17:14:23 <nickm> please somebody forward catalyst the network-team-security emails that they are missing
17:14:24 <asn> i mean one day for making the agenda
17:14:33 <asn> gaba: we are doing jitsi for now
17:14:36 <asn> gaba: but yes we will update the pad
17:14:42 <gaba> ok
17:15:12 <asn> i feel like if i had some more time between "listing topics in pad" and "meeting starting" for making the agenda, i would be able to do a better job
17:15:18 <asn> but i think we are gonna do an OK job now too
17:15:26 <nickm> please answer the policy proposals that I sent out on 1 March with a +/- 1/0 ?
17:15:38 <nickm> and that's all i have
17:16:29 <dgoulet> woa I thought I did +1 those ... seems no damn
17:17:46 <nickm> (meeting done?)
17:18:12 <ahf> who is not going from one meeting to anothe right now and can forward the mails to catalyst? :-)
17:18:28 <ahf> i haven't seen if i have them or if they were also affected my key expiry
17:18:46 <catalyst> i saw 3 notices that i missed messages due to an expired key
17:19:08 <catalyst> earliest was probably 06:47 UTC
17:19:16 <nickm> my pgp setup is complex and fragile; it takes me longer than others to forward. If anybody else can do it I would be grateful.
17:19:24 <ahf> i am missing the ones from 14/3 to 16/3 (earlier today)
17:19:41 <nickm> Oh, a thing: Does anybody think that I should NOT send that advisory about releases later this week right after this meeting?
17:19:41 <asn> hmmm
17:19:43 <ahf> dgoulet: you have working gnupg on your desktop?
17:19:53 <dgoulet> ahf: yes?
17:19:55 <catalyst> i might be missing 1 or 2 of the ones on mar 14, so might as well get all of them just in case
17:20:02 <asn> i also have an extremely fragile pgp setup
17:20:04 <asn> but i think i can try to forward
17:20:09 <ahf> asn: thank you!
17:20:10 <ahf> sounds good
17:20:21 <catalyst> asn: thank you!
17:20:33 <asn> catalyst: i will send u the 3 that i think u dont have, but if you have any of those 3, please tell me
17:20:49 <ahf> nickm: i think it was fine
17:21:20 <ahf> it was reasonably generic and had the info i would hope for it to have
17:22:02 <ahf> okay, i'm gonna end the meeting now
17:22:04 <ahf> thanks all o/
17:22:12 <ahf> #endmeeting