14:03:54 <hiro> #startmeeting www
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14:04:14 <hiro> #link https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-www-weekly-keep
14:04:59 <antonela> hello!
14:05:13 <hiro> I don't really have updates guys
14:05:16 <hiro> nor an agenda
14:05:34 <hiro> is there a topic you would like to discuss?
14:05:45 <emmapeel> o/
14:05:50 <emmapeel> nope
14:05:52 <ggus> yes, i have one topic
14:05:57 <hiro> yay go on!
14:06:35 <ggus> https://blog.torproject.org/docshackathon-2020 someone is complaining about gitlab, i'm thinking to answer them that they can use trac if they want
14:07:00 <emmapeel> works for me
14:07:02 <pili> hi
14:07:24 <pili> I was wondering if we were having a meeting, I'll add some notes
14:07:42 <pili> I'm planning to concentrate more on online materials and websites
14:08:02 <pili> given the lack of events to organise for, etc... :)
14:08:13 <hiro> ggus I don't agree
14:08:24 <emmapeel> ggus: if the contributos have their repository somewhere else, it is ok. they could give us their own onion service repo
14:08:31 <hiro> we have made a decision regarding gitlab as an organization
14:09:11 <hiro> we can't keep going back and forth between trac and gitlab
14:09:17 <antonela> the problem is js? wow
14:09:22 <ggus> agree
14:09:50 <hiro> they don't have to host their code... but if we are moving to gitlab we are moving to gitlab
14:10:42 <hiro> wecan create an account for them
14:10:56 <hiro> and they can use a temporarly email if they want to received the credentials
14:11:12 <hiro> we don't want to know their identities
14:11:59 <pili> and there's always the option to not use gitlab at all for PRs
14:12:18 <antonela> right
14:12:39 <hiro> https://blog.torproject.org/comment/283573#comment-283573 the person think our gitlab is a third party
14:13:13 <hiro> ?
14:14:38 <ggus> "Choose a ticket and start working on it! You can submit Pull Requests on our GitHub or from your own git instance."
14:15:11 <hiro> we can consider having an account that multimple people could use if you guys wanted
14:15:23 <hiro> like the cypherpunk
14:15:46 <ggus> hiro: i don't think it's the case right now
14:17:38 <ggus> so, a new answer: yes, we are using gitlab, you can submit your code using your own onion service repo.
14:18:48 <emmapeel> yeah, maybe we can change github for gitlab there?
14:18:59 <emmapeel> You can submit Pull Requests on our gitlab
14:19:04 <hiro> yes
14:19:14 <hiro> and we should say we don't keep logs or record ips
14:19:28 <emmapeel> yeah. maybe that is nice to have in gitlab somewhere prominent anyway
14:19:57 <ggus> emmapeel: but we use github to receive prs, like network team
14:21:28 <hiro> the thing is also that we need to be able to work as an organization. We offer people the opportunity to chat on irc, contribute on our own gitlab, or use github which is a 3rd party
14:21:44 <hiro> I think there is a lot of options available.
14:21:57 <ggus> yep
14:23:31 <ggus> hiro: maybe we could after the meeting draft an answer together?
14:23:38 <hiro> yes!
14:23:51 <hiro> I honestly undersatnd the concerns w js
14:24:15 <hiro> especially given our latest post regarding tb
14:24:31 <antonela> but the point is: we have a lot of options
14:24:47 <hiro> yes we are giving options to people
14:26:29 <hiro> and also
14:26:45 <hiro> you can use gitlab even without js
14:27:23 <hiro> https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/issues/63 I submitted this with tb at the safest level
14:27:42 <hiro> maybe some stuff doesn't work... but the main functionalisties are ok
14:28:37 <emmapeel> +1
14:29:17 <hiro> it's true that you can't comment or close the issue
14:29:30 <hiro> but you cna open and read them
14:32:42 <hiro> do we have other stuff to discuss?
14:33:24 <ggus> i'm good :)
14:33:42 <pili> I think I'm good also
14:33:49 <pili> my mind is not on websites yet :)
14:34:05 <pili> even though it should be
14:37:20 <emmapeel> im groot
14:37:32 <emmapeel> sorry i am not really concentrated this last days
14:37:42 <emmapeel> i hope ill be on track for the docshackathon
14:39:18 <hiro> yeah it's difficult
14:39:23 <hiro> ok i'll end the meeting
14:39:26 <hiro> #endmeeting