13:59:13 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:59:16 <antonela> hey pili o/
13:59:33 <pili> hi :)
13:59:34 <antonela> lets see who we have around :)
14:00:16 <antonela> as usual feel free to update the pad https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2020-keep
14:00:32 <antonela> i added two items to discuss today
14:01:00 <antonela> focus has been the challenge these days, i feel im doing better this week
14:01:54 <pili> yesterday was good for me, today not so much, let's see how the afternoon goes :)
14:01:59 <pili> it's hard
14:02:06 <antonela> yep
14:02:21 <antonela> so, do you have anything for me pili? if not we can move to the discussion items
14:02:27 <antonela> (even if we are just two)
14:02:32 <antonela> thurayya is around?
14:04:13 <antonela> so, first thing is the git proposal
14:04:18 <antonela> did you have a chance to take a look at it pili?
14:04:20 <pili> I don't think I have anything
14:04:42 <pili> I had a look last week and made some comments, I haven't looked at it again since
14:04:49 <antonela> i did and i'm writing the missing parts this week
14:05:00 <antonela> cool, the comments are in the ticket? what do you think about the flow?
14:05:05 <pili> yup
14:05:12 <pili> I'm good with the flow :)
14:05:23 <antonela> lets start with our repo, folders per product/features and see how it goes
14:05:25 <antonela> cool
14:05:37 <pili> do we want to have multiple repos for each project?
14:05:45 <pili> e.g community-design, tbb-design
14:05:56 <antonela> we could, yes
14:06:09 <antonela> tor-browser/circuit-display
14:06:10 <antonela> for example
14:06:12 <pili> yup
14:06:21 <antonela> tor-browser/preferences-security
14:06:40 <antonela> community/outreach-material-2020
14:06:41 <pili> is that inside it's own repo
14:06:44 <antonela> something like it?
14:06:52 <pili> or in the design repo in different folders? :)
14:06:53 <antonela> what do you mean?
14:06:56 <pili> I'm good with either
14:07:21 <antonela> same repository per product, different folders per feartures
14:07:24 <antonela> *features
14:07:27 <pili> ok
14:07:30 <pili> got it
14:07:49 <antonela> but hey, we can iterate what is needed once we adopt the process
14:07:52 <antonela> super
14:07:54 <pili> yup :)
14:07:59 <antonela> next item is about tor browser onboarding
14:08:18 <antonela> after tb9 (i think) we lost the default firefox onboarding so we should re-do it for tb9.5
14:08:39 <antonela> this will take some time, but maybe during the fenix migration we can get something in desktop as well (not sure)
14:08:52 <antonela> my suggestion for now is linking the new features highlights to a webpage
14:09:23 <antonela> this is convenient for various reasons but mainly because we can easy iterate without rely on tb builds and also reach l10n with it
14:09:30 <antonela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/31660#comment:13
14:09:44 <antonela> i asked hiro to review this because we will need a dynamic url for each release
14:09:56 <antonela> anyways, what do you think? is something doable for stable?
14:10:04 <pili> ok
14:10:08 <antonela> i should talk with sysrqb about this, i did not yet
14:10:24 <pili> yeah, I hadn't thought about this yett
14:10:45 <pili> we can't use the about:tor page?
14:10:58 <antonela> for what?
14:11:06 <pili> to highlight new features
14:11:20 <antonela> we could but a webpage will give us more flexibility
14:11:24 <pili> ok
14:11:35 <GeKo> boklm: do we know whether #33702 is affecting any windows user?
14:11:38 <antonela> in terms of 1. iterations 2. working with content 3. l10n
14:11:45 <GeKo> huh, sorry
14:11:46 <antonela> hi GeKo
14:11:49 <pili> o/
14:11:49 <GeKo> wrong channel
14:11:52 <GeKo> :(
14:11:58 <GeKo> hihi!
14:12:04 <antonela> given your mistake, a review was assigned
14:12:05 <antonela> lol
14:12:12 <pili> :D
14:12:14 * GeKo runs
14:12:15 <antonela> GeKo: i've been thinking about #31660
14:12:31 <antonela> we talked about it before but i didnt have the chance to talk with matt about it
14:12:41 <GeKo> hm
14:12:48 <antonela> anyways if you are in tb land, feel free to comment
14:12:50 <antonela> :)
14:13:11 <antonela> specially if im missing something
14:13:13 <pili> do we have any example of this new onboarding in Firefox?
14:13:17 <pili> I'm not suer i've seen it
14:13:29 <pili> just to see what we are (not?) missing
14:13:39 <GeKo> i would not say this is critical at least not for esr68-based browsers
14:13:47 <GeKo> sure, it would be nice to get this fixed
14:13:57 <GeKo> for a number of reasons
14:14:01 <antonela> there is not documentation (official) and seems like a medium-large effort for devs
14:14:06 <antonela> pili^
14:14:06 <GeKo> yeah
14:14:14 <GeKo> (re mdium-large)
14:14:18 <GeKo> *medium
14:14:24 <pili> hmm yeah, we have bigger priorities :)
14:14:30 <pili> unfortunately :(
14:14:31 <GeKo> on the other hand it would help us getting rid fo a bunch of patches
14:14:36 <GeKo> we carry around
14:14:45 <antonela> so, with the webpage we can iterate quickly as we build web portals
14:14:46 <GeKo> because we basically resurrected the old system from the dead
14:14:53 <pili> it depends on whether we want to do this as S58 adjacent work or not I guess
14:14:57 <antonela> is not an onboarding flow, but we can highlight features and point users to doc
14:15:05 <antonela> GeKo: ye i know
14:15:11 <antonela> so an entire new onboarding, should wait
14:15:17 <antonela> but we can highlight new features in a nice way
14:15:31 <pili> if not, then it will have to wait until July/August
14:16:01 <antonela> super
14:16:09 <antonela> i'll talk with matt about it and see what we can put together with hiro
14:16:42 <antonela> this will help us to introduce the various onion stuff which are going to reach stable in summer too
14:16:47 * antonela your summer
14:17:02 <antonela> sounds like a plan?
14:17:19 <pili> yup
14:17:20 <pili> it's going to be a fun summer ;P
14:19:12 * antonela dreams too
14:19:19 <antonela> oki, that is all for me
14:19:38 <antonela> thurayya and i we are working on various stuff, i listed some of them there
14:19:59 <pili> yup
14:20:02 <antonela> we are writing a usability case study for our work with onions in tb9.5
14:20:11 <antonela> is still a wip, but is taking some shape
14:20:11 <antonela> :)
14:20:23 <pili> I spoke with isabela briefly about the scope for the httpse/onion names release
14:20:30 <pili> will need to write something up soon for it
14:20:38 <antonela> nice, will you do it?
14:20:42 <pili> maybe next week though, I want to concentrate on web stuff this week for the hackathon
14:20:51 <pili> yeah, I can start it and then bring you in
14:21:07 <antonela> oki, let me know if you need help, i'my notes are
14:21:09 <antonela> ay
14:21:14 <antonela> i'll send you my raw notes via dm
14:21:19 <antonela> (can't be public lol)
14:21:20 <pili> hmm, it is important though... ugh, priorities...
14:21:21 <pili> ok, thanks
14:21:22 <pili> :)
14:21:48 <antonela> oki, that is all
14:21:52 <antonela> thank you pili
14:21:54 <antonela> stay safe
14:22:04 <antonela> #endmeeting