00:03:35 <gaba> #startmeeting s55 - IPv6 support
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00:03:40 <gaba> the pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-s55-ipv6-project-keep
00:03:55 <gaba> teor: is that status update for this meeting?
00:05:32 <teor> yes
00:06:47 <teor> I'm just working on the list of tickets for the next 2 weeks
00:07:03 <gaba> yes, sounds good
00:07:07 <teor> nickm: will you have time to do #32588 in the next week, or should I take it back?
00:07:12 <gaba> do you need any help with that in the next couple of weeks?
00:08:11 <nickm> teor: i think i can do it by end-of-day on (my) friday, but if I haven't, you should probably take it back?
00:08:14 <teor> gaba: any help with what?
00:08:22 <teor> nickm: thanks!
00:08:30 <gaba> you answer right when i was asking :P
00:08:33 <nickm> I think i'll have it done though.  Or at least usefully started
00:08:44 <nickm> teor: anything else I can help with? I'm keeping an eye out for stuff to review
00:10:20 <teor> I'd need people to do bug triage, answer questions on the mailing list, and help GSOC and Outreachy applicants
00:10:29 <teor> (And other people on IRC)
00:10:35 <teor> It's a significant workload, and I'm doing most of it
00:11:18 <nickm> i've been trying to do those when i'm online, but i can't do too much.  I think you might need to commit to dropping most of it in order to get others to join in.
00:12:06 <teor> I did that for 2 weeks, and what happened was that not much got done
00:12:18 <gaba> I think we should drop gsoc
00:12:29 <teor> Why GSOC ?
00:12:51 <gaba> because outreachy bring a diverse set of people that we need right now
00:12:56 <gaba> gsoc does not
00:13:47 <teor> Ok, I'm sorry, I don't think we can have this particular conversation in public, in a channel we've told applicants to join
00:14:05 <nickm> we've found with reviews that doing regular review assignments helps us go more smoothly.
00:14:22 <gaba> teor: right
00:14:26 <gaba> yes
00:14:33 <nickm> maybe we need to assign this volunteer-helping thing?
00:14:43 <gaba> nickm: what do you mean?
00:14:50 <teor> yes, I think that would be very helpful
00:15:05 <gaba> oh, assign to somebody else in the team
00:15:09 <nickm> yes
00:15:09 <gaba> for the next couple of weeks
00:15:18 <gaba> yes, i agree
00:15:19 <nickm> or assign each question/volunteer to somebody
00:15:29 <nickm> doesn't have to be all the same person
00:15:32 <gaba> let's bring it to the meeting on monday?
00:15:51 <teor> in general, when we say "let's all do something", then the people who actually do it are the people who find it hard to ignore
00:15:54 <nickm> in the meantime can we recruit somebody in addition to me to try to help on this?
00:16:34 <gaba> ok
00:16:41 <teor> so for things like this, I'd like us to stop saying "let's all try harder"
00:16:47 <gaba> I can ping people to see who can help with it.
00:17:02 <nickm> teor: that's not what I'm proposing. did you see my proposal?
00:17:24 <nickm> teor: I'm proposing that rather than have joint responsibility, we assign particular responsibility
00:17:40 <teor> Yes, I see that's what you're proposing now
00:17:41 <nickm> gaba: let's also start a conversation on network-team about what might work here for assigning responsibility
00:17:56 <gaba> ok
00:18:56 <teor> I'm saying that in future, can we please stop saying "let's all try harder". Multiple people have given that feedback. I've said it a few times over the last few years, and I feel like I'm not being listened to.
00:20:28 <nickm> teor: nobody is saying that in this context, though, I think
00:20:59 <nickm> I agree with you that we "everybody pays more attention to X" has failed us a bunch
00:22:23 <teor> I'm not talking about this context right now
00:22:34 <nickm> ah, I didn't get that part.
00:23:18 <nickm> teor: by bug triage, do you mean the kind of thing that used to happen under the triage rotation?
00:23:22 <nickm> if so I can take that up.
00:25:52 <gaba> nickm: you can do it this week and we can bring this to the meeting on monday
00:25:54 <teor> I am finding this conversation really difficult
00:26:12 <teor> nickm: I can see that you just want to solve the immediate problem right now
00:26:29 <teor> Let's schedule a different time for you to listen to my general feedback?
00:27:00 <nickm> that would probably make more sense; especially with context for me
00:27:32 <teor> right now, I'm operating in the context of "I've said the same thing a few times over the last few years, and I feel like I'm not being listened to."
00:27:44 <teor> So it's going to be difficult for me to switch contexts
00:27:59 <teor> but I will do my best
00:29:22 <gaba> ok. We can bring this conversation to other time.
00:29:31 <gaba> is there anything else about this project to coordinate right now?
00:30:38 <teor> Sorry, the whole thing about talking about dropping applicants in public has also really thrown me
00:31:01 <gaba> I'm so sorry about that. I should have not bring that to this meeting.
00:31:25 <nickm> to be clear, it is not a unilateral choice, and it is not a choice that has been made
00:33:32 <gaba> Anything else?
00:33:35 <teor> I was expecting this to be a routine meeting, do you mind if I send you both a message over Signal?
00:34:07 <nickm> that is fine
00:34:29 <teor> thanks, let's talk more another time?
00:35:58 <gaba> sure
00:36:15 <gaba> I'm going to end the meeting now then. Next meeting will be in 2 weeks.
00:36:35 <gaba> #endmeeting