15:59:19 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team - Mar 23 2020
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15:59:23 <ggus> hello!
15:59:30 <ggus> Community team meeting starting now o/
16:00:16 <ggus> who is around?
16:00:22 <tgeek> Hi ggus
16:00:31 <ggus> hi tgeek
16:00:48 <pili> o/
16:00:52 <ggus> here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2020-keep
16:00:57 * antonela is around
16:01:22 <ggus> if you have updates or discussion points, please add to our pad
16:05:52 <emmapeel> o/
16:08:53 <ggus> i think we can start
16:09:25 <ggus> yesterday we started docshackathon- https://blog.torproject.org/docshackathon-2020
16:09:43 <ggus> march 22 - 30
16:10:15 <ggus> i sent an email onboarding new participants and also to the community team mailing list
16:10:28 <emmapeel> being caged in your house drinking caffeinated drinks gives you a bad attitude. im talking from experience :D
16:10:42 <ggus> either way, participants need to reach out to us so we can create an account in gitlab
16:10:42 <emmapeel> ooops sorry wrong window
16:12:14 <ggus> pili: all the tickets about s27 docs is only in trac?
16:13:16 <pili> yup
16:14:03 <ggus> ok
16:14:20 <ggus> emmapeel: i think there are a couple of prs that we could merge
16:14:29 <emmapeel> cool!
16:14:30 <ggus> eg: https://github.com/torproject/support/pull/118
16:14:37 <ggus> https://github.com/torproject/support/pull/114
16:15:07 <emmapeel> oh i thought i pushed that first one
16:15:35 <emmapeel> ok, i will do
16:15:42 <ggus> thanks!
16:16:14 <ggus> pili: besides s27 tickets, do you know any other ticket that we really need to do?
16:16:32 <pili> not off the top of my head, I still haven't done a triage :/
16:16:54 <gaba> s30 tickets? :)
16:16:56 <gaba> in april
16:17:17 <ggus> gaba: for example?
16:17:30 * gaba needs to check. just a sec
16:18:12 <pili> gaba: are these documentation tickets? :)
16:18:23 <gaba> ah, sorry... iwas not following the meeting :)
16:18:29 <emmapeel> hehehe
16:18:32 <pili> no worries :D
16:18:33 <gaba> actually it may be related to bridgedb
16:19:01 <ggus> is it about user documentation or tech spec documentation?
16:19:16 <pili> it would be cool if you find some
16:19:21 <gaba> #28526
16:19:31 <gaba> "O2.4 A1 - Improve documentation on how to set up a bridge server and different pluggable transport bridge servers."
16:19:45 <gaba> "#28526 to be completed by ggus (move docs into community portal) - create a new tickets for the docshackaton to get documentation into portal"
16:20:19 <pili> ah yes, that's a good one
16:20:35 <pili> although I wonder if it's not too technical for volunteers
16:21:04 <gaba> I understand that there is some stuff already in the wiki and needs to be clean up and adapt it
16:21:14 <gaba> ggus: remember we talked about it at the last s30 meeting
16:21:16 <pili> then it would be a good one for sure
16:21:30 <ggus> yes, i need to reach out to phw
16:21:55 <ggus> if he agree to host in community.tpo/relay/setup/bridge or another location
16:22:34 <ggus> but, yes, that's a good ticket to work this week
16:23:26 <ggus> pili: do you s27 ticket number?
16:23:29 <ggus> do you have*
16:23:33 <pili> yup, one sec :)
16:24:24 <pili> #33455: Update Community Portal Onion Services section with details on how to set up HSv3 client authorization
16:24:24 <pili> - #33456: Update Support Portal Onion Services section to include a question on HSv3 client authorization
16:24:24 <pili> - #33512: Document Onion Location redirects in portals
16:24:24 <pili> - #33515: Add Onion Location redirection details to Tor Browser Manual Onion Services Section
16:24:25 <pili> - #33516: [Community Portal] Add an article under Onion Services with different options for redirecting to Onion Services
16:24:26 <pili> - #33517: Create onion indicator entries in portals
16:24:27 <pili> - #33518: Create "Learn More" links in Tor Browser manual to explain common Onion Service connection errors
16:25:16 <pili> I think that's all of them
16:27:25 <ggus> great! a lot of work
16:28:31 <pili> I think c1e0 worked on some of them already
16:28:34 <pili> the auth ones
16:29:16 <pili> I need to figure out which ones are on nightlies/alphas that people can try out and document...
16:30:27 <ggus> yes, could we have a table in a wiki that have this information and also if is there a pull request to review?
16:31:16 <pili> I can add the details to the ticket
16:31:17 <pili> I think a wiki might be too much overhead for this right now... :)
16:31:54 <ggus> ok
16:32:57 <ggus> pili: what do you think about creating new tickets for onion services how to's in community portal?
16:33:16 <pili> that's fine with me
16:33:24 <pili> we should add more onion services content to the community portal
16:33:28 <pili> I have that on my list :)
16:34:06 <pili> actually, I have a PR almost ready for https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/web/community/issues/66
16:34:48 <pili> (I just assigned this to myself :D_
16:34:58 <ggus> super! :)
16:36:06 <ggus> emmapeel: do you have some tickets that you would like to work in this docshackathon?
16:37:20 <emmapeel> not really
16:38:11 <ggus> ok, and you tgeek? :)
16:42:29 <ggus> if no one else has any points, then we can close the meeting :)
16:43:55 <ggus> #endmeeting