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15:01:54 <gaba> pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-metricsteam-2020.1-keep
15:01:59 <karsten> great to see everyone around again!
15:02:31 <karsten> please add more agenda topics.
15:03:50 <irl> i've added all the topics i have
15:03:56 <karsten> okay.
15:05:17 <dennis_jackson> added a time tracking report
15:05:28 <karsten> great! shall we start?
15:05:48 <irl> yes
15:06:04 <karsten> okay. time tracking reports are on the pad.
15:06:54 <irl> i'm not sure if i was ill or on vacation or what was going on
15:07:00 <karsten> I think march is kind of a training month for us.
15:07:08 <karsten> yes, I think that's okay.
15:07:21 <karsten> I hope that these numbers will be useful starting in april.
15:07:34 <irl> yeah, it's good to start habit forming keeping track
15:07:35 <karsten> and maybe for preparing the roadmapping session next week.
15:07:44 <gaba> yes
15:08:15 <karsten> dennis_jackson: good to hear about the covid-19 app and making that as privacy preserving as possible. thumbs up!
15:08:29 <karsten> gaba: one question about weeks vs. months:
15:09:04 <karsten> do you think it would be useful to have total points on tasks spent by month?
15:09:18 <karsten> right now we're doing weekly reports, but weeks and months don't align very often.
15:09:28 <gaba> it would be useful at some point to divide by categories and see how much time is spend in each one
15:09:36 <gaba> how much time is spend in projects/sponsors
15:09:40 <dennis_jackson> thanks karsten!
15:09:41 <gaba> yes
15:09:43 <karsten> yes, we can still do that.
15:09:48 <gaba> i can get this in a nc spreadsheet
15:09:53 <gaba> and add categories
15:10:14 <karsten> but should we keep doing reports for weeks, or should we shorten/extend reports in case of month boundaries?
15:10:46 <karsten> right now, we're doing thursday to wednesday.
15:10:52 <karsten> but next wednesday is already in april.
15:10:54 <gaba> for me per weeks is more useful
15:11:03 <gaba> ahh, i see what you mean
15:11:07 <gaba> yes, per week is fine
15:11:07 <karsten> should we do thursday to tuesday this week and wednesday to wednesday next week?
15:11:13 <karsten> okay.
15:11:43 <karsten> irl: ^ I'll take back my earlier suggestion then.
15:11:54 <irl> months are weird and they don't make sense
15:12:14 <irl> it is good to ignore them (:
15:12:31 <karsten> still, we're doing monthly "sprints" and reports, right? :)
15:12:39 <gaba> better by moon
15:13:01 <gaba> right
15:13:23 <karsten> okay.
15:13:29 <gaba> but we can easy calculate month from weeks
15:13:32 <gaba> but not viceversa
15:13:59 <karsten> well, next tuesday we're going to discuss work for 5 weeks, right?
15:14:13 <karsten> and the month after for 4 weeks.
15:14:24 <karsten> it's fine, we just need to be aware when we make plans.
15:14:27 <gaba> yes
15:14:40 <karsten> okay.
15:15:01 <karsten> gaba: so, you're making a spreadsheet?
15:15:12 <gaba> yes, i am
15:15:24 <gaba> i will use the same team capacity spreadsheet that we have
15:15:25 <gaba> in nc
15:15:36 <gaba> in the team's folder
15:15:37 <karsten> what categories do you want to put in there?
15:15:44 <karsten> for tasks.
15:16:01 <gaba> i want to be aware how time is spent in projects/sponsors versus bug fixing versus other work
15:16:31 <karsten> okay. those three categories will be easy.
15:16:35 <gaba> I can send you a message to you two once I have it so you can check it out and update
15:16:42 <karsten> yes, please.
15:17:16 <karsten> alright. anything else on time tracking?
15:17:42 <irl> not from me
15:18:29 <karsten> acute: are you tracking your time spent on tickets, too? just so that we know how much effort we took overall to do something?
15:19:06 <acute> I can start doing it!
15:19:19 <karsten> cool! :)
15:19:33 <karsten> moving on:
15:19:36 <karsten> New Onionoo backends (irl)
15:19:40 <karsten> wfm.
15:19:59 <irl> ok cool, i want to try to have less tech debt just carried for the sake of doing things quickly
15:20:08 <irl> this seems like an easy one to sort out
15:20:33 <karsten> let's keep it on the list somewhere and do it when we're ready.
15:20:49 <irl> yeah i have a note that once that ticket is done, we should do the migration
15:20:56 <karsten> neat.
15:21:16 <irl> that's all for this one, the next one is kinda related though
15:21:20 <karsten> Service documentation (irl)
15:21:54 <irl> i'm writing the ops doc for the exit scanner service, and this is very similar to the onionoo one that is half done, and the onionperf one that doesn't exist and it's all the same framework
15:22:16 <irl> so i'm also generalising things as i go along, and one thing i noticed is that karsten can't see the nagios web interface
15:22:43 <karsten> I can see the tor nagios web interface. but that's not the one I should be seeing?
15:22:48 <irl> so the writing the ops doc might carry on for a few more days than originally planned because of the increased scope (but actually not that much increased work)
15:22:56 <irl> and i need your ssh key to allow you to see the web interface
15:23:10 <karsten> yes, will send it to you. message still marked as unread. :)
15:23:26 <irl> ah ok cool, it's not a blocker but i don't want to forget
15:23:28 <karsten> sounds great to me! thanks for documenting things.
15:23:45 <irl> cool, that's all on this topic
15:23:57 <karsten> I'm secretly working on improving shared operation of services, too.
15:24:11 <karsten> like unified logging, then better configuration, etc.
15:24:21 <karsten> some things are in the review queue.
15:24:35 <irl> ah yes, i also asked in the email about which reviews should i prioritise, there are a lot
15:24:36 <karsten> which is also the next topic.
15:24:45 <karsten> Reviews (karsten)
15:24:56 <karsten> yes, these reviews have piled up over time.
15:25:10 <karsten> there aren't really priorities.
15:25:24 <karsten> I'd say if you can review a thing or two from time to time, that would be good.
15:25:33 <karsten> every revision or merge+deploy will take time.
15:25:38 <irl> if there were two that you'd want reviewed this week, what would they be?
15:25:47 <karsten> so, if not everything comes back at once, that would be good.
15:26:02 <karsten> I'll take a look and tell you after the meeting, okay?
15:26:14 <irl> yeah, it would be tomorrow so there is time to decide
15:26:20 <karsten> okay!
15:26:52 <karsten> alright, moving on?
15:26:59 <irl> ok
15:27:07 <karsten> We said before that first meeting of April will have Roadmap update and Retrospective. That is next meeting.
15:27:07 <irl> oh
15:27:10 <karsten> yes?
15:27:19 <gaba> yes
15:27:23 <irl> one note: since we moved to github reviews on onionperf are going better
15:27:23 <gaba> just checking with you all :)
15:27:30 <gaba> good to hear irl!
15:27:31 <gaba> yes
15:27:34 <irl> that was all
15:27:47 <gaba> the question is, should we do it via video/audio instead of text?
15:27:48 <gaba> the meeting
15:27:55 <gaba> the roadmap/retrospective
15:28:22 * karsten doesn't feel strongly.
15:28:39 <karsten> it would be good to be prepared for this meeting though.
15:28:45 <gaba> i'm ok with one or the other too. Audio calls may be better to express anything related to retrospective :)
15:28:50 <gaba> yes. I will prepare it karsten
15:29:05 <karsten> ah, I meant that I can prepare for it.
15:29:15 <karsten> like think about what tasks can fit into the next 5 weeks.
15:29:20 <gaba> ah yes
15:29:36 <gaba> I can send you both a mail with a pad for what I'm thinking and you can add stuff there
15:29:41 <karsten> and if we do retrospective + roadmapping, are we going to do both in 60 minutes?
15:29:54 <gaba> that may be a challenge
15:29:55 <irl> gaba: you know where all the documents are, can you link the latest proposals for projects so we know what we said we would do?
15:29:58 <gaba> it may be better to do audio
15:30:02 <gaba> irl: yes
15:30:22 <acute> could I join this one?
15:30:30 <karsten> I think you should.
15:30:36 <gaba> yes
15:30:37 <acute> perfect :)
15:30:56 <karsten> should we start 30 minutes earlier? then we'd have 90 minutes.
15:31:01 <gaba> anybody that comes to the meeting can participate in the roadmap bulding
15:31:10 <karsten> and maybe spend 30 minutes on retrospective and 60 on roadmapping?
15:31:21 <gaba> karsten: it depends. Today this meeting started at 8am my time.
15:31:30 <gaba> if it starts at the same time next week then yes :)
15:31:50 <gaba> I can start a meeting at 7am or 7:30 am no problem
15:31:53 <karsten> ah, yes, that was my assumption. same time next week.
15:32:05 <gaba> the issue is that next week your time changes, right?
15:32:09 <irl> nope
15:32:11 <irl> lies
15:32:15 <gaba> ahh, ok then
15:32:16 <irl> time is always the same
15:32:20 <karsten> hmm, maybe.
15:32:20 <gaba> haha
15:32:34 <karsten> not sure if it still matters these days...
15:32:55 <karsten> the kids don't mind when I don't bring them to school.
15:33:05 <gaba> :)
15:33:06 <gaba> ok
15:33:36 <karsten> so, 14:30 utc next week?
15:33:47 <gaba> yes
15:33:54 <irl> yes
15:33:59 <acute> yes
15:34:45 <karsten> great!
15:35:09 <karsten> okay, that was our last topic.
15:35:20 <gaba> sounds good
15:35:51 <Jukana> guys was a good pr to make for a newbie
15:36:08 <Jukana> *what
15:36:32 * karsten ends the meeting first.
15:36:36 <karsten> thanks, everyone!
15:36:38 <irl> Jukana: you'll get a better answer in #tor-project
15:36:43 <karsten> #endmeeting